Sandwich Panel and Tile Sandwich Panel in United States of America at the best price.

Our Sandwich Panel

Red Tile Sandwich Panel

The Tile Sandwich Panel is the perfect solution for roofing of residential roofs, premises and traditional businesses or in industrial warehouses. Composed of two sheets of galvanized, pre-lacquered and profiled steel.

Sandwich Panel Five Frets

The sandwich panels for roofs are characterized by offering great thermal and acoustic insulation. Our products have a beautiful simple finish, and can be used in both industrial and domestic spheres.

Visible Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

The sandwich panel for facades is recommended for the construction of facades in agricultural, domestic or industrial installations. Currently, all our models are manufactured based on the latest technological advances in the market, offering optimal results.

Wood Sandwich Panel

The authentic wood sandwich panel is composed of water-repellent chipboard, 40 to 100 mm. thick polystyrene insulation, guaranteeing maximum protection and thermal insulation with great resistance that allows very high overloads. The wood finish is in natural spruce friese with the possibility of being varnished in 14 different colours.

False Polyester Ceiling

The Sandwich Panel for farms, or agropanel, is designed with reinforced polyester inner sheet, available in different finishes. It is used in chemical industries, farms and environments where corrosive gases are generated that cause over time the deterioration of the construction. Our panel has excellent resistance to these gases, which is why we guarantee maximum protection.

Fireproof Rock Wool Roof Sandwich Panel

The Rock Wool Panel is fire resistant with a has a high level of sound insulation. The rock wool molding is made up of two galvanized and pre-lacquered steel sheets that work as an extra layer of protection for the core, which is the part that provides protection against fire. Available for roofs and facades with all official quality certificates and in compliance with current regulations.

We will guide and assist you prior, during and after the purchase process.

All our Sandwich Panels have exclusive assembly guides. In addition, we have a technical department to solve your doubts and we calculate the necessary elements for its correct assembly and installation.

Why our Sandwich Panel?

High Thermal


The thermal insulation of the polyurethane sandwich panel is the highest on the market with a density of 40kg /



As simple as attaching and screwing the panel to the existing structure. And if you need help, we offer you a free manual!

The value

of aesthetics

We take care of every detail to ensure the best quality and the best aesthetics of our products



All our panels have a guarantee of 3 to 25 years and insurance against structural defects of €600,000

 International Expansion

Internacional expansion
Our headquarters is in Zaragoza, SPAIN.
We send orders to Europe and Latin America.


Telephone: (+34) 976 900 443

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