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Cold Storage Panels for Food Storage Chambers in Shopping Mall

At Panel Sandwich Group, we offer specific solutions for all our clients' requests. In this post, you will learn everything our panels for refrigeration offer.

The Cold Storage Panels is a type of sheet that has been developed for installation in specific situations that require a set of protection and insulation characteristics. The goal is to reduce thermal leaks and filtrations that can reach the core. Normally, sandwich panels provide superior protection compared to roofing sheets due to their insulating polyurethane core, but the Refrigerated Panel has been designed for specific environments where specific security is necessary. This material retains certain technical characteristics of the standard sandwich sheet, such as its easy assembly and low price, but with superior protection.

Composition of the Refrigerated Sandwich Panel

The Refrigerated Sandwich Panel is a type of sandwich sheet with a greater thickness than standard panels.

Its thickness can reach up to 200 mm, allowing for very high thermal insulation. Additionally, the tongue-and-groove system is reinforced with double ribs with the goal of preventing thermal leaks and maintaining controlled temperatures inside. Because of all these reasons, coupled with its affordable price, Refrigerated Sandwich Panels are increasingly used to reduce costs in the construction of Cold Storage Rooms and Freezers.

Detail of Refrigerated Panel for Cold RoomsInterior of Refrigerated Panel

In these materials, quality is crucial as it requires very high protection. Unlike other manufacturers, Panel Sandwich Group ensures maximum quality in each of its products, guaranteeing maximum performance throughout their lifespan. There are offers for second-hand sandwich panels that may conceal defective or severely damaged materials that can affect the behavior of the sandwich sheet. This poses a serious risk to our safety as the sheets can become detached. To avoid these issues, we recommend trusting only in materials of the highest quality.

Accessories for Cold Rooms

Along with our refrigerated sandwich panels, our customers often acquire Health Profile End Cap with PVC coating for easy cleaning of the installation. Therefore, it is perfect for food storage rooms where high levels of hygiene must be maintained, reducing costs and optimizing the use of the Sandwich Panel from the outset. Additionally, its installation is as simple as other sandwich sheets. This means that the construction of cold storage and conservation rooms is much more cost-effective while maintaining the same safety levels as other alternatives typically used in such projects.

Our Cold Room Project for Shopping Mall

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to participate in a project using Refrigerated Sandwich Panels. It was a client who was building a new shopping center and was looking for efficient and cost-effective materials for constructing cold storage and freezing rooms for food. They turned to us in search of efficient thermal insulation without thermal leaks that would result in increased energy expenses, all while being economical and requiring minimal maintenance. With these requirements, it was evident that our client needed the Refrigerated Sandwich Panel, which they obtained at the best price.

Installation by Our Customer

Given the characteristics of this project, almost 400 square meters of Refrigerated Sandwich Panels with thicknesses of 100 and 140 mm were manufactured. This way, we achieved adequate thermal insulation for the cold storage and freezing rooms. Since it was intended for food storage, our client also installed sanitary profiles to facilitate cleaning and improve hygiene levels. This simple measure enhances the performance of the Refrigerated Sandwich Panels, ensuring maximum insulation and protection.

Sandwich Panel for Cold Room or Freezer Rooms in Shopping CentersCold Room for Shopping Mall

Reasons for Choosing Our Refrigerated Sandwich Panel

Ease of Assembly

Unlike other materials commonly used in the construction of such spaces, the assembly of Cold Storage Insulated Roof Panels significantly reduces installation costs. The sandwich sheet is directly screwed to the structure, requiring fewer supports for high protection. In addition to sanitary profiles, our client also purchased interior corner pieces that prevent movement of the refrigerated panels and potential thermal leaks. This way, you can enjoy the maximum quality at the best price with Panel Sandwich Group, building a freezing room that will last a long time with minimal maintenance.

Best Price Thermal Insulation

Furthermore, the refrigerated panel is the most cost-effective option for achieving maximum thermal insulation for cold storage, conservation, and freezing rooms. Like other sandwich panels, these sheets enhance the level of protection compared to much heavier alternatives with more complicated installation requirements. That's why our client chose the Refrigerated Sandwich Panel for maximum safety at the best price with Panel Sandwich Group. Additionally, thanks to the easy installation, significant savings were achieved, reducing labor and machinery rental costs, among others, highlighting the suitability of the Sandwich Panel for this project.

Quality Certifications

Another quality of our sandwich panel that convinced this client to install the Refrigerated Sandwich Panel was the quality certification we offer to our customers. Other manufacturers lack the necessary documentation and have not conducted tests by national organizations; they only have foreign papers that are not valid in our country. Furthermore, in many of these cases, it involves second-hand sandwich panels, posing a serious risk. Therefore, we recommend trusting only in first-rate materials.

An essential step in the construction with sandwich panels is the moment of choosing the quality of the materials used, as it determines the level of protection that the refrigerated panel can provide. The low price of second-hand sandwich panels may seem attractive, but the accidents they can cause are very serious. We have seen cases where the bottom sheet of polyurethane foam has detached, causing serious damage that far exceeds the savings compared to first-rate refrigerated panels.

To avoid these problems, we always recommend ensuring the quality of the refrigerated panels used. The easiest way to verify this is by checking their quality certificates: these documents certify that the sandwich sheet has undergone rigorous tests conducted by independent institutes in our country, and the results meet or even exceed the values set in the European framework.

As we have seen in this post, this case demonstrates the significant advantages that Sandwich Panels offer over other traditional alternatives that cannot match their performance. Therefore, an increasing number of clients enjoy the best price of the Refrigerated Sandwich Panel in projects with very different characteristics, harnessing its qualities to achieve maximum protection.

If you have any questions about the performance of these sandwich sheets or want to enjoy the benefits of these materials, we recommend that you contact our sales representatives through this form or by calling +1 904 512-3122.