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Sandwich Roof Panel Flashing: Industrial Use or... Residential!

There are several types of roofing you can choose from, and it is normal not to know which one to install in your project. Today, from Panel Sandwich Group, we are going to delve into a type of roofing that is very successful among our clients, and that is the Cover-joints Sandwich Panel.

This roofing is the most installed sandwich panel for roofs in industrial environments and logistics centers, although we also see them in residential areas due to their excellent qualities. Like most of our sandwich panels, the Flashing Panel features an optimal density expanded polyurethane core, approximately 40 kg/m3, which provides spectacular thermal insulation to the buildings in which it is installed. This insulating layer is protected by two sheets of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered and profiled, with great resistance that withstands any type of external aggression or impact, maintaining the structural characteristics of the Sandwich Flashing Panel intact.

Customization of the Sandwich Flashing Panel

Depending on the demands of our clients' projects, at Panel Sandwich Group we offer the Sandwich Flashing Panel with polyurethane core in different thicknesses. Although the most demanded thicknesses are 30 and 60 mm, we manufacture sandwich panels to order with thicknesses of 40, 50, 80, 100, and even 120 mm for those roofs that need superior resistance.

Additionally, we offer our clients the possibility to further customize their roof covering by choosing from a wide variety of available colors: Pyrenees white, tile red, green, or gray, among others.

If the Flashing Roof Panel is used in industrial environments, it is very common to install skylights made of Polycarbonate Roof Panels that allow light to illuminate the interior of the space.

Advantages of Installing the Sandwich Flashing Panel

The installation of the sandwich panel is quick, easy, and effective. The panels have an overlapping system that allows the sheets to fit perfectly, helping to reduce thermal leaks and possible rainwater infiltrations. Additionally, due to its self-supporting quality, the sandwich panel can be fixed directly to the structure thanks to the self-drilling screws included in all our orders.

Furthermore, the sandwich Flashing Panel offers superior protection thanks to the additional coating placed on the fitting area of the sandwich sheets, ensuring the joints are excellently sealed. All these characteristics make the Sandwich Panel the perfect ally for clients to achieve a substantial saving on their construction, reducing costs related to labor, necessary machinery, and even permits and work licenses.

Anthracite Flashing Roof PanelSandwich Flashing Panel with Polycarbonate for Industrial Warehouse

Extra Protection for Roofs with Our Sandwich Flashing Panel

At Panel Sandwich Group we recommend the installation of flashings for the best protection of the sandwich panel roof. These accessories, made from the same steel sheet and in the same finishes and colors as the roof covering, are designed to cover and protect the polyurethane insulating core. This way, water, sun, or other weather conditions will not affect the inner layer of the sandwich panel, keeping the lifespan of our product intact.

We have a wide range of flashings in stock for the Sandwich Flashing Panel: front flashing, side flashing, double slope ridge, wall ridge, sidewall flashing, inverted ridge, ... All of them are specifically made to protect the sandwich panel roof.

Quality Roof Panel

At Panel Sandwich Group we prioritize the quality of our products above all and we do not work with Second-Hand Sandwich Panels. Using low-quality or second-hand construction materials can pose a huge risk to the construction since it has been used before and its qualities and structural characteristics may have been compromised. This can cause serious accidents, in case of expansions, structural fractures, and detachment.

We want to advise all our clients to avoid using second-hand sandwich panels at all times, despite their attractive prices, as it will clearly lead to additional costs in the medium term for renewal processes. Therefore, at Panel Sandwich Group, we only work with the best quality Sandwich Panels at the best price.

The easiest way to avoid these accidents or added costs is to check the quality of the sandwich panel. For this, we always recommend our clients to request the quality certificate of all the roof sheets and facade panels they wish to purchase. All our products come with these accrediting documents reflecting the tests to which the sandwich panel has been subjected, in accordance with current regulations and conducted by official institutes in our country. Therefore, if you want to carry out any construction with quality assurance, do not hesitate to contact Panel Sandwich Group.

In conclusion, many of our clients come to us due to the extensive qualities our sandwich panels offer combined with the guarantee of quality and the best price. If you want more information about our roof sheets or want to enjoy the best Sandwich Panel now, we recommend that you contact our sales team through this form or by calling +1 904 512-3122 and they will offer you a tailored and personalized quote without obligation.