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What lies beneath second-hand sandwich panels

It is common to find manufacturers offering second-hand Sandwich Panel roofs without informing customers about the dangers associated with such installations. These cheap sandwich panels may be tempting, but they do not comply with any regulations and jeopardize both the structure and the safety of people. Poor protection, scratches, and dents that reduce the lifespan of Sandwich Panels…

That's why it's important not to be deceived by the low price alone; you can get top quality at a good price, and it will be durable and resilient.

Sandwich Panels are one of the most resistant construction materials available. They provide thermal insulation and strength equivalent to or superior to the levels of other construction materials that require a more costly installation. However, sandwich sheets only provide this protection when they are made from high-quality materials, ensuring maximum performance. Second-hand panels perform much worse. Therefore, despite how attractive the offer of Sandwich Panels at a much lower price than other manufacturers may seem, we must be careful with these sheets as they can cause serious damage.

Being a material that withstands the elements, sandwich sheets need the highest quality to offer adequate performance. Prolonged exposure to sun, rain, and other weather conditions gradually deteriorates the foam and significantly reduces its strength. Here we can see that a Sandwich Panel priced per square meter that is too low often means deficient materials that do not meet minimum quality standards.

Poor quality of second-hand panels

Three-Rib Sandwich Panel Roof Installation for Industrial Building

Second-hand Sandwich Panels have poor quality that affects their poor performance. This difference can range from the metal used in the manufacture of the sandwich sheet to the formation of the foam. At Panel Sandwich Group we work with high densities around 40 kg/m3, providing high thermal insulation, while in other cases it is much lower. In addition, polyurethane can also present deformations that can cause the lower sheet to detach or produce toxic gases in the event of a fire. These are serious hazards that do not justify the savings of second-hand Sandwich Panels.

Even if these accidents do not occur, second-hand sandwich sheets offer much lower performance than high-quality roofing sheets or insulating panels for facades. Their protection is much lower: for example, not only is their insulation reduced, but temperature condensation also occurs. Furthermore, when the metal is not of high quality, it scratches more easily, losing resistance to impacts; these surface damages translate into damage to the insulating core, thus once again reducing the performance of Sandwich Panels.

Customer case: risk of installing second-hand panels

Recently, we participated in a case that highlights the dangers of installing a second-hand sandwich sheet roof. It involves an industrial building with large extensions that needed to be covered at the lowest possible price. Seeking minimal insulation, our client purchased second-hand Sandwich Panels instead of other roofing sheets with higher quality guarantees. As expected, the result was not long in coming: the metal sheets of several panels detached, causing serious damage to the materials and machinery underneath. Therefore, our client contacted us looking for the best sandwich sheet roof.

What we did to fix their roof

Installation of Three-Rib Sandwich Panel Roof

On this occasion, we manufactured 500 square meters of three-rib sandwich panel roofing in Pyrenees white, the most economical option for the client and tailored to their needs. Thanks to the easy installation of the Sandwich Roof Panel, the damaged roofing sheets were removed while the new sandwich sheet roof was installed, thereby reducing costs associated with this work: labor, licenses and permits, equipment rental, disruptions to the building’s activity… This simple installation ensures a high level of protection thanks to the overlap of the three-rib panel, which ensures the correct joining of the plates while preventing leaks or moisture that could damage the sandwich sheets, as well as thermal leaks.

Two roof installations in less than a year

This example shows the consequences of installing second-hand Sandwich Panels with poor performance and safety. In less than a year, our client had to face two roof installations, in addition to the material damage covered by insurance. Therefore, they now turn to us to get real protection at an excellent price, guaranteeing the best performance in all their materials, easily recovering their investment.

Roof replacement: cheap is expensive

The case of our client serves to illustrate the many problems caused by second-hand Sandwich Panels and the complications their installation entails. Most of the time, customers think only of the savings from the low cost of second-hand Sandwich Panels, but they cannot see the complications they bring. It is important to note that replacing a second-hand sheet roof is much more expensive than removing the sheets due to the defects in the steel and the insulating core. The example we present today corroborates what we have said on several occasions: the low price of sandwich sheets leads to significant subsequent expenses that end up making the roof covers or facade panels more expensive than several times these budgets.

To ensure the correct performance of our installation and avoid the problems caused by the low price of second-hand Sandwich Panels, we always recommend our clients check the suitability of the quality certificates of each sandwich sheet. All manufacturers of roof or facade Sandwich Panels are required to provide documentation that supports the performance of the sheets. These plates must undergo rigorous tests conducted by professional institutes, whose results must be recorded in documents written in our language.

We guarantee the highest quality

At Panel Sandwich Group we guarantee the highest quality and performance in all our products. Other manufacturers do not offer this documentation, as they work with second-hand materials whose protection is minimal. Others only have documents issued abroad and written in other languages, which have no validity in our country. Therefore, to ensure correct performance, we must always check the quality certificates of our Sandwich Panels; this is the best way to avoid accidents in our installation.

The customer we presented today was swayed by the low price of second-hand Sandwich Panels, but has realized the damage they can cause and now opts for quality. In fact, the price per square meter of Sandwich Panels we offer is as low as possible, making it a small investment that pays off quickly. If you want to know more about the wide range of products, always at the best price, from Panel Sandwich Group, we recommend you consult our team through this form or by phone at +1 904 512-3122.