Sandwich Panels for industrial, commercial and residential roofs are the fastest assembly solution and economically cheaper than other options on the market, with the quality of getting thermal insulation with polyurethane and acoustic insulation with Rock Wool. The Sandwich Panel for roofs is the original format of the Sandwich Panel used over 50 years with success, Panel Sandwich Group having the widest range of the market of varieties of insulating panels for national and international market in solutions of roofs.

red tileTile Sandwich Panel

The Terracotta Tile Panel with insulation is the best-selling Sandwich Panel for roofs with a high aesthetic degree. We have diffrerent measures.

tapajuntas_cover  Sandwich Panel Cover-joints

Tapajuntas Sandwich panels  for covers are manufactured for the Spanish market, with almost weekly production, and provide an extra aesthetic thanks to the additional recoveringon the meeting between two sandwich plates

panel for farms Agropanel Farm Sandwich Panel

The sandwich panel for roofs for animal farms such as pigs, chickens, rabbits and cow farms. Also for covers for aggressive environments with polyester inside.

aged_tileAged Albero tiled Sandwich Panel

The Aged Albero Tile Panel is the most aesthetically cared-for Sandwich Panel with  the shape of a tile. With different tile panel finishes, contact us.

3 ribsSandwich Panel Cover 3 Frets

The best-seller Polyurethane Cover Sandwich Panel for industrial buildings due to its cheap price and quick assembly. Includes hardware for metal structures.

Rock Wool Cover Sandwich

The Rock Wool Panel is the Sandwich Panel made with 2 steel sheets with fireproof and insulating rock wool filling with up to 240 minutes RF certificate.

Characteristics and price of Cover Sandwich Panel

The Sandwich Panel Cover is one of the most used roofing plates in the world thanks to its versatility and great resistance with low weight, due to  its composition that allows it to withstand large loads without suffering any damage. According to the environment in which these roofs for sandwich sheet metal roofing are installed, we can highlight their careful design, as in the case of the tile panel, or the great strength that it contributes to the whole structure, especially in the case of the panel five frets, the more resistant of the extensive catalog of PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

The Deck Sandwich  Panels are composed of two sheets  galvanized steel and prelacquered with polyester base paint that protect an insulating polyurethane core, responsible for the high thermal insulation  that offers these sheet metal roofs. Thanks to these characteristics, the  sheet sandwich for roofs provide a much better protection than other insulating boards. For example, the Teja Panel offers 30 mm thick plates with an insulation equivalent to 60 cm of concrete, with a much lower weight that represents an important saving in addition to the tight price of the Cover Sandwich Panel .

Depending on the use given to  these roofing sheets, we can choose between sandwich plates and others. For example, the  three frets panel  is indicated to cover large extensions of industrial ships and other intensive activity building  ; its outer rim gives it great strength against loads and impacts, improving the performance of other covers for simple sheet metal roofs with a low price. The cover sandwich  panel incorporates an additional coating on the joint between two sandwich sheets, protecting this point against leaks and moisture that may damage the polyurethane insulating core. The tile sandwich panel, on the other hand, imitates traditional roofs in a wide range of finishes to integrate perfectly into all types of traditional roofs.

The assembly of the Sandwich Panel Cover is very simple, because they are directly screwed to the structure achieving the best result thanks to their overlap systems; in this way, a fast and efficient installation is ensured, which protects against leaks and moisture that end up damaging the polyurethane insulating core. In addition, the sandwich sheets offer high thermal insulation and resistance to impacts despite their low weight, which allows to build stronger sheet metal roofs at a better price with covered sandwich panel. These sandwich covers do not require a structure as complex as other materials used in these constructions, which translates into an important saving for the customer that is added to the sandwich panel at a very low m2 price.

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