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Insulated Wall Panels for interior and exterior industrial buildings

Thanks to its characteristics, Multipanel Wall for industrial buildings has become one of the most demanded materials for all types of projects: from the reconstruction of roofs to interior walls: schools, shopping centers, residential buildings, etc.

At Panel Sandwich Group, you will only find top-quality multi-panels, which is why clients from all over the world place their trust in us; for projects of various kinds (mainly in Europe and Latin America).

In the industrial field, one of the most requested materials in recent years due to its high quality and low price is the wall panel.

In other posts, we have explained the excellent features offered by our insulated panels for walls on the interior or division of spaces; we will focus on explaining everything this product can offer to your project when it comes from Panel Sandwich Group. But first, it is necessary to remember that we also have two other models of insulated wall panels: Outside Insulated Wall Panels and Architectural Insulated Panels, the latter of superior quality and aesthetics, as well as price.

Features of the Insulated Internal Wall Panel

This type of insulating wall panel, also known as a visible screw facade panel or BOX type, allows the rapid sectorization of large spaces thanks to its modular assembly. Its main characteristic is when sandwich panels are joined together, the head of the screw is visible. However, its thermal insulation and protection capacity for industrial environments remains unchanged. This type of wall panel is made of two preheated and galvanized steel sheets protecting a high-density core (approximately 40 kg/m3) that provides thermal insulation and protection that no other traditional material can match.

Strength of Interior wall sandwich panel with view screw

Interior Siding Sandwich Panel with view screwThe finish of this wall plate is reliable, providing a quality image that is particularly suited to the industrial environment. Although the screw is visible, it is set with a clean and homogeneous installation. Normally, this type of sandwich panel is made with a smooth profile that gives it high resistance to external elements such as heavy rains, wind, hail, or other impacts that may impair the performance of the sandwich panels. We can also make it with a smooth finish to suit the characteristics of each project, suitable for interior partitionings, such as offices or areas within industrial buildings. In this way, we adjust the characteristics of the sandwich panel so that each client obtains the best result according to their needs.

Customization of your visible screw wall sandwich panel

In addition to the density of the thicknesses and sheet thicknesses of the sandwich panels, we can also customize the colors. Upon request, we can manufacture any color desired, but the most demanded designs are usually: Pyrenean white, silver metallic, Navarre green, or Dexter black. We recommend contacting our sales representatives to get information about the availability of sandwich plates.

Internal Siding Sandwich Panel Lightweight and easy to install

Installation Sandwich Panel FacadeThe insulated internal wall panel is so light that people still do not believe in its excellent thermal and resistant qualities. The truth is that they not only provide more protection than other conventional materials, but their installation system is much faster and simpler. The vista sandwich panel for walls is characterized by its tongue and groove joint system that ensures the perfect union between the sandwich panels avoiding all types of leaks and filtrations of humidity. In addition, as the wall panel is screwed directly into the structure, it will not suffer any movement.

As you may have already deduced, thanks to this assembly system, the client reduces investment costs in his/her project since the installation costs will be lower thanks to the ability to cover large extensions of wall covering in record time, achieving a spectacular finish.

Insulated Wall Panels Accessories

The Sandwich Panel comes with accessories called trims, which are necessary to complete the installation. The trims are made of pre-lacquered and galvanized steel whose function is to protect the polyurethane core of which the multi-panels are made and to prevent the uncovered part from degrading.

Specifically, for insulated wall panels, we have the U-shaped end cap, which is anchored to the floor and serves as a rail for mounting the sandwich panels and joining them together. We also have the side finishes to avoid possible settlement or expansion movements, we have some simple PVC accessories that are screwed at the corners (at the 90º meeting point between two sandwich panels). In this way, we keep the structure compact.

Cheap turns out be expensive

Finally, we cannot forget the importance of acquiring the best materials so that the result of any project is the best possible. Just as when we buy food for our kids, we always purchase the best possible quality; the same happens with the sandwich panel. That is, this type of multi-panels for walls or roofs is for the construction of housing or industrial buildings where many people will live inside, so we can not gamble with the safety of so many people by offering materials of poor quality.

Some manufacturers do not comply with quality standards and sell sandwich plates at second-hand prices after removing them from other sites, which are damaged or something much worse. The problem with installing this type of wall panels is that they can become detached and endanger the structure and people's lives. For this reason, in Panel Sandwich Group, our motto is to offer the customer a product of high quality at the best price. All our wall covering panels have been subjected to a multitude of tests that indicate and exceed by far all the quality parameters according to the official national institutes. That is why we have official certificates that certify the quality of all our products.

If you would like to obtain more information or receive a personalized quote according to the characteristics of your project, we recommend you to contact Panel Sandwich Group. You can do it through this same form that appears on our website, by calling our phone +1 904 512-3122 or by sending a WhatsApp to the same phone number. Our sales team will be happy to assist you and help you get the best price in Panel Sandwich Group.