The rock wool panel provides a substantial improvement over the rest of the sandwich sheets, whose behavior in the presence of fire is very limited by its insulating core of rigid polyurethane or polystyrene foams. These materials burn in case of fire, so we have developed a specific response for those cases that need specific protection in these situations. The rock wool panel does not combust in contact with the flame, but can resist up to 120 minutes without letting the fire pass, preserving its structural properties at all times. This security is achieved with the same simple assembly of the rest of covers for roofs of sandwich sheet and insulating sandwich panels for facades: the plates have a lacing system that facilitates the union between the sandwich plates and is screwed directly to the structure, thus ensuring a protection against extraordinary fire that remains constant during the long life of the sandwich panels. Therefore, rock wool has been replacing other fire measures that have a higher price Sandwich Panel.

Fireproof Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel

The Rock Wool Panel is Sandwich Panel made with 2 steel sheets with fireproof and insulating rock wool filling with up to 180 minutes of RF certification in 100 mm thick sandwich ceilings.

Acoustic Rock Wool Cover Sandwich Panel

The Rock Wool Panel for Sandwich Roofs features an insulating core of rock wool and other mineral fibers that, together with the microperfilated underside, reduces  the noise levels up to 35 decibels.

Fireproof Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel

The fire-retardant façade panel with rock wool core provides extraordinary resistance in case of fire, as it can withstand up to 240 minutes in contact with the fire without losing its structural properties or letting the flame pass.

Acoustic Rock Wool Facade Sandwich Panel

The acoustic facade panel with rock wool core expresses the acoustic potential soundproofing of this mineral fiber to reduce noise levels by up to 35 decibels. The lower sheet is micro-perforated to promote acoustic absorption and avoid reverberations.

Characteristics and Price of Rock Wool Sandwich Panels

The rock wool panel stands out for its extraordinary protection in case of fire, possible thanks to its insulating core. Compared to other materials, such as polyurethane or polystyrene, rock wool does not combust, but retains its structural properties in contact with fire. This protection can be increased with the thickness of the sandwich sheet, reaching 120 minutes of resistance with sandwich panels 100 mm thickness. According to the needs of each project, the client can choose between acquiring a cover for roofs of sandwich sheet with rock wool core or plates for facades; Each of them is manufactured in different thicknesses to ensure the most adequate protection for each project.

Another interesting property of the rock wool panel is its sound-absorbing capacity, reducing noise levels by up to 35 decibels. To maximize this protection at the best price, the acoustic sandwich panel incorporates a microperfilated underside that favors the absorption of sound by the rock wool core while avoiding reverberations in the room. As in the case of the fireproof sandwich sheet, we can choose between a sandwich cover or acoustic soundproofing front panel to achieve the best result in projects of very different characteristics thanks to the enormous performance of the Sandwich Panel at very adjusted m2 price.

This protection is achieved with an installation as simple as the rest of sandwich sheets, taking advantage of their technical characteristics. As we work with covers for sandwich sheet roofs or sandwich panels for facades, we will enjoy an overlapping or tongue and groove system respectively to ensure the correct meeting between the plates and avoid possible leaks or humidity that damage the rock wool core. The rock wool panel is a very light sandwich plate, so it can be handled easily and is screwed directly to the simple structures, as they do not require many supports to ensure great strength, like the rest of sandwich panels.

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