The panel sandwich for cold chambers is an important help in the construction of cold rooms at very low prices but ensuring the important thermal insulation that these spaces need. Therefore, more and more customers rely on these materials to obtain an exceptional result with a very simple installation. This sandwich plate has a reinforced tongue and groove system with double lug and EPDM gasket of first quality that prevents both thermal leaks and possible   dampness that damage the polyurethane insulating core or reach the interior of the cold room, causing serious damage. In this way a very low temperature is preserved, as these spaces require, with a very simple construction thanks to the sandwich panel of m2 price much more reduced than the rest of materials that offer this level of protection. In fact, the insulation provided by these sandwich sheets can be adapted to the needs of each client, so that the refrigeration panels provide adequate insulation for both conservation and ultra-freezing chambers and industrial freezers, where the requirement is much higher.

Sandwich Cover for Cold Rooms

The refrigerated cover provides outstanding thermal insulation, which can be increased for industrial freezers, as well as great resistance to possible impacts and sustained loads thanks to its strong profiling.

Sandwich Panel for Refrigerated Chambers

The refrigeration panel provides an excellent thermal insulation suitable for the specific needs of the cold rooms, with a simple installation thanks to the double tongue and reinforced tongue and groove EPDM joint system.

Characteristics and Price of Sandwich Panel for Cold Rooms

The refrigeration panel is the sandwich plate that provides the highest thermal insulation, appropriate to the needs of each of these spaces. For this, it incorporates a polyurethane core of great thickness, reaching up to 200 mm reserved for ultra freezing chambers and industrial freezers that work with minimum temperatures. In front of the rest of insulating panels for cold store façades at higher prices, these sandwich sheets are easily installed, taking advantage of the tongue and groove that characterizes these façade panels. In addition, the refrigeration panels incorporate a reinforced system with double lug and EPDM gasket to minimize thermal leaks with a simple installation, always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

To offer the adequate protection in each project, we have several models of refrigerated panel adapted to the specific needs of each client. In this way, the refrigeration and conservation chambers work correctly with thicknesses ranging from 60 to 100 mm, while for the freezing chambers, a refrigeration panel can be installed from 120 mm up to 200 mm, reserved for deep-freezing chambers. and industrial freezers that work with very low temperatures.

In addition to the sandwich panels, we also have the necessary finishing touches to achieve maximum resistance in the construction of cold rooms at reduced prices thanks to a simple installation. It stands out the U-shaped finish, which is anchored to the ground to function as a rail or guide on which the refrigeration panels rest firmly, thus ensuring a resistant structure against the intense activity that characterizes these spaces. A similar function is performed by corner finishing, which can be installed from the inside or the outside of a perpendicular meeting of two sandwich plates; in this way movements and thermal leaks are avoided for total protection. Finally, we must emphasize the role of the sanitary profiles, since it incorporates a curved PVC coating to prevent the accumulation of dirt in these points and facilitate the cleaning tasks in the cold rooms.

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