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Sandwich Panel Accessories: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add?

As previously discussed in this series of articles about Which Type of Sandwich Panel You Would Add, Based on Functionality and Based on Design, one of the main characteristics of sandwich panels is their versatility, which offers numerous possibilities. Among these is the installation of certain sandwich panel accessories that will help perfect the roofing or facade of sandwich panels. This includes Polycarbonate Sheets and Metal Sheet.


You may know them by another name, as the Skylight Panels have various denominations. There are two types of translucent materials: the Polycarbonate Roof Panels and the Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets.

Cellular Polycarbonate Plates or Skylights AccessoriesClear Plastic Roofing Sheets or Skylights Accessories

Cellular Polycarbonate

Also known as skylights, they serve to illuminate any type of room. In the case at hand, they are a very interesting option for porches, garages, or warehouses that we have in our house, as they let in rays of natural light at different levels.

Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets

The Polyester Plates, better known as Light Wells, are an excellent option for roofs that have a certain inclination and require natural lighting and thermal comfort, representing a saving in energy costs.

Profiled Metallic Sheets

They are one of the best complements in the installation of sandwich panels. Although the Profiled Metallic Sheets have industrial origins, their evolution and the emergence of new building materials have extended their use from homes, premises, or office cladding to shopping centers or large supermarkets. Our Metallic Sheets, like all products in the Panel Sandwich Group portfolio, undergo numerous quality tests with the goal of continuing to offer one of their main characteristics: their excellent quality-price ratio.

Throughout our extensive trajectory, we have participated in various projects with Metallic Sheets. The most installed models by our clients are the Trapezoidal Sheet, the Ibiza Profile Facade Sheet, the Minionda Facade Sheet, the Composite Sheet, and the Self-Supporting Trays.

Next, we will briefly explain the function of each of them. But first, it is necessary to emphasize the common denominator of all the Metallic Sheets of Panel Sandwich Group: all of them are simple sheets made of galvanized steel.

Ribbed Metal Panel

Ribbed Sheet Metal AccessoriesRibbed Sheet Metal Facade Accessories

It is the ideal solution for affordable roofing or facades that do not require high levels of thermal insulation. This is because they do not have an insulating polyurethane core inside. The main characteristics of this Simple Sheet are its economic price and the ease of handling, transport, and installation.

Metal Lap Siding Panel

Metal Lap Siding Panel Facade AccessoriesMetal Lap Siding Panel Facade Housing Accessories

This is a construction material specifically designed for walls and facades of industrial or commercial environments where a specific and careful aesthetic is needed without spending a lot of money. This steel sheet stands out for its low price and high adaptability, as it can easily be manufactured in different thicknesses and dimensions. It is commonly used in the construction and cladding of industrial buildings or office buildings, offering two of its main advantages: a quick installation without treatment and an attractive finish thanks to its particular folding. It can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Corrugated Metal Sheet

Corrugated Sheet Facade AccessoriesCorrugated Sheet Offices Accessories

This is a sheet for corrugated facades whose innovative design allows for all types of constructions with various styles and environments. One of the main characteristics that deserves to be highlighted is its simplicity and speed of assembly. If done properly, it will have a long useful life without the need for additional maintenance, maintaining its technical and mechanical properties over time.

Collaborative Sheet

Collaborative Sheet AccessoriesCollaborative Floor Deck Offices Accessories

It is the perfect solution for metal sheets with concrete in constructions of two or more stories. It consists of a composite floor system (sheet and concrete) with features that other similar materials used in the construction of structures cannot even achieve.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof AccessoriesGray Standing Seam Metal Roof Assembly Accessories

This accessory can be used both on roofs and facades. Its function is specific: they serve as reinforcement or replacement of the purlins. These plates represent a significant improvement in the installation of sandwich panels and Trapezoidal Sheet: they allow quick assembly of structures on which to fix the external sheet while also improving both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Therefore, the self-supporting trays allow for an improved installation of sandwich panels without requiring any complex structure. This has a direct consequence that can be decisive when deciding to acquire this product for your project: it reduces economic costs.

As you might have noticed after reading this series of articles on What type of Sandwich Panel would you add to your project, According to its Functionality: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add and According to their Design: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add?, there are many existing sandwich panels. Just like their accessories and complements. Not to mention, the infinite possibilities offered by this material. At Panel Sandwich Group, we have a clear premise: we only work with products of the highest quality and with the best features in the market.

If you want more information about any of the Panel Sandwich Group products or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so through this contact form that appears on our website or by calling the following phone number: +1 904 512-3122. An expert from our sales team will assist you without obligation and help you get the best sandwich panel at the best market price.