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Advantages of using Sandwich Panel Three Frets for your roofing needs

One of the most resistant, durable and economical solutions for the roofs of many buildings is the Sandwich Panel 3 Frets. This model of Insulated Roof Panel is an excellent choice for industrial use due to its numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, strength and durability.

But that's not all. If you decide to install this type of roof on an industrial building, owners can be sure that they are investing in a durable and efficient solution that will meet their needs for many years to come.

Do you know why? Discover in this post all that the Sandwich Panel Three Frets can bring to the roof of your project.

What is the Sandwich Panel Three Frets for Roofing?

Sandwich Panel 3 Frets is a popular roofing material widely used in the construction industry. This roofing material is composed of two steel sheets and PUR or PIR core that are sandwiched together to form a single durable panel. The panels consist of two outer layers of metal or steel and an inner layer of insulating foam. This combination of materials makes this Sandwich Panel an ideal roofing material for both residential and commercial applications, but the main use of the Sandwich Panel Three Frets is within the industrial field.

Features of the Sandwich Panel 3 Frets

Sandwich Panel Three Frets AdvantagesRoofing Sandwich Panel Three Frets Advantages

This model of Insulated Roof Panel is characterized by a design with three grooves or folds in its profile, which reinforce its resistance and rigidity. Likewise, our Sandwich Panel 3 Frets is distinguished by its unique properties that allow it to stand out from the rest of the existing alternatives in the market. Some of the most outstanding are the following:


Our Sandwich Panel Three Frets is composed of two sheets of galvanized steel or metal, with a core of Polyurethane (PUR) or Polyisocyanurate (PIR) core which acts as a thermical and acoustic insulation.

Design of the frets

The three ribs in the panel profile improve the stiffness, strength and load-bearing capacity of the panel, making it suitable for use in roofs with structural requirements.

Thermal Insulation

The PUR or PIR core foam provides excellent thermal insulation, reducing heat transfer and contributing to energy savings in buildings.

Sound Insulation

Sandwich Panels Trhree Frets also provide effective acoustic insulation, reducing noise transmission and improving comfort inside the building.

Water and humidity Resistance

As a result of their composition and design, these panels have a high resistance to water and humidity, which minimizes the risk of leaks and condensation problems on the roof and contributes to the durability of the material.


Despite their rigidity and strength, this model of Insulated Roof Panel is relatively lightweight, which facilitates handling and installation and reduces the overall weight of the structure


These panels can be used in a wide variety of applications, from industrial buildings and warehouses to commercial and residential buildings.

Maximization of Customization

Three Ribs Sandwich Panel are available in different trims and colors, which allows them to be adapted to the design aesthetics of the architectural project.

Uses of the Sandwich Panel 3 Frets

As you can appreciate, the Sandwich Panel 3 Frets is an efficient, versatile and durable solution in the construction sector, being used in a wide range of projects that require structural strength and good thermal and acoustic insulation. The applications of this Sandwich Roof Panel model are multiple, highlighting the following:

  • Industrial warehouses and storage: Their load-bearing capacity, thermal insulation and easy installation make them an ideal choice for the construction of industrial buildings, warehouses and workshops.
  • Shopping centers and supermarkets: In addition to providing adequate thermal and acoustic insulation, the Sandwich Panel 3 Frets allows the construction of large roofs without the need for additional support structures.
  • Sports and entertainment installations: The use of these panels in sports installations, such as sports centers, indoor swimming pools and sports pavilions, guarantees efficient thermal insulation and greater structural strength.
  • Education and Cultural centers: The acoustic isolation provided by these panels is especially useful in educational and cultural environments, such as schools, universities, auditoriums and theaters.
  • Housing construction: Thanks to its thermal and acoustic insulation capacity, our Sandwich Panel 3 Frets is a suitable option for the construction of single-family or collective dwellings, especially in areas with extreme climatic conditions.
  • Agricultural and farming sector: The levels of resistance and thermal insulation offered by this type of panel make it one of the most widely used options in the construction of agricultural and livestock facilities, such as farms, stables and warehouses for agricultural products.
  • Logistic and transportation infrastructure: This kind of Roofing Panel is particularly suitable for the construction of train stations, bus stations, airports and other types of transportation infrastructure, as it provides thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as structural strength.
Sandwich Panel Three Frets for agriculture and farming AdvantagesSandwich Panel Three Frets for industrial buildings and warehouses Advantages

Installation process of the Sandwich Panel Three Frets

Following the guidelines and recommendations of our experts, the installation of your 3 Frets Sandwich Panel Roofing can be a quick and easy process. Below, we provide the steps to follow in the assembly process of your Three Frets Sandwich Panel Roofing:

1- Structural preparation

Before starting the installation, it is necessary to ensure that the supporting structure (metal, concrete or cement) is level, aligned and in optimum condition. It is essential that the structure is designed to support the weight and loads of the sandwich panel and the additional elements to be installed.

2- Transport and Storage

The panels must be transported and stored in suitable conditions to avoid deformation and damage. Our experts recommend storing them in a horizontal position and on flat surfaces, protected from the weather and humidity.

3- Laying of Panels

Start the installation from one end of the roof, following the direction of the inclination of the slopes. The panels should be placed perpendicular to the purlins or rafters of the structure. For ease of installation, cranes or elevators can be used.

4- Fixing of panels

It is advisable to fix the panels to the structure using self-drilling screws with sealing washers to ensure a correct joint between the panels and the structure, paying special attention to the areas of the ribs, where the panels fit together. We recommend using rivets or specific screws in the overlapping areas.

5- Joint sealing

To guarantee watertightness and prevent water and air infiltration, we recommend applying specific sealants in the joints between panels (both in the ribs and in the longitudinal overlaps).

6- Installation of additional elements

Depending on the project, it may be necessary to install additional elements such as Polycarbonate Roof Panels, Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets or ventilation systems, among others.

7- Trim and Fiishing

We suggest finishing the installation by placing specific trims and profiles for edges, corners, ridges and other elements. These trims improve the appearance and ensure greater protection against the weather in your 3 Frets Sandwich Panel Roofing, preventing animals from living in the foam and, thus, extending the life of the panel.

Maintenance of the Sandwich Panel 3 Frets

Once the installation is completed, it is necessary to carry out periodic inspections to verify the condition of the panels and perform proper maintenance. Below, we suggest a series of tips to ensure the durability and maximum performance of your Three Frets Sandwich Panel Roof:

  • Visual Check: Perform periodic visual inspections (at least once a year) to detect possible damage or deterioration of the panel surface. Pay special attention to panel joints, trim and fasteners.
  • Cleaning: Keep the surface of the panel clean, eliminating the accumulation of dirt, dust, moss and other elements that can retain humidity and favor corrosion or deterioration of the material. Use mild soap and water to clean the surface, avoiding aggressive or abrasive chemicals.
  • Humidity Control: Make sure that the drainage and water evacuation systems are working properly to avoid the accumulation of moisture on the panel surface. Constant humidity can weaken the structure of the panel and promote the appearance of rust and corrosion on metallic elements.
  • Fixation Check: Verify that the fasteners (screws, staples, etc.) are in good condition and tight. If you detect any loose or damaged fasteners, repair or replace them immediately to maintain the integrity of the panel.
  • Mechanical Damage Prevention: Avoid carrying heavy objects or performing work that may cause mechanical damage to the panel surface. If you need to access the ceiling, use suitable walkways or work platforms to distribute the weight and avoid deformation of the panel.
  • Damage repair: If you detect any damage to the surface of the panel, such as dents, cracks or holes, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. Use mastic or sealants specific to the panel material and follow the manufacturer's instructions for repairs.
  • Corrosion protection: If the panel has metallic elements, apply a layer of corrosion protection in the exposed areas to prevent the appearance of rust. Check the manufacturer's recommendations on the most suitable products for your application.

Benefits of installing Sandwich Panel Three Frets on your roof

After reading this post you already know everything that the installation of Sandwich Panel 3 Frets on your roof can bring to your project. To summarize, the most outstanding benefits for the construction of roofs and decks in buildings with Sandwich Panel Three Frets are:

Thermal Insulation: The Sandwich Panel 3 Frets have an insulating core, usually polyurethane or expanded polystyrene, which provides excellent thermal insulation. This helps maintain a stable interior temperature and reduce energy demand for heating and cooling, which translates into energy savings and reduced environmental impact.

Acoustic Insulation: In addition to offering thermal insulation, these panels also provide some degree of acoustic insulation. They can help reduce the transmission of noise from the outside to the inside of the building, improving acoustic comfort.

Strength and durability: Our Sandwich Panel Three Frets are manufactured with high quality, corrosion-resistant materials, making them highly durable and resistant to environmental factors such as wind, humidity and temperature variations.

Quick installation: Installation of these panels is quick and easy, as they are custom fabricated and can cover large areas with few pieces. This reduces construction time and labor costs.

Structural stability: Thanks to their design, these panels offer greater structural stability and flexural strength compared to other types of sandwich panels. This allows for better weight distribution and prevents deformation over time.

Reduced maintenance: Three-rib sandwich panels require little maintenance and are easy to clean. As they are corrosion and wear resistant, they have a long service life, which reduces long-term maintenance costs.

Versatile aesthetics: These panels are available in a wide variety of trims, colors and textures, allowing them to be easily adapted to the appearance of the building and the environment in which they are installed.

Self-supporting structure: Sandwich Panel Three Frets are self-supporting, which means that they do not require an additional structure to support them. This simplifies the design and construction of the roof and reduces the costs associated with the work.


And so that there are no doubts, we show you this magnificent video of one of our customers who decided to install our Sandwich Panel 3 Frets.

If you are interested in installing Sandwich Panel 3 Frets in the roof of your project, or want more information about any of the products offered by Panel Sandwich Group, we recommend contacting our team of technical experts. You can do so through the following contact form on our website or by calling the following phone number: +1 904 512-3122.