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Sandwich Panel Assembly Guide Final Tips and Tools (vol.3)

We have reached our last volume in this series: 'Sandwich Panel Assembly Guide: Tips and Tools'. We will discover some final tips and essential tools for the installation of sandwich panels. If you have not yet reviewed the previous volumes (vol.1 and vol. 2),we encourage you to do so for a complete overview of the installation process.

Final Tips

Below, to facilitate the installation process, we provide a series of recommendations to ensure success in your construction project:

Joint Sealing with Butyl Tape

Silicone is now a thing of the past, as its useful life is very limited. The best option today for sealing joints is using Butyl Tape. This is an adhesive accessory available in different colors to match any type of Sandwich Panel. Its function is to cover the meeting point between panels where there are no other finishing touches to protect them and promote waterproofing. The main advantage is that once installed, it will remain intact for long periods of time without losing its technical properties.

Cleaning the Screwed Areas

When screwing one panel to another, it is advisable to clean the areas of the cover where cuts have been made. This eliminates all possible shavings and debris that can lead to oxidation and deterioration of the most vulnerable points of the Sandwich Panel. We recommend brushing the most vulnerable areas with a soft brush and adding polyurethane putty to the most unstable joints.

When to Remove the Protective Film or Adhesive Tape?

The sandwich panels from Panel Sandwich Group come covered and protected by a transparent film that helps with their proper conservation by avoiding possible impacts and scratches during handling and assembly. The right time to remove this protective film should be once the installation process is complete, thus also removing any possible shavings that have become embedded in the joints and at the drilling points. It is recommended not to expose panels covered with film to direct sunlight.

Recommended Tools

It is an essential tool in the assembly of sandwich panels. It is used to drill holes in the panels and the support structure, facilitating the insertion of screws or rivets. Drills can be manual or electric, and it is important to select the correct drill bit for the panel material.
It is used to make precise cuts in sandwich panels. It is especially useful for creating openings for windows, doors, or any other element that requires a specific cut in the panel. It also allows for straight and curved cuts, according to the needs of the project.
Rivet GunRivet Gun
It allows joining two pieces of material, such as sandwich panels and their support structure. It works by inserting a rivet into a previously drilled hole and then deforming it to secure the joint. It is essential to ensure the stability and safety of the installation.
Tape MeasureTape Measure
It is essential for making accurate measurements during the installation of sandwich panels. It allows for measuring the length, width, and height of spaces, as well as the panels themselves, ensuring that cutting and placement are exact and suitable for the available space.
Can be manual or electric and is used to insert and tighten screws during the installation of panels. Electric screwdrivers are particularly useful for speeding up the assembly process, providing greater efficiency and reducing physical effort.
Non-permanent MarkerNon-permanent Marker
Essential for marking cutting guides or drilling points on sandwich panels. Being non-permanent, the marks can be easily removed after completing the cut or installation, ensuring a clean and professional finish.

Each of these tools plays a crucial role in the successful installation of sandwich panels, ensuring that the assembly is precise, efficient, and safe.

We hope this series of articles has provided you with a complete and useful guide to the installation of sandwich panels. With the right knowledge, tools, and preparation, your project is bound to be a success. Thank you for following us in this series and do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries or advice!

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