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Clad Your Facades with Sandwich Panels

Facade cladding is an important aspect when constructing any house and other installations such as factories, warehouses, and buildings, as it is the most visible and therefore the most aesthetic part. In other articles, we have already talked about our Insulated Wall Panels and their various advantages. But today we focus on one of its uses that stands out above the rest: facade cladding, an application that offers different finishes depending on the type of panel chosen.

Advantages of Exterior Facade Cladding

If you are thinking about giving a new look to your facade, our panels provide improved protection and cost-effectiveness compared to other conventional construction materials used in such projects. But this is not their only advantage: they also protect the walls, which are the most vulnerable part of the building, as they deteriorate over time and due to weather conditions. Additionally, they are composed of two sheets of galvanized, pre-painted, and micro-profiled steel, providing great structural strength and easily withstanding large forces and stresses, while protecting the high-density polyurethane insulating core, thus offering high thermal insulation.

Sandwich Panel for Siding

As we have explained on several occasions, at Panel Sandwich Group we have different facade panel models that fit the budget and tastes of each of our clients. Thus, we can choose between the Outside Insulated Wall Panel, the Interior Siding Sandwich Panel with view screw, the Architectural Insulated Panel, and the Rockwool Panels, although the latter is not as common for facade cladding.

With the Exterior and Interior Sandwich Panels, the protection provided is the same; only the appearance changes by incorporating a system that hides the screw head in the case of the concealed screw panel. Usually, the concealed screw facade panel is used for exteriors and the exposed screw panel for interiors.

The Flat Architectural Panel is used in cases where the final aesthetic is a priority. Its exterior face is smooth and can be manufactured in a wide variety of finishes that provide a refined look. The Fireproof and Acoustic Rockwool Panels have a rock wool core that offers fire resistance and soundproofing, respectively.

Sandwich Panel for Facade CladdingFacade Cladding of a Warehouse

How to Properly Clad a Facade?

The installation of the Sandwich Panel for exterior facade cladding is very simple. When cladding a facade that already has a structure, a separating profile, also called a batten, is used to level the facade. This way, it is easier to screw the panel directly to the structure without damaging it during installation. For the panel joints, the same installation process as always is followed: with the tongue and groove system, panels are joined together to ensure a proper fit between the plates.

Since we are looking to clad a structure, it is not necessary to add more strength, but at Panel Sandwich Group, we recommend for a correct installation, both the U-shaped end trims, which act as a guide to support the panel, and the exterior corner trim as well as the interior corner trim which secure the joints between two panels to prevent movement.

With this application of our facade panels, you can give your facade a new look without increasing installation costs, choosing different finishes according to the characteristics of your project.

In this article, we have seen that you can give your facade a new aesthetic with different panels at the best price. To learn more about these or other materials, we recommend that you contact our sales team, who will advise you to find the best price on the most suitable Sandwich Panel for your needs. To do so, you can contact us through the form on our website or by calling +1 904 512-3122.