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Sandwich Panel Cover in Imitation Tile


Sandwich Panel Cover in Imitation Aged Tile

cover-joints sandwich panel

Sandwich Panel Cover-Joints

3 ribs

.Sandwich Panel Cover 3 Frets


Wall Sandwich Panel


.Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

The highest quality in your Sandwich Panel at the best price

The possibilities of the sandwich panel are very diverse for a roof or facade : we  all consider the customer’s needs and offer in our catalogue, always at the best price, tile panel, polycarbonate panels, facade panel, rock wool panel … This wide variety of sheets sandwich at the lowest price can be manufactured in different finishes to suit the preferences of each customer. In this way, our facade panel or the sandwich cover can provide a unique design to each customer, fitting into the corporate identity at the best price.

Each of these sandwich panels provides an exceptional protection, equaling or even improving the performance of other construction materials. For example, the  covers of sandwich panel in imitation tile provides in   30 mm thick a thermal insulation equivalent to 60 cm of concrete, which means  an important saving so in a needed structure as the Price of the panel. This guarantee  cover & facade sandwich panel for decades is possible  due to  the high quality of our own materials; we do not have second-hand sandwich panel offers because it means  a serious security risk.


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Types of Cover & Facade in Sandwich Panel

Sandwich Panel CoverSandwich Panel Cover

Our Covers  made of sandwich sheet with polyurethane core are the simplest construction elements that offer an exceptional protection. These sandwich plates offer to the  customer the best thermal insulation on the market,  higher than tiles, fiber cement, polyester, etc. We deliver the sandwich panels with all the necessary elements for the assembly of the sandwich panel at the best price m2. In addition to that, you will have a range of colors and finishes according to the dimensions of the order. We deliver throughout Spain and if we have these sandwich sheets in stock we can only take 48 hours. Read more


Facade Sandwich PanelFacade Sandwich Panel

Our facade panel allows to  build all types of buildings quickly, providing greater thermal insulation and resistance than other plates for facades of industrial buildings. Thanks to the good price of the facade sandwich panel, the customer can close their buildings or make interior divisions inside an office, room house or a ship. The facade panels are cut to the exact size and have a wide modulability; we provide the necessary screws for the assembly of the façade plates. We also have a refrigeration panel for freezing chambers with negative temperatures up to 60º below zero. Read more


Rock Wool Sandwich PanelRock Wool Panel

Our sandwich panels with insulating core of Rock Wool are used for two aims that, although suitable, are optimized from the production. On the one hand, we find the acoustic panel that can reduce  noise levels up to 30 decibels, very used by our customers as facade panel or sheet metal roof in industrial buildings, workshops… On the other hand, the rock wool panel is also used as a fire-fighting measure, thanks to its REI Fire Resistance that can guarantee up to 120 minutes without spreading the flame. Read more

Characteristics and applications of Sandwich Panel

Sandwich PanelWhat is the Sandwich Panel?

With importante origins in the industrial sector, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP’s facade and sandwich panel are the ideal solution for the rapid construction of industrial buildings, large logistics and storage centers, but also for houses, garages, porches and other works in the residential sector thanks to the thermal insulation and resistance of sandwich panels. These are usually composed of two steel plates that protect an insulating core of polyurethane foam, responsible for the thermal insulation of the sandwich sheets.

composition sandwich panelSandwich Panel Composition

The conventional Sandwich Panel is characterized by two outer sheets, usually made of steel, which protect an insulating core that provides adequate protection for different environments. According to the needs of the client, we offer the best price rock wool sandwich panel, resistant to fire, or wood panel to achieve a dazzling aesthetics reducing costs compared to other conventional boards. In this way, we obtain a high protection guaranteed for decades thanks to the outer plates that protect the insulating core, providing the characteristic resistance to good price of the cover & facade sandwich panel .

Fire Rock Wool PanelFire resistance of sandwich panel

All our sandwich panels have a certified fire resistance that certifies their behavior in case of fire. This classification not only considers the structural integrity of the sandwich sheet, but also includes the propagation of the flame or the emission of gases during combustion. For those cases where fire protection is needed, we offer a rock wool panel, whose insulating core composed of mineral fibers ensures long periods of time without spreading the flame; in the greater thicknesses of 100 mm, up to 120 minutes of resistance are guaranteed, more than enough time for the evacuation of the building and the performance of the firemen.


Acoustic Sandwich PanelAcoustic behavior of Sandwich Panel

The sandwich panels also provide a sound insulation that can be increased by using materials such as rock wool, which stands out for its sound-absorbing qualities. The acoustic panel also has an outer micro-perforated sheet to promote acoustic absorption and avoid reverberations inside the building, achieving a reduction of up to 30 decibels at the best price with a sandwich panel. In this way, our client saves additional treatments that make the installation more expensive, achieving excellent sound insulation directly in the installation of the facade panel or the sheet metal roof.


Moving sandwich panelLoading, unloading and handling of andwich Panel

The sandwich sheets provide extraordinary performance for decades, provided that basic handling tips are met. In our center we prepare the sandwich panels so they do not suffer damage during transport, a security that must be preserved when arriving at destination: the packages must be put on and placed in a slight slope so that the water does not damage the polyurethane core of the sandwich panel. On the other hand, the handling of sandwich sheets does not present problems when it comes to small orders of up to six meters in length; When this measure is exceeded, a crane with nylon straps at least 200 mm wide must be used to lift the façade panel or roofing sheets without damage.




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