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Give your Porch a unique touch with Roof Tile Sandwich Panel with wood inner

The Sandwich Panels provide a significant improvement over other roofing sheets due to their excellent thermal insulation, high resistance to impacts, leaks, and moisture. That's why more roofs are being installed with this material for its performance, easy installation, and reduced price. Evidence of this is the wide variety of projects we have been involved in throughout the extensive history of Panel Sandwich Group, ensuring sustained performance over its long lifespan.

Tile Sandwich Panel: excellent design and affordable price

Within our extensive catalogue, the Roof Tile Sandwich Panel stands out: reduced price with outstanding features. These roofing sheets are characterized by their exterior finish that mimicstraditional tiles at much lower prices. However, the differences are not only noticeable in the wallet: the tile panel provides exceptional thermal insulation thanks to its high-density polyurethane core, which offers protection similar to more than 60 cm of concrete. As the weight is so reduced, the client can work with smaller structures and maximize savings on the Sandwich Panel price per m2. To offer the best result to our clients, we provide a wide variety of finishes for the tile panel to adapt to each project: terracotta red, aged albero, slate gray, …

But the customization capability of the Tile Sandwich Panel does not end here, as you can also choose different colors and finishesfor the underside. The most common color is usually Pyrenean white, the cheapest and most versatile panel option, but the wood imitation is increasingly becoming more popular. Unlike other Sandwich Panel manufacturers, our tile imitation sandwich sheet features a special finish made by specific machines to simulate the wood grain and ensure this finish during the extensive lifespan of the Sandwich Panels.

Tile Sandwich Panel with Wood Interior for PorchPorch with Tile Sandwich Panel and Wood Interior

Aesthetics and durability in your Sandwich Panel porch

As we can see, the Tile Sandwich Panel with Wood Imitation Interior allows us to enjoy the appeal of wood without having to bear the cost it usually involves. One of the most common projects made with this material is the construction of porches. This project is particularly economical, as it does not require high thermal insulation, the panel thickness can be less: about 45 mm, which would be the cheapest thickness. During the installation, the Sandwich Panels incorporate a mounting system that takes advantage of the tile wave to overlap one plate over the next. This way, leaks and moisture at this joint are prevented, also reinforced by the EPDM seal that reduces thermal leaks. But the advantages do not end here: since its assembly is so simple, you can do it yourself by following this video:

Tile Panel with Wood Interior

Importance of material quality

Great care must be taken when choosing Sandwich Panels. It is essential to consult the quality certificates that record the rigorous tests to which the tile panel has been subjected, conducted by official institutes in our country according to current regulations. Do not be guided by the incredibly cheap prices some companies may offer for panels; make sure they are not second-hand. All our Sandwich Panels yield values that meet or even exceed the levels set in the European framework, which represents an important guarantee for the customer.

As has been demonstrated, the protection offered by the metal sandwich roof coverings surpasses the performance of other alternatives, also enjoying significant savings thanks to the low price of the Tile Sandwich Panel. Contact us to enjoy the advantages of this sandwich covering through this form or by calling +1 904 512-3122.