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SIP Panel: Sandwich Panel properties and wood styling

If you're looking to improve your home's insulation and give it a sophisticated appearance on both roofs and walls, Panel Sandwich Group has the perfect solution for you: our SIP Panel.

Thanks to its properties, both professionals and individuals prefer to install our Wood Panel in any type of construction project. Throughout our extensive experience, we have participated in numerous projects throughout America, Europe and Latin America. We have carried out projects in theaters, auditoriums, rooms in various public buildings, as well as in cabins and private homes.

Composition and Installation of SIP Panel

For over ten years, Panel Sandwich Group has been providing homeowners, architects, builders, and installers with innovative design, construction, and project planning solutions for both newly built and renovated buildings. Within our wide range of construction materials, the SIP Sandwich Panel is the ideal choice for achieving a more aesthetic appearance at a highly competitive price, suitable for all types of budgets.

Although we manufacture the SIP Panel according to each client's requests, the most common thicknesses range from 40 to 80 mm (up to a maximum of 120 mm),always considering the individual needs of each client to achieve adequate and comfortable insulation. This wooden ceiling has a polystyrene insulation core of around 35 Kg/m³, protected by a waterproof wooden board on its exterior and the client's chosen finish on its interior. In addition, we also produce other types of cores, such as Rock Wool and Natural Cork, specially designed for eco-friendly homes. Its main function is to provide excellent thermal insulation, combined with an elegant interior finish.

The outer sheet serves to protect against impacts, moisture, and thermal leaks. It is made of waterproof particleboard with a thickness of 16 or 19 mm. In this way, the Sandwich Panel is protected without the need for additional treatments that could increase the price. As for the interior finish, you can choose from natural wood boards, gypsum boards, natural flooring, or other interior finishing products you prefer, without the need to invest in additional materials.

wood sandwich panel compositionassembly panel timber at three stagger

Assembly of SIP Sandwich Panel

After learning about the features and benefits of the SIP Sandwich Panel, we will now explain the installation process in detail. Like all sandwich panels, the SIP Sandwich Panel is easy to install and ensures a flawless finish. When installed on the roof, a double grid is used, allowing for double roof ventilation and better air circulation. This way, better insulation is achieved, and leaks are prevented.

The panel is installed directly onto the structure, which can be made of wood or metal. If a wooden structure is used, the recommended anchor penetration is 50 mm. At Panel Sandwich Group, we want to inform our customers that it is always recommended to install tiles or any other exterior finish, such as sheet metal or tegula, on the top to achieve the best results. By waterproofing the sandwich roof on its exterior with asphalt fabric, we achieve maximum watertightness in the SIP panel. This is very important in USA, where precipitation can be abundant and prolonged. Proper roof waterproofing is crucial to prevent water leaks and protect the structure from moisture and corrosion. Therefore, we recommend using asphalt fabric when installing sandwich roofs to achieve efficient sealing and prolong the roof's lifespan.

To ensure proper performance, it's essential to verify during assembly that the SIP sandwich panel rests on three supports on each sandwich sheet. Thanks to its excellent tongue and groove installation system, we can cover large areas of sandwich panels in record time. This has an important and beneficial consequence: the decrease in time and economic costs.

The union between one sandwich plate and another is completely efficient thanks to this panel joining system, being screwed to the structure to ensure at all times the waterproofing and prevent the entry of humidity, also maintaining a stable temperature inside the room. To ensure the maximum protection, it is recommended to install the wooden roofs to a running joint between the rows, alternating the joints to ensure the suitability of the installation.

Accessories to complete the installation

Under Tile PlateUnder Tile Plate for wood

A corrugated sheet that is installed on the SIP Sandwich Panel. It is recommended to place other materials on top that serve as the main cover, such as tiles, for example.

Promotes ventilation, protection, insulation, and waterproofing on the wooden roof.

Asphalt Fabric Asphalt Fabric for wood

Self-protection for projects with SIP Sandwich Panel. It resists on the top of the roofs to the weather, acting as a barrier against leaks and drips.

We have different types of Asphalt Fabric, so we recommend you consult with our sellers to advise you on the one that best suits the needs of your project.

Wood ScrewWood Concrete Screw SIP PANEL

The screw is specially designed to optimally install the panels on wooden beams. These screws are commonly known as "lag screws", and there are different types depending on the head they have: Countersunk, Round, Pan, Button, and Hexagonal.

If you need to know which screws are the most suitable for your work, we suggest you contact our sales team.


Why use SIP Sandwich Panel?

The main advantages of our sandwich panels with different interior finishes, compared to other models, are: 

  • They offer excellent thermal insulation thanks to their internal core and the wide range of densities available, which allows the panel to be adapted to any climatic condition necessary for the project. In this way, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, which will translate into savings in energy consumption.
  • This material has a great capacity to absorb sound compared to other similar construction materials. We provide different cores of Extruded Polyurethane, Expanded Polyurethane, Rock Wool and Natural Cork so that you can get a customized panel according to your specific needs.
  • It has a wide aesthetic variety, which allows it to adapt to the characteristics and finishes of any project. Thus, we will always have the ideal panel available for you. With ideal finishes for both projects with a more classic aesthetic and for those more innovative: our wide variety of panels gives you a large number of options to choose from.
  • They are easy to install and maintain, because they are light and do not require much experience in the construction area for their placement and care.
  • Because it is made of resistant materials that do not require constant care, the maintenance costs are very low.

Tips for installing SIP Panel

At Sandwich Panel Group we offer all the necessary guidance to effectively install our products. Therefore, we give you three important tips that will help you install our panels easily and guarantee their maximum performance throughout their useful life.

1- Joint sealing with Butyl Tape

Butyl tape SIP PANEL This is an alternative adhesive to traditional silicone. Silicone is no longer a viable option, as its lifespan is very short.

Butyl tape, available in various colors to suit any type of panel, has two important functions: covering the joint between panels where there is no protection from finishes and promoting waterproofing. Its main advantage is that, once installed, it will remain in good condition for a long time without losing its technical properties.

2- Cleaning of the screwed areas

It is advisable to clean the areas of the covers where cuts or drills have been made during the screwing between panels. This will prevent deterioration in the most fragile points of the Sandwich Panel and the formation of bubbles when waterproofing the exterior face by removing any possible remnants that may remain

3- Packaging and Protection

All sandwich panels that we send to our customers are protected and wrapped in plastic to help with their correct conservation, avoiding possible damage in their handling and unloading process.

Maximum Customization in SIP Panel Finishes

As we mentioned before, at Panel Sandwich Group we have a wide variety of SIP panels with different finishes. In this way, every client can find the finish that best fits their project.

No matter the finish we seek for our SIP Sandwich Panel, at Panel Sandwich Group we have panels that share common characteristics: their exceptional quality and their wonderful properties.

At Panel Sandwich Group, we have a variety of interior finishes for the SIP Sandwich Panel, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

Frieze Spruce Wood Sandwich Panel

Frieze Spruce Wood Sandwich Panel SIP PANELProject Frieze Spruce Wood Sandwich
  • Interior Face: Natural Fir Frieze (with or without varnish)
  • Exterior Face: Water-Resistant Chipboard
  • Interior Insulation: Extruded Polystyrene

This panel contains authentic radiata pine wood, providing a cozy feeling in spaces. Each client can customize the style they desire thanks to the wide range of lacquers we have available (consult beforehand if another color is desired). These more specific solutions allow to maximize the possibilities of materials to offer performance tailored to each particular case.

It is certified and recommended for use in warehouses and food processing.

Insulated OSB Board

Insulated OSB Board SIP PANELProject Insulated OSB Board SIP PANEL
  • Interior Face: Decorated OSB Pressed Chips
  • Exterior Face: Water-Resistant Chipboard
  • Interior Insulation: Extruded/Expanded Polystyrene or Rock Wool

This panel has good insulation and is ideal for environments with high humidity. Its ability to resist deformation in humid environments makes it a common choice to be used in floors, walls, and ceilings.

The wood used for the OSB board is mainly pine and fir, and its hue can vary depending on the species of wood used in its production. In addition, this product is easy to cut and does not crack in the process, as it contains few resins in its manufacture.

The main advantages of OSB SIP in USA lie in its mechanical properties, which are directly related to the geometry of the chips and their orientation in the board.

The use of this type of SIP panel is primarily due to its visual appearance.

A noteworthy aspect of OSB SIP is that it is a preferred option for sustainable constructions. This is because it is a readily recyclable product, as it does not contain additives or resins that are difficult to assimilate by the environment.

Herakustik Insulated Panel

Herakustik Insulated Panel SIP PANELProject Herakustik Insulated Panel SIP PANEL
  • Inner Face: Herakustik
  • Outer Face: Waterproof Agglomerate
  • Internal Insulation: Extruded/Expanded Pol. and Rock Wool

Its lower board of extra fine chip reinforced with magnesia provides a special protection. It is a panel designed to improve sound insulation.

Recommended for interior cladding when a high level of sound absorption is sought.

It stands out for its sound-absorbing, water-resistant, fire-resistant properties and insensitivity to pest and fungal infestations.

Waterproof Agglomerate Sandwich Panel

Waterproof Agglomerate Sandwich Panel SIP PANELProject Waterproof Agglomerate Sandwich Panel SIP PANEL
  • Inner Face: Waterproof Agglomerate
  • Outer Face: Waterproof Agglomerate
  • Internal Insulation: Extruded/Expanded Polystyrene or Rock Wool

These panels are made of small wood chips or sawdust (85%) and glue (15%),creating a resistant material that provides stability and consistency, making it an ideal base for the placement of veneers, friezes or wood ornaments.

This type of panel is known for having a long duration and an excellent performance in different climates, making it a popular option for our customers looking for Waterproof Agglomerate Panel.

This panel is recommended for roofs where it is not necessary for the interior appearance to be decorative. In addition, In addition, its mechanical strength allows it to be used longitudinally or transversally to the roof.
It is a material that is used as an insulator and does not burn, and is commonly used in homes and industrial sheds.

Wood Cement Board

Wood Cement Board Panel SIPProject Wood Cement Board Panel SIP
  • Interior Face: Cement-Wood
  • Exterior Face: Water-resistant Particleboard
  • Interior Insulation: Extruded/Expanded Polystyrene or Rockwool

This sandwich panel has excellent resistance to moisture and good water vapor diffusion capacity.

This type of sandwich roof has been enhanced to withstand more intense strains and tasks than other conventional sandwich panels, which means that its structure is much stronger. Therefore, this panel is not only used in roof construction, but also offers many possibilities for its use in floors and interior walls.

This interior finish is made with a mixture of wood chips, cement, and other elements that are subjected to pressure to create a porous material with excellent properties. The composition varies depending on the manufacturing process and the additives used.

These characteristics are:

  • Enhances the ability to retain heat and thermal insulation
  • Absorbs and dampens noise, acting as an acoustic insulator
  • It is non-flammable if used in the right dosage, and is fire-resistant
  • Capable of withstanding large loads and pressures without deformation
  • Enhances the ability to resist impacts and its durability in humid environments

Insulated Plasterboard

Insulated Plasterboard SIPProject Insulated Plasterboard SIP
  • Interior Face: Drywall/Gypsum Fiber
  • Exterior Face: Water-resistant Particleboard
  • Interior Insulation: Extruded/Expanded Polystyrene or Rockwool

This is a SIP Sandwich Panel composed of two cardboard plates, which provide flexibility to the assembly, and a gypsum plate that gives it compression resistance.

The mixture of these materials (gypsum and cellulose) allows achieving a SIP Sandwich Panel with very good mechanical properties and thermal stability, in addition to excellent fire resistance properties. In addition, by mixing the gypsum plate with a sound-absorbing core such as Rockwool, the Drywall Panel achieves very good acoustic insulation properties.

This type of SIP Panel is the best solution for those cases where a quick construction and a good finish are needed. It is recommended for use in residential construction and is an ideal product for applying finishes such as decorative wallpapers or paints.

Guaranteed Quality in your Wood Panel

At Sandwich Panel Group, we use the best materials available to achieve the highest category and quality products that can be found on the market: We only distribute materials that have been tested and examined, and that have quality certificates guaranteeing their excellent performance and behavior over long periods of time.

If after reading this post you still have any questions, or you've decided to use our SIP Panel for your projects, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can do so through the form that appears on our website. You can also call us at the following number: (+19) 045123122