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According to their Design: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add?

Although the main reason for choosing between one Sandwich Panel and another is its functionality, we can also distinguish between the materials that make it up. That is, the types of sandwich panels according to their design. While all Panel Sandwich Group products have International Quality Certificates, and meet all the required European standards, the ones with the best conditions and most demanded in the market are the tile imitation panels, as well as the wood panels and Rock Wool panels, among others.

Tile Panel

Although in recent entries, we have already mentioned this unique product for its excellent characteristics, it is mandatory to mention it also when referring to the Composition of the Sandwich Panel.

The Roof Tile Sandwich Panel is the result of combining aesthetic quality with a careful design, as well as magnificent features. All in a single panel. The main features of these sandwich panels are optimal acoustic insulation as well as high thermal insulation thanks to their high-density PUR foam insulating core. These characteristics, along with their simple installation process and low price, make this a highly demanded panel.

The Tile Panel (due to the aforementioned characteristics) predominates in residential use, both in single-family homes and in estates and neighborhood communities. Although different aesthetic finishes of the Tile Sandwich Panel can be distinguished according to their design, all tile panels share common characteristics:

  • They have a high resistance to humidity, responsible for preventing the appearance of bacteria and fungi.
  • They provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Their high-quality insulation allows for improved energy efficiency of the home and reduced energy consumption.
  • They feature a very simple installation system that allows for more precise panel fitting thanks to their overlap system. This way, future leakages are prevented. Furthermore, extensive experience in the construction sector is not necessary for their assembly.

To adapt to our clients' requests and offer maximum customization in their projects, at Panel Sandwich Group we manufacture various models of Tile Panel according to their design: Red Tile Sandwich Panel, Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel, and Slate Grey Tile Sandwich Panel, as well as two interior finishes in white or wood imitation.

Red Tile Panel According to CompositionRed Tile Sandwich Panel for Roofing According to Composition

Red Tile Sandwich Panel

This is one of the most demanded solutions in residential roof coverings, businesses, and premises. The upper plate perfectly imitates (in color and shape) the traditional tile.

Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel

This is the most used Tile Panel in the last decade for its appearance and perfect finish in the residential and commercial sector. Its aged albero finish perfectly imitates the traditional tiles used in many villages in Spain. Therefore, it is very common to find this type of tile panel in villages or historic city centers, although it is increasingly frequent to see Aged Tile Panel on porches or garage roofs.

Slate Grey Tile Sandwich Panel

The preferred Tile Panel in mountain areas and various parts of the country, such as in Aragon, Asturias, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid, or Toledo, as well as in various places in Europe like France and the United Kingdom. The Slate Grey Tile Panel is ideal both for industrial environments and urban cores and residential areas.

SIP Panel

The SIP Panels offer a cozy, rustic, and homely aesthetic, in addition to exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation. These qualities make it an ideal option for both homes and businesses. Moreover, its use represents a significant energy saving, which makes it highly valued in its category.

Next, we will talk about the infinite aesthetic possibilities offered by wood sandwich panels and their finishes. But first, it is necessary to highlight their ease of installation and maintenance, as well as the fact that, unlike other solutions, the wood panel requires a final finish so it does not remain exposed to the elements and deteriorate.

Staggered Assembly of Wood Sandwich Panel According to CompositionWood Sandwich Panel Staggered Installation According to Composition
As we have already mentioned, wood sandwich panels have numerous possibilities in terms of their design and customization. Depending on their interior finish, at Panel Sandwich Group we offer various wood sandwich panels, among which stand out: Fir Paneling, Waterproof Agglomerate, Wood Cement Board  or Insulated Plasterboard, Herakustik, Decorated OSB and Large Lights, among other options.

Our various models of SIP Panels allow us to offer our clients the highest level of customization in their projects. The differences between them are marked by their interior face, as they all have the same exterior face and core, as well as different thicknesses.

Regarding the core and exterior, at Panel Sandwich Group we manufacture Wood Panels with cores of various materials, being Expanded Polyurethane, Extruded Polyurethane, Rock Wool, and Cork those that offer the best results.

Expanded Polyurethane is a very light material that shows resistance to moisture and water, compression, and offers thermal insulation and noise protection.

The properties of Extruded Polyurethane are very similar, a slightly heavier material but with greater mechanical resistance.

On the other hand, Rock Wool, being a material that neither burns nor propagates fire, allows creating a protection system against a possible fire.

Finally, the performance of Cork is due to it being a very light material and a good thermal insulator.

In this article, we have focused on sandwich panels according to their design that you can add to your project. If you want to learn more about what type of Sandwich Panel to add, we recommend you take a look at the following entries: According to its Functionality: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add and Sandwich Panel Accessories: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add?.

If you want more information about any of the Panel Sandwich Group products or have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can do it through this contact form that appears on our website or by calling the following telephone number: +1 904 512-3122. An expert from our commercial team will assist you without obligation and will help you obtain the best sandwich panel at the best market price