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A Smart Choice: Panel Sandwich Group vs. Secondary Panel

At Panel Sandwich Group, we know the crucial role that the materials we choose in construction play not only in making structures strong and stable, but also in line with the environmental friendliness and energy efficiency that we value so much today. That is why we have focused on supplying sandwich panels directly from our production line, ensuring the superior quality our customers expect and deserve.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why choosing our sandwich panels is a smart choice over second-rate panels. And what better way to start the article than with a saying: Cheap is expensive. Find out why!

What is the Second-hand Sandwich Panel?

We will begin the article by addressing the concept of the “Second-hand Panel”, aiming to provide a clear understanding of the potential short-term drawbacks that may arise with its use.

In the production of sandwich panels, commonly used in construction, there are various variants such as the Cover-joints Sandwich Panel, Sandwich Panel Three Frets, Roof Tile, and Insulated Wall Panels, among others. These production lines are highly automated and require a period of adjustment each time the type of product to be manufactured is changed. During this adjustment, the machinery reaches the optimal temperature for effective production but continues to produce panels. These panels produced during the adjustment period are not certified, as the machinery has not yet reached its optimal operating state, possibly resulting in defects such as areas where the polyurethane foam has not expanded properly. This failure can cause the formation of air bubbles and poor adhesion of the foam to the metal sheet, which in the long run can cause detachment.

Once the machine is fully adjusted and ready for mass production, the manufacturing of certified or first-quality panels begins. The panels produced during the adjustment period are often recycled by some manufacturers, while others opt to cut them into standard sizes (from 3 to 6 meters) and sell them at reduced prices. Although these second-hand panels may appear new and in perfect condition at first glance, it is important to be aware that they may present significant problems in the future.

Advantages of Buying Sandwich Panels Directly from the Factory

Within the construction sector, choosing the right materials is crucial for the success and robustness of any project. In this regard, opting for sandwich panels is a safe bet. However, there is a crucial distinction when acquiring them: buying directly from the factory versus opting for cheaper panels but with poor performance. At Panel Sandwich Group, we advocate for quality and reliability, two attributes that can only be guaranteed with certified products.

But, when faced with the option of acquiring second-hand Sandwich Panels or directly from the factory, what is the smarter choice? Here, we will explore the advantages of opting for panels directly from the factory and why this option surpasses buying second-hand panels.

Guaranteed Quality

Obtaining sandwich panels directly from the producer comes with the advantage of knowing that you are receiving something of quality and up to date with industry standards. We ensure that our panels meet rigorous criteria that promise strength and an extended lifespan, as well as being excellent at keeping heat or cold out and reducing noise. For those clients specialized in the construction sector, we also provide a complete guide on the specifications of what we offer, helping them to choose the best option while complying with the building standards of each location.

Customization to Your Needs

Sandwich panels acquired from the factory can be customized according to the specific needs of your project. This allows for adaptability and flexibility that second-hand panels, which have already been prefabricated and used, simply cannot offer.

Durability and Strength

Factory sandwich panels are designed to last for long periods of time. As new products without prior use, they guarantee greater durability and resistance to various environmental and load conditions, ensuring a long-term investment.

Support and Technical Advice

By opting for panels directly from the producer, you have access to a group of professionals ready to provide you with guidance and technical assistance throughout your project. In this way, you ensure that you choose the most appropriate product and that its installation is carried out optimally.

By buying from the factory, you will benefit from the support and specialized technical advice that companies, like Panel Sandwich Group, offer to their clients. This valuable resource ensures that any doubt, query, or problem that may arise during the selection, installation, or maintenance of the panels is attended to by experts knowledgeable about the product. Those who offer second-hand panels, in many cases, do not provide this level of support, leaving you at the mercy of technical uncertainties.

Product Warranty

Product warranty is a crucial factor when choosing construction materials, and this is where purchasing Sandwich Panels directly from the factory becomes a smart and secure decision for any project.

Opting for second-hand or low-quality panels entails a significant risk. Often, these panels may lack warranty or have a very limited one, exposing builders and owners to potential uncovered defects or future performance issues.

Factory Sandwich Panels are subjected to rigorous quality controls before being dispatched. Panel Sandwich Group, as a leader in the production and distribution of these systems, commits to meeting the highest standards, ensuring that each panel complies with the announced technical specifications. This attention to detail guarantees uniformity in thermal and acoustic insulation, structural strength, and product aesthetics, something that second-hand panels cannot promise.

Therefore, choosing Sandwich Panels directly from the factory is to choose a path of quality, safety, and peace of mind.

Product Warranty and Quality Guarantee Factory Sandwich PanelsCustomized Factory Sandwich Panel Customization


When it comes to construction and materials, the cost-effectiveness equation is vital. Acquiring top-quality Sandwich Panels directly from the factory is not only a commitment to quality but also to long-term economy. Initially, opting for lower-category panels might seem beneficial for the wallet. However, a detailed assessment of expenses over the panel's lifespan reveals a different reality.

Choosing panels directly from their production site ensures that you are investing in a newly manufactured item, incorporating the latest innovations in insulation and durability. This translates into a significant reduction in energy costs due to the thermal efficiency of the sandwich panels, an aspect that second-hand panels cannot guarantee due to their wear and potential deterioration over time.

In the professional realm, time is money, and efficiency in installation is another point where Factory Sandwich Panels excel. They are designed to fit perfectly, reducing installation time and associated labor costs. Second-hand panels, which may have undergone deformations or damages, might require additional adjustments or even costly adaptations to ensure a proper fit.

Finally, the direct relationship with the manufacturer offers opportunities for volume discounts, access to special offers, and flexible payment terms, financial benefits that are rarely available when purchasing second-hand material.

Technological Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

At the forefront of the construction sector, technological innovation plays a decisive role in the choice of materials. Opting for factory Sandwich Panels is choosing progress and technological cutting-edge not found in second-hand panels.

Second-hand panels, by definition, are several steps behind in terms of innovation, lacking the most recent advancements in energy efficiency, fire resistance, durability, and adaptability to constantly evolving regulations.

The panels supplied directly from our production facilities are equipped with advanced features. This includes the ability to synergize with Building Management Systems (BMS) and the integration of sensors designed for monitoring and analyzing structural integrity. The adoption of these innovations represents a significant step towards optimizing building management and long-term operational efficiency. Our commitment to technological innovation extends beyond functionality; it has a decisive influence on environmental sustainability. Our next-generation Sandwich Panels are designed with an ecocentric approach, prioritizing the use of recyclable materials and optimizing our manufacturing processes to minimize the carbon footprint. This commitment is crucial for our business partners and construction clients who aim not only to meet corporate responsibility requirements but also to demonstrate a genuine and effective commitment to environmental preservation.

Acquiring panels directly from the Panel Sandwich Group factory means choosing a path aligned with progress and efficiency, ensuring that construction projects benefit from the most advanced and sustainable solutions available in the market. Technological innovation is not just an add-on; it's a promise of quality, safety, and responsibility towards the future.

Technical Precision and Product Certifications

Within the competitive construction market, technical accuracy and the availability of product certifications are fundamental requirements. They are not merely desirable features, but sine qua non conditions for ensuring structural integrity, optimal safety, and compliance with current legislation in construction projects. The Sandwich Panels supplied by our company directly from the production line stand as guarantors of these requirements, providing clients with a security and confidence that secondary origin products simply cannot offer.

Selecting second-hand panels carries inherent uncertainties regarding their origin and usage history. The lack of detailed documentation and knowledge about the loads and conditions they have been previously exposed to can lead to significant difficulties.

At Panel Sandwich Group, we offer much more than a product: we provide a comprehensive solution. We take pride in guaranteeing that every component has been meticulously manufactured and subjected to rigorous testing, thus ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality. Technical precision and product certifications are essential pillars for projects aspiring to excellence, durability, and full adherence to current regulations. Therefore, opting for Sandwich Panels directly from our factory represents a strategic and insightful investment in the sustainability and success of your project.

Transparent and Accurate Information

In the age of information, transparency and accuracy are invaluable currencies, especially in construction, where every detail counts. Acquiring Sandwich Panels directly from the factory guarantees access to a reliable and detailed source of information that supports each phase of the construction project.

When opting for second-hand panels, the information is often fragmentary or non-existent. The unknown history of the materials, coupled with uncertainty about the conditions they have been exposed to or the processes they have undergone, can pose significant setbacks during installation stages or in the course of the property's use. Such questions can manifest as delays in the execution of the work, increases in budgeted expenses, or, in extreme situations, structural defects that compromise the integrity of the building.

In contrast, direct purchase from the factory offers a complete and transparent history of each product. At Panel Sandwich Group, we commit to providing comprehensive technical documentation, evidence of performance tests, and quality accreditations for each of our panels. This wealth of data is essential, allowing design and construction professionals to make accurate estimations. Thus, it ensures the suitability of the material for the specific requirements of each project and its alignment with current regulations.

Panel Sandwich Group logistics node in Cuarte de HuervaTechnological innovation sandwich panel factory

The Truth About Second-hand Panels: The Danger of Focusing Only on Price

When it comes to construction materials, the decision to acquire second-hand panels may be motivated by the desire to reduce initial costs, but it is a choice that can carry consequences not so evident at first glance: second-hand panels often present structural and functional problems that are not detectable at first sight, but that seriously compromise their performance.

Defective injection is another one of these hidden problems. The insulation core, when not properly injected, can create cold and hot spots, affecting the building's energy efficiency. Additionally, these panels may have failures in thermal insulation, which only become evident over time, when the energy bills start to rise without an apparent reason.

It is also common to find condensation problems, which can lead to internal corrosion of the material. This phenomenon compromises the panel's durability and can go unnoticed until the damage is irreparable. Corrosion not only weakens the panel but also harms the aesthetics of the building and can become a risk for structural integrity in the long term.

In conclusion, the lower price of second-hand panels may be attractive at first, but the hidden costs and dangers associated with their poor performance and durability often entail a much greater expense in the long term. Our level of detail is a promise of integrity that Panel Sandwich Group offers to each of its partners and clients.

If you are looking for maximum performance in your construction projects and want to take advantage of all the benefits of sandwich panels, do not hesitate to contact Panel Sandwich Group. You can do so through this contact form on our website or by calling the following phone number: +1 904 512-3122.