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Why Use Sandwich Panel Three Frets on Your Insulated Roof Panels?

Many people wonder what the best option for their roofs or coverings is, especially for industrial constructions. One of the options is the Sandwich Panel Three Frets, which is composed of two sheets of pre-lacquered, profiled galvanized steel that protect the insulating core of rigid foam made of injected polyurethane. Next, we answer all the questions you need to know about this material.

What is the Best Roof for an Industrial Warehouse?

The Insulated Roof Panel is undoubtedly the most used for covering all types of industrial constructions such as warehouses or storages, as it provides great thermal and acoustic insulation. Moreover, these coverings possess an excellent fixing system that prevents the occurrence of leaks and dampness in case of rain. There are several options within the Insulated Roof Panel, but the Sandwich Panel Three Frets stands out as one of the most recommendable thanks to the multiple advantages it offers, which we explain below.

What Advantages Does the Three Frets Sandwich Panel Offer for Roofs?

The Sandwich Panel Three Frets is characterized mainly by its high resistance and easy assembly. Its easy installation allows much faster progress than with any other material when assembling large constructions, leading to savings in both time and costs. Moreover, the Sandwich Panel Three Frets offers the possibility of a longitudinal overlap where the plates can be shortened and overlapped, advisable for large slopes or difficult-to-access areas. It should be noted that, to perform the overlap, 200 mm will have to be discounted from the total measure of the plates.

There is also the possibility of using the void tape to clean the polyurethane inside the plate (which is necessary for the overlap),as long as it is ordered at the same time as the panel. The Sandwich Panel Three Frets can also provide a lighting solution, as it can be combined with Skylight Panels that provide natural lighting inside and therefore energy savings.

Sandwich Panel Three Frets Gray SlateSandwich Panel Three Frets with Polycarbonate

Depending on the needs of each client, we also have different thicknesses, with 30 to 60 mm being the most common. For more demanding constructions, other thicknesses used are 80 and 100 mm. Another significant advantage is that we manufacture custom finishes. These are the finish possibilities available for the Sandwich Panel Three Frets: Ridge to wall or dual-pitched, Front finish, Side finish, Water channel finish, Wall side finish, and finally, screws and cappellotti. Moreover, the Sandwich Panel Three Frets is the most economical roofing option within our catalog, as it is optimized for those industrial constructions where both installation time and budget are limited.

All these advantages make the Sandwich Panel Three Frets a perfect solution for industrial roofs. However, as it is an aesthetically minimalist and refined panel, many people choose to use it in non-industrial constructions such as residential homes.

Advantages of the Three Frets Sandwich Panel

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Protection against leaks and dampness.
  • Quick installation.
  • High resistance.
  • Overlap system.
  • Economical price.
  • Aesthetic.
  • Low maintenance costs.

What are Frets and What are They Used For?

We call frets the protrusions that stick out above the panel. The more frets, the greater the resistance of the panel. A panel with three frets provides great mechanical resistance against loads and external forces. At Panel Sandwich Group, we offer roof panels with up to 5 frets: Five Ribs Sandwich Panel. Of course, the number of frets on a roof also depends on the aesthetic preferences of the client. In fact, the word 'fret' comes from Latin and refers to an ornament or decoration originating from Greek architecture that serves simply to embellish.

What are the Dimensions of Our Three Frets Sandwich Panel?

At Panel Sandwich Group, we manufacture our panels to order. The usable width of the Sandwich Panel Three Frets is 1000 mm, while the length is from 2,500 mm with a maximum of up to 13,500 mm. If you want your panel to have a length less than 2,500 mm, this would also be possible on request and at an additional cost. Similarly, lengths exceeding the maximum can also be accommodated on request, but it should be considered that anything over 13,500 mm in length requires special transportation, which would also incur an additional cost.

To learn more about the Sandwich Panel Three Frets or other materials, we recommend that you contact our sales team, who will advise you to find the best price on the Sandwich Panel most suited to your needs. For this, you can contact us through the form on our website or by calling the phone number +1 904 512-3122.