Livestock farms, chemical industries and other similar environments generate corrosive gases that rapidly deteriorate conventional sandwich sheets, so we have developed a range of reinforced sandwich panels for farms, also known as agropanel, which incorporate reinforced polyester with fiber of glass on the interior side.   In this way, roofs for sandwich sheet  do not suffer damage but ensure maximum performance during the long life of these panels. The adjusted price of the Sandwich Panel Cover represents an important added value to the protection offered by these plates for reinforced roofs to resist the corrosive environments of these spaces, avoiding costly renovations that substantially increase the cost of these projects. In this way, both individuals and large companies can benefit from greater resistance with the simple assembly of the sandwich plate at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

panel for farmsSandwich Panel Cover for Farms

The cover for roofs of reinforced sandwich sheet for farms, also known as agropanel, has an external face and an interior reinforced with polyester and fiberglass to resist the corrosion generated by livestock farms and other similar businesses.

Sandwich Panel False Roof for Farms

The price of False Sandwich Roof Panel for Farms is lower than other alternatives, such as the sandwich cover, since it is not self-supporting plates that are fixed from the inside of the building to get maximum protection without having to face large works.

Characteristics and Price of Sandwich Panel for Farms

The low price of Sandwich Panel for Farms, also known as Agropanel, has led it to replace other roofing sheets that do not offer the necessary resistance for this type of corrosive environments. The gases that are generated in livestock farms, chemical industries and other buildings with this type of activities damage the steel of conventional sandwich panels, deteriorating them quickly and forcing their prompt replacement. For this reason, we offer our customers a Sandwich Panel cover at a very reasonable price, but with a useful life much higher than the guarantee of this type of environment, thanks to its technical characteristics.

The agropanel differs from the rest of roofs for sandwich sheet metal because it incorporates a lower face composed of polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass. This compound does not deteriorate with exposure to corrosive gases, so it keeps the insulating core of sandwich panels secure and guarantees excellent thermal insulation for decades. Thanks to the installation of this sandwich roof, customers do not have to constantly renew their roofing sheets but enjoy outstanding protection while preserving the rest of the qualities of the sandwich panels: easy assembly, great insulation, resistance to impacts and loads, protected covers against leaks and humidity, light structures when working with very light sandwich plates …

According to the needs of each client, we recommend the installation of an agropanel model or another to ensure adequate protection for each project avoiding unnecessary expenses. For example, you can take advantage of the construction of the building or the renovation of the entire roof to save with the low price of Sandwich Panel Self-supporting roof, whose outer surface incorporates a strong grecado to resist all kinds of forces and loads without damaging the structure. In this way, the client achieves in a single material both the strength of a roof covering of conventional sandwich sheet and the internal protection of the agropanel reinforced with polyester.

In other cases, customers do not need to renew the entire sandwich cover or other materials with more complex installations. For these situations, we recommend installing false ceiling sandwich plates to achieve adequate protection against these corrosive environments by managing a reduced budget, thanks to the high performance of this sandwich panel at a very reasonable price.

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