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9 Advantages Offered By Skylight Panels

Polycarbonate roofs are highly resistant and lightweight plastic sheets that form a skylight in the roof of an industrial warehouse or room, allowing the passage of natural light. They are commonly alternated with sandwich panels in roofs and walls to promote energy savings and improve the overall environment of the facility, while maintaining thermal insulation. At our factory, we produce Polycarbonate Roof Panels and Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets at a highly competitive price per square meter, but the product that has the most success among our customers is the 30mm cellular polycarbonate.

Natural Light

A skylight is a window or opening located in the roof or upper part of a wall that allows the passage of light. Polycarbonate skylights facilitate the natural illumination of the interior of any type of construction or building, and we can illuminate how and where we desire. We can light specific areas using skylights in a checkerboard pattern or in a complete water drop along the entire roof line of the industrial building.

However, the amount of light that filters through largely depends on the materials used in its construction. Another material commonly used for a similar purpose is Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets. They allow light to pass through similarly to cellular  polycarbonate, but this material has a lower cost, although it degrades more quickly. cellular  polycarbonate sheets have a much longer lifespan and require less maintenance.

That is why at Panel Sandwich Group we recommend installing skylights composed of polycarbonate sheets to achieve the best aesthetics and quality for your roof.
Polycarbonate Roof Panels in checkered positionPolycarbonate Roof Panels in full water drop

Easy Installation

Another very relevant aspect of the polycarbonate sheets we produce is their easy installation. The polycarbonate sheets are manufactured with a thickness of 30mm and with wings that facilitate integration with the rest of the roof sheets, whether they are Sandwich Panels or traditional covers. Thanks to this coupling, both thermal leaks and leaks and dampness that affect the performance of the installation or even reach the interior of the building are minimized. This quick installation, like the Sandwich Panel for roofs, represents significant savings for the customer.

When installing skylights, we must pay attention to the anchors, ensuring that the hole in the polycarbonate sheet is larger than the screw to prevent its expansions from causing any fractures. In addition, at Panel Sandwich Group, we provide self-drilling screws with a special reinforced washer cap and neoprene gasket, which seals the anchor against leaks and dampness with each order.

Skylight panels / cellular polycarbonate platePolycarbonate Roof Panels Easy Installation

Maximum Protection

One of the greatest virtues of cellular polycarbonate sheets is the resistance they offer against possible impacts and extreme weather conditions to which they may be exposed, while allowing the passage of sunlight and maintaining a low price per square meter. This property is obtained due to the cellular composition of polycarbonate and because it is formed by plastic PVC filaments. This also ensures total protection against leaks and dampness, one of the main problems faced by companies and individuals worldwide.

Water leaks were common in old skylights, as over time they deteriorated significantly, and rainwater seeped through the spaces and cracks in the installation. Polycarbonate sheets solve these problems, guaranteeing maximum protection thanks to the quality of these materials and the easy installation that leaves no room for errors.

Energy Consumption Reduction

One of the most significant reasons to consider installing this material in the roof of any project is the energy, particularly electricity, savings. The amount of money you save on bulbs and lights is quite significant.

In sunnier seasons such as summer or spring, you can illuminate the entire space throughout the day using polycarbonate skylights without the need to turn on a single light. And not only that, thanks to its cellular composition, it ensures excellent thermal insulation, maintaining the insulation of the rest of the roof. And let's not forget the low price of cellular polycarbonate sheets per square meter.

Lower Cost in Your Project

By combining all the virtues of this material, you achieve a considerable reduction in any project. Lighting and electricity costs during the day decrease, light intake increases while maintaining thermal insulation, all at a low price. It is a strong and resistant material that lasts for many years without damage, so the investment is recovered from day one.

Undoubtedly, the price per square meter of cellular polycarbonate sheets to create skylights on the roofs of industrial warehouses or spaces of all kinds is more than enough to motivate you to incorporate it into your project. Ultimately, the money you invest in the entire installation is much less than the value you receive throughout its useful life.

If you want to take advantage of all these benefits and more with the polycarbonate sheets from Panel Sandwich Group, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out this form. One of our experts will assist you with anything you need and provide you with a personalized quote just for you.

Low Budget Installation

Other materials require more complex installation, which translates into higher labor costs, machinery rental, permits, and construction work. Thanks to the installation system of these polycarbonate sheets, it is possible to install and renovate the polycarbonate roofs of an entire industrial warehouse in a few days, causing minimal interruptions in the company's operations.

Once again, the cost involved in a project with these cellular polycarbonate sheets is reduced due to the advantages that arise during installation. If you want to see how the sheets are installed on the roof, you can watch this video.

High Versatility

These polycarbonate sheets are compatible with a multitude of roof covers and can be cut to size in our factory to fit any project. For example, they can be used together with Insulated Roof Panels for any porch or garage where light inputs are required.

They are also compatible with Three Frets, Five Ribs, or Cover-joints sandwich panels, which are more common in industrial warehouses where natural light is ideal for saving on electricity expenses. They can also be incorporated in places such as swimming pools or sports centers, where a space flooded with natural light and a pleasant temperature are desired.

Skylight panels / cellular polycarbonate plate in sports centerCellular Polycarbonate plate in indoor pool

Long-Term Preservation and Durability

Cellular polycarbonate is a plastic material distinguished by its resistance and durability, all at a fairly accessible price. It can withstand extreme temperatures, both high and low, while maintaining its properties and structure. Additionally, it is much more impact-resistant than glass, although they share most qualities. That's why it is an ideal material for construction, especially in roofs, but it can also be used in facades.

Furthermore, being primarily composed of plastics, polycarbonate has the advantage of remaining in good condition for a long period without degrading, resulting in significant savings in maintenance costs. However, regular cleaning and annual inspections are recommended to ensure that it continues to preserve its properties.

Skylight: Lightweight Material

Another remarkable quality of polycarbonate is its lightness. This material is very lightweight and easy to transport. If you are considering incorporating polycarbonate sheets into your roof, you can do so even if you do not have a highly sophisticated structure. This further reduces the final costs of the process, maximizing the profitability of the investment, including transportation, installation, and infrastructure.

The structure of these polycarbonate sheets ensures exceptional thermal insulation and excellent light transmission that no other material in the market can match. Given the highlighted advantages of this material, polycarbonate sheets represent the optimal and most economical solution if you are considering giving your warehouse or space a brighter and cozier environment.

If you want more information on this topic or are considering using this material in an upcoming project, do not hesitate to contact us through this form or by calling +1 904 512-3122.