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Translucent materials to take advantage of natural light

Sandwich panels offer endless possibilities for the roofs of our projects. Additionally, to complete the installation, this material allows for the installation of certain accessories that enhance its properties. This is the case, for example, with Skylight Panels. By installing these translucent materials along with our Insulated Roof Panels, we will maximize the opportunities offered by the installation of Sandwich Panel on roofs and ceilings. At Panel Sandwich Group we have various models of Skylight panels, among which stand out the Polycarbonate Roof Panels and the Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets. We also have other solutions such as Compact Polycarbonate, compatible with single sheet, etc. In this article, we will explain everything that translucent cellular polycarbonate plates can bring to your project. But first, it is necessary to highlight the common features that these Accessories share: they combine perfectly and complete the installation in any project with Insultated Roof Panels: Cover-joints, 3 Frets, 5 Ribs, Profiled Sheet and even for Walls.

What is Cellular Polycarbonate?

In the field of construction, as well as in architecture, various polymers are used. One of the most requested today is Cellular Polycarbonate, a type of thermoplastic specifically designed to be installed in roofs, ceilings and vertical surfaces. This variety of Polycarbonate is characterized by its cellular structure, which provides a number of advantages over other materials: it stands out for its lightness and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation capacity. It is also a material that offers a great resistance to weather, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Therefore, it is very common to use it in enclosures such as skylights and pergolas or in greenhouses. This material is composed of parallel tubes joined together to form air chambers, the walls of which are very thin. In addition, at Panel Sandwich Group we can manufacture Cellular Polycarbonate in a wide variety of colors or in a natural translucent finish (although we usually only market it in one color).

Polycarbonate Roof PanelsCellular polycarbonate roofing

Characteristics of the Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Before explaining its utilities and advantages, it is important to highlight some aspects that define this translucent material, as it has particular properties that allow it to stand out against other solutions used to date:

  • Its adaptability to different situations makes it the ideal solution for all types of roofs, as it has a great resistance to the sun, cold, heat, external and corrosive agents, the sea, snow or temperature changes, among other factors.
  • It offers an effective system of thermal and acoustic insulation and a high resistance.
  • It is the most economical option to have natural light in all types of environments. For this reason, it is a very used complement in various types of constructions such as greenhouses, galleries, canopies or solariums, among many other uses.
  • It has a high resistance to impacts, preventing the appearance of damages or defects in the structure.
  • Its great durability reduces maintenance costs, allowing for amortization of the investment.
  • Its capacity as a thermal insulator allows for a significant energy saving.
  • Thanks to its lightness, it is an easy to handle material with total safety.
  • To complete each project, at Panel Sandwich Group we offer our clients the maximum degree of customization in their Cellular Polycarbonate Plate.

Uses and Advantages of Skylight panels in Sandwich Panel Construction

Thanks to the recently explained properties of Cellular Polycarbonate, it is a highly recommended material in the construction sector, as it allows to replace old traditional materials. Among the most notable uses of Cellular Polycarbonate are:

  • Manufacture of roofs
  • Construction of galleries
  • Realization of glazing
  • Installation in solarium
  • Design of skylights
  • Construction of canopies
  • Manufacture of pool covers
  • Manufacture of greenhouses
  • Realization of partitions and enclosures through vertical walls
  • Placement as safety elements in buildings and bridges
  • Installation of false ceilings

The great adaptability of Cellular Polycarbonate will allow all these uses to perfectly adapt to the very different types of projects carried out by both architects and project offices and engineers. After knowing the properties and uses of Cellular Polycarbonate in our Sandwich Panel Cover, we can conclude numerous advantages if you decide to install this complement, among which the following stand out: being a translucent material that allows the passage of light, its use is ideal for installations where it is important to make the most of natural light. In addition, its resistance and capacity to receive strong blows allows its use in roofs and enclosures.

Advantages of installing Cellular Polycarbonate Natural LightResistance Polycarbonate Cellular Sandwich Roofing Panel

It is important to note that, for a maximum performance of your Roof with Cellular Polycarbonate Plates, it is essential that its assembly and installation be carried out by industry professionals. Therefore, with every order we receive at Panel Sandwich Group, we show the official documents that prove that our products have the highest quality in the market.

If after reading this article you want to get this product from Panel Sandwich Group or you want more information about any of our solutions, we recommend you contact our team of commercial experts. You can do this through this contact form that appears on our website or by calling the following phone number: +1 904 512-3122.