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Get to know all that Profiled Sheet can offer you

Sandwich panels are characterized by an insulating core between two metal plates. Today we talk about sheet metal, which has no core, but has a multitude of functions and offers a cheaper alternative to sandwich panels.

What are Profiled Sheet made of?

Galvanized sheets have a slightly different composition than the rest. They are made of a galvanized and precoated high-strength steel sheet. The sheets can be produced in thicknesses of 0.5, 0.6, and 0.8, with 0.6 being the most common, and are available in different types of profiling to give them greater strength and toughness.

Advantages of Profiled Sheet

The main advantage of the sheets is that they can be used to cover various types of projects where extreme protection and insulation are not required. In addition to their affordable price, they also stand out for their quick and easy installation. The features of the simple sheets make them a key element in large constructions of various shapes and dimensions. Unlike Sandwich Panels, the roofing sheets can be curved with a radius adjusted to each building, ensuring maximum integration in each project. Therefore, they are widely used in large pavilions and other buildings with sinuous shapes that require a roof adapted to these curves.

Assembly of the Profiled Sheet

These metal sheets have a simple assembly system through overlapping that takes advantage of the shape of the corrugation to join one sheet with another, achieving a perfect anchor that prevents moisture ingress and leaks. The screws used in their installation, along with the washers and rubber seals, allow the steel sheet to be screwed directly to the structure.

In the following video, you can see the easy installation process of our sheets.

Where can I place the Profiled Sheets?

Although these materials do not provide insulation, they outperform traditional alternatives in all aspects. Their affordable price and exceptional design make them one of the most widely used materials in a wide range of projects. They are usually installed on roofs and covers of sheds and warehouses, on enclosures of industrial buildings, buildings of various categories, or in auxiliary rooms.

Types of Profiled Sheet

At Panel Sandwich Group we also offer the best economic and aesthetic solutions at even more affordable prices. We have sheets of different heights and models, with the option to choose from a wide variety of finishes and endless colors.

Below, we present the most economical line of profiled sheets for roofs and facades, which is highly requested by our clients to complement the installation of sandwich panels and for those projects that do not require high levels of insulation or protection.

Ribbed Metal Panel

On the one hand, we find the most traditional simple sheets, such as the Trapezoidal Sheets of 32, 52 or 42. These sheets are perfect for the rapid construction of industrial buildings, offices, and other projects that require efficient and economical construction solutions. In addition to the curved and profiled finishes, we have a wide range of colors for this type of sheets.

Ribbed Sheet metal Panel for roofs in industrial, residential and other usesRibbed Metal Panel Project

Metal Lap Siding Panel

The Ibiza Profile is another option, characterized by its profiling that provides elegance and perfect aesthetics for all types of buildings. It is especially used in the construction of supermarkets or shopping centers throughout United States.

Metal Lap Siding Panel for industrial and residential areasMetal Lap Siding Panel project

Corrugated Metal Sheet

In addition to our standard models, we have other simple sheets ideal for more innovative projects, where the client's imagination can run freely. An example is the Corrugated Metal Sheet, which is used both in sandwich-type roofs and on facades, offering high resistance and a distinctive design that protects the structure from any external force.

Corrugated Metal Sheet roof for industrial, and residential áreas, and othersCorrugated Metal Sheet Project

Collaborative Sheet

A composite floor is a slab system used in construction to create strong and durable structures. It consists of steel joists and reinforced concrete slabs. The joists are placed in position and then the concrete is poured over them to form a flat surface. This type of floor offers numerous advantages, such as high resistance to heavy loads, acoustic and thermal insulation, and ease of installation. Technical floors are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Collaborative sheet for decksCollaborative sheet for decks Projects

Our client's project

Throughout our extensive history, Panel Sandwich Group has been a part of several projects requiring galvanized sheet metal. One such project was the construction of a storage facility or warehouse.

It was located in an area with moderate temperatures, so there wasn't a need for high resistance or intense activity within the building. Given these characteristics, our sales representatives suggested the installation of Sheet metal both on the facade and the roof. In this way, our client could save significantly on their tight budget and achieve protection suitable for their needs, avoiding the extra costs associated with the use of other construction materials.

Thanks to the outstanding thermal properties, our client can enjoy the necessary protection for their storage facility without having to handle large budgets, taking advantage of the best available price.

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