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Agricultural Insulated Panel for Farms, the perfect solution in corrosive environments

The Sandwich Panel for Farms or Agropanel is one of the most demanded construction solutions in recent years due to its excellent performance at a very reasonable price. It is a roofing manufactured to be installed on the roofs of farms or barns due to the durability and quality of the materials that compose it.

Discover in this post everything you need to know about our Sandwich Panel for Farms.

Composition of the Agropanel

This is a Sandwich Panel specifically developed for agricultural facilities: pig farms, both mothers and fattening, poultry farms, beef cattle, dairy cattle, etc. They are roofs intended for the livestock sector whose difference with other roofs is in their inner part. The steel sheet is replaced by a polyester sheet reinforced with fiberglass, white or PVC, designed to withstand strong corrosion and external attacks.

Insulated Ceiling Panel made of AluminumInsulated Agricultural Metal Panel made of Polyester

For its part, the upper sheet continues to be manufactured with galvanized, pre-lacquered and profiled steel, making this combination work perfectly and keeping corrosion away from these environments. Each client can choose this steel layer in different thicknesses and geometries: with Cover-joints, Three Frets and Five Ribs.

They are composed of an insulating core of polyurethane foam of approximately 40 kg/m3 density that offers an excellent thermal performance and unprecedented temperature control, ensuring great quality and comfort inside.

Benefits of the Sandwich Panel for Farms

All the products offered by Sandwich Panel Group have certificates that accredit them as highest quality products on the market.

In the case of our Agropanel, it has certain features that allow it to stand out against others:

  • Its easy cleaning, with pressure water and the possibility of using certain non-corrosive detergents, allow achieving excellent cleaning and health conditions necessary for facilities with animals.
  • This type of panels presents an unbeatable resistance, so it can perfectly withstand the most aggressive environments of a farm without suffering any kind of damage.
  • It offers a magnificent insulation. This allows generating the ideal environment for animal breeding, maintaining an adequate temperature at all times.
  • Its white finish increases the transmission of light inside, improving the energy efficiency of the installation and favoring savings in energy consumption.

What thickness do I choose for my Farm Panel?

Although it is a cover intended for pig or cow farms, it is important to choose the thickness based on the animal you are going to breed on the farm:

What thickness do I choose for my Farm Panel?
Cattle or pig farms
30 mm
Chicken or rabbit farms
40-50 mm
Construction of fish farms or indoor pools
50 mm

*Guidance data

Accessories and Finishes of the Agropanel

In such particular facilities like farms, livestock operations, or ranches, it is necessary to perfectly cover the insulating core of polyurethane foam so that aggressive atmospheres do not damage it. To protect the core from the corrosion generated in these environments, we recommend our customers the installation of accessories.

At Sandwich Panel Group we have a wide stock of finishes for this roofing cover: from front and side to two-water ridge, wall ridge, inverted ridge, PVC channel, or steel channel, among others. In addition, these accessories are manufactured with the same special steels used in the production of the agricultural Sandwich Panel, so the final appearance is homogeneous and uniform.

Water Channel End Cap for FarmsTwo-pitch ridge trim for FarmsFront End Cap for FarmsLateral to Wall End Cap for Farms

To maximize the amount of natural light and achieve energy savings, it is very common to find skylights or lucernaries in farms and livestock operations. For this, Skylight panels are installed in certain parts of the roof allowing the entrance of light.

Installation of the Sandwich Panel for Farms

The installation or assembly of the Agropanel is easy, economical, simple, and very intuitive. It has an overlap system at its ends that allows it to fit perfectly with the next sandwich panel. Thanks to this, all types of thermal bridges are eliminated reducing the possibility of suffering from humidity, filtrations, or leaks.

This system allows saving a lot of time for the workers who work in the construction or remodeling of the roof cover, which also translates into significant savings in the budget allocated to the project.

Agricultural Facility with False Roof of PolyesterAgricultural Facility with False Roof

If you want to install Sandwich Panel for Farms on your roof, we recommend that you use the best products through Sandwich Panel Group. To get a personalized and non-binding quote, you can get in touch with our sales team so that the person in charge of your area can assist you with everything you need. You can do this through this form that appears on our website or by calling the phone number +1 904 512-3122.