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Special high-strength wood screw

Special high-strength wood screw

High-strength screws were created for installing a SIP Panel on wooden structures. Its sharp self-cutting tip drills through high-strength wood. Its high design allows the panel or wooden structure to be drilled and the generated sawdust to be clear in one process. It´s made for the professional who seeks the highest quality fixative.

Ending TypeHigh-strength screws for SIP Panels
CoatingYellow zinc plating ≤8μm ISO 4042
Diameter8 mm
Size80 mm a 400 mm


Technical Data

Tensile breaking load21,0 kN
Shearing shear load13,0 kN
Torsional breaking load25,0 Nm
Drilling Speed600 r.p.m
HeadHead high-strength screw Torx T40