The front panel of industrial buildings, shopping centers and buildings for residential use has become one of the most used solutions for a quick assembly with less costs than the other alternatives that offer a similar level of protection. This is due to its insulating core of polyurethane or other materials, protected by two sheets of pre-lacquered and galvanized steel to ensure maximum resistance to impacts, forces and leaks. The low price of the  Facade Sandwich Panel hides some surprising features adapted to the needs of each client: we can achieve the maximum thermal insulation with the refrigeration panels, while the Lana de Roca Panel ensures up to 240 minutes of fire resistance without losing its properties structural Only PANEL SANDWICH GROUP will find plates for facades of all kinds, adapted to all types of projects; Our long experience has allowed us to test the performance of these sandwich sheets in works and reforms throughout Spain and Latin America.

Screw View Facade Sandwich Panel

The  facade panel is the most used sandwich plate for quick and effective sectorization or enclosures of industrial buildings, sheds and many other buildings in an economical way thanks to its low price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Arquitectural Facade Sandwich Panel

The architectural façade panel provides an outstanding aesthetic when working with a totally smooth exterior surface and available in a wide range of colors and finishes; the client thus obtains a spectacular result with a Panel Sandwich of very reduced price m2.

Fireproof Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel

The fire-retardant façade panel with rock wool core provides extraordinary resistance in case of fire, as it can withstand up to 240 minutes in contact with the fire without losing its structural properties or letting the flame pass.

Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

The hidden screw sandwich plate provides great strength and thermal insulation with an integrated finish, by covering the head of the screw with the fit between two sandwich panels. Therefore, this facade panel is used in very different projects.

Sandwich Panel for Freezing Chambers

Sandwich panels for freezing chambers provide superior thermal insulation, suitable for the most demanding temperatures of these installations. To prevent thermal leakage, the tongue and groove system is reinforced with EPDM gasket and double lug.

Facade Wool Rock Acoustic Sandwich Panel

The acoustic facade panel with rock wool core expresses the acoustic potential soundproofing of this mineral fiber to reduce noise levels by up to 35 decibels. The lower sheet is micro-perforated to promote acoustic absorption and avoid reverberations.

Characteristics and Price of the Sandwich Panel Facade

Facade Sandwich Panel  is one of the most used materials for the construction of all types of buildings; Thanks to its excellent characteristics, we can find it in residential buildings as well as industrial buildings or shopping centers. Its thermal insulation is an important advantage over other construction materials that require a much more complex installation, providing a similar or even lower performance. In addition, this sandwich plate of very reduced price can be manufactured in different thicknesses, finishes and even materials in its insulating core. The easy assembly of the facade panel ensures maximum performance for long periods of time, together with minimal maintenance. Therefore, more and more customers opt for these plates for facades in different works and reforms, always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

The possibilities of the facade panels are very diverse, being able to choose our client between different options according to the use that is going to give to these sandwich plates. For example, the polyurethane core provides outstanding thermal insulation: a 30 mm thick panel provides equivalent protection to more than 60 cm of concrete, with a much simpler installation. For this reason, the facade panel of visible or hidden fasteners is used in the enclosures of industrial and agricultural buildings because it ensures adequate interior temperatures for these activities; similar function performed by the architectural panel, providing an outstanding aesthetic finish.

The refrigeration panels maximize the thermal insulation of the sandwich sheet to minimize thermal leaks in such demanding facilities as cold storage and freezing rooms. For this, they incorporate a tongue and groove reinforced system with double lug and EPDM gasket that ensures exceptional protection at a very low price with Panel Sandwich Facade.

Another facade panel very used is the rock wool panel, whose insulating core provides extraordinary resistance in case of fire. This protection is achieved with the simple assembly of the sandwich panel at a very low price, which is why our customers rely on these façade panels over other, much more expensive, anti-fire measures. Another important quality of rock wool is its sound insulation, which is why we have developed an acoustic soundproofing panel that can reduce noise levels by up to 35 decibels.

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