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The most outstanding sandwich panels for walls and facades

The Sandwich Panel has experienced a significant increase in acceptance in the construction industry in America, thanks to its ability to expedite a variety of projects with efficiency, simplicity, and profitability. This material is distinguished both for its aesthetic appeal and its excellent quality. On this occasion, our focus is on the Insulated Wall Panels for siding or exterior and interior facades specifically used in the construction of provisional offices and in the subdivision of spaces.

The Era of Sandwich Panels

The facade panels are highly demanded for wall claddings in various types of buildings as well as for interior partitions. These panels provide a significant improvement in terms of protection and costs compared to other conventional building materials used in this type of work. With Panel Sandwich Group, it is possible to successfully carry out a wide range of projects, which include private homes, sheds, logistics centers, hospitals, sports complexes, and schools.

Composition of the Insulated Wall Panel

The Insulated Wall Panels offers excellent resistance and great thermal insulation due to its composition. The two sheets of galvanized, pre-lacquered, and micro-profiled steel, give it great structural resistance, capable of withstanding large forces and tensions without problems. These sheets protect a high-density polyurethane insulating core that provides a high level of thermal insulation.

Most Common Applications of the Insulated Wall Panel

One of the most popular applications of our wall and facade panel is its use for the internal sectorization in industrial hangars, logistics centers, warehouses, and other buildings of similar characteristics. However, compared to other alternatives, the Sandwich Panel allows creating partitions quickly and with little work, while offering good thermal insulation to maximize savings.

Models of Wall Panels

In order to ensure maximum performance in all situations, we have a wide range of facade panel models that adapt to the characteristics of each project. In this way, depending on the degree of aesthetics and the available budget, we can choose between:

Insulated Internal Wall Panel

The Interior Siding Sandwich Panel with wiev screw is an innovative solution that combines aesthetics and efficiency in terms of insulation. Designed with exceptional precision, this product responds outstandingly to contemporary demands in construction and habitat improvement. With its ingenious design that highlights the fixings, this sandwich panel provides a modern and elegant appearance without compromising its performance in terms of insulation. It represents not only a reliable solution for insulation but also a bold approach to architectural aesthetics. For those looking to combine style and functionality in their construction projects, the Exposed Screw Facade Sandwich Panel type BOX is undoubtedly an option to consider.

Insulated Internal Wall Panel estheticsInsulated Internal Wall Panel Building

Our Client's Construction with Insulated Internal Wall Panel

Our client Miguel needed efficient materials for the construction of an industrial building. On one hand, he needed an adequate resistance to the intense activity that characterizes these spaces, but on the other hand, he was looking to manage a tight budget. When he consulted our sales team about the material he was looking for, he discovered that the facade panel with exposed screws offered a level of protection similar to other solutions that required much more expensive installation.

Specifically, for this project, 800 square meters of facade sandwich panels with exposed screws were manufactured, which is the most economical model of the facade panels we offer. The client opted for a panel in red and white, two of the many models we offer, and with a thickness of 40 mm, which provides adequate thermal insulation for the characteristics of the building. In addition, he also acquired the "U" shaped profiles to obtain a solid base on which to install the sandwich panels, which facilitates the work of the operators and gives more solidity to the structure. The corner profiles, also acquired for this project, are placed at the 90° meeting point between two sandwich panels in order to avoid movements and heat losses.

Outside Insulated Wall Panel

The Exterior Siding Sandwich Panel is a notable innovation in the field of construction and renovation. With a hidden fixing system, this sandwich panel provides a smooth and uniform surface that adds an extra touch of aesthetics to any structure. Despite its clean appearance, this product does not compromise the quality of insulation. Its sophisticated design ensures efficient thermal and acoustic insulation, which makes it ideal for various construction projects. It is a solution that allows for quick construction thanks to its assembly system, and its aesthetics are highly appreciated, as by hiding the heads of the screws, it provides a homogeneous and very attractive finish.

Outside Insulated Wall Panel Exterior SidingOutside Insulated Wall Panel Building

Our Client's Construction with Outside Insulated Wall Panel

The industrial building of one of our clients in Madrid was very deteriorated, even with detached sheets. Therefore, a more resistant material was required, with a higher level of thermal insulation, capable of withstanding the inclemencies of the weather in the capital. He found the facade cladding with hidden screws to be the most suitable material, with a price so adjusted that it exceeded the client's expectations. The sandwich facade cladding turned out to be the most suitable material, with a price that exceeded the client's expectations: it guaranteed more than adequate insulation and protection, as well as a careful image and a uniform finish.

Architectural Insulated Panel

The Architectural Flat Sandwich Panel is a solution for exterior cladding that redefines aesthetic and functionality standards. It's a perfect choice for those seeking to establish a cutting-edge aesthetic in their structures, while providing optimal protection against the weather. Thanks to its exceptional design, the Architectural Cladding offers unprecedented design freedom, allowing architects to realize their boldest visions. In addition, the manufacturing quality and the materials used ensure remarkable durability and efficient insulation capacity, making this product not only beautiful but also incredibly functional.

Architectural Siding Sandwich Panel exceptional aesthetic levelArchitectural Insulated Panel Building

Our Client's Construction with Architectural Siding Sandwich Panel

An example of the possibilities this product offers can be found in the construction of a shopping center. It was a new construction project that sought an aesthetic in line with this type of building, but at a reasonable price. Specifically, for this project over a thousand square meters of facade panels were manufactured in different colors, in order to alternate them during installation and achieve a spectacular final result. In addition to the sandwich panels, the client also received the necessary "U" shaped corner and end pieces for proper installation. These elements provide special solidity to the structure, ensuring maximum performance and avoiding small movements that could cause leaks or heat loss.

Another success story is the construction of a car dealership in an industrial area. Our client was looking for a facade panel that stood out from the rest, offering aesthetics in line with the image he wanted to convey. Another aspect he considered very positive was the ease of installation, as he wanted to save as much as possible and complete the construction in the shortest possible time. For this particular project, 600 square meters of architectural sandwich panels with a thickness of 60 mm were manufactured, which allowed to ensure adequate thermal insulation for the characteristics of this project. The difference with other insulating panels for facades lies in the finish of the exterior face, which was carried out in attractive colors to attract future customers.

Rockwool Panel

Quick installation reduces assembly times and increases levels of protection and acoustic insulation.

Rockwool Panel gray coloracoustic rock wool panel for facade work

The Acoustic Rockwool Sandwich Panel is a type of panel used in construction that stands out for its acoustic insulation capacity. It consists of two steel sheets and a core of rock wool, a material specifically designed to absorb and reduce noise. This panel offers excellent acoustic performance, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment in spaces such as recording studios, concert halls or areas where noise control is required.

Installation of the Insulated Wall Panels

All these facade panels have a groove and tongue system that speeds up assembly by allowing a perfect fit between panels. In addition, they can be directly screwed to the structure using the self-tapping screws we provide in all our shipments. All of this significantly reduces the budget allocated to the construction or renovation of our industrial building or logistic environment in terms of labor, licenses, permits or rentals.

The assembly of the facade sandwich panel is extremely simple, as these sheets are directly screwed to the structure to ensure maximum resistance. The tongue and groove joints ensure that the facade panels are assembled correctly, which facilitates the work of the installers.

In order to reinforce the structure, we offer our customers the necessary accessories for a correct installation. From the "U" shaped endings, which serve as rails or guides to support the facade panel, to the corner profiles (internal and external) that ensure the union between two sandwich panels to avoid movements and thermal leaks, passing by the sanitary profile that, although it is more common in projects such as clean rooms or cold chambers, is also used in this type of facades.

In this way, through a simple installation, it is possible to take full advantage of the possibilities of the sandwich panel, which has a significantly lower cost compared to materials that offer similar protection.

If you want more information about any of our Sandwich Panels for Facades or about any other product from Panel Sandwich Group, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts. You can do so through the following contact form that appears on our website or by calling the following telephone number: +1 904 512-3122.