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According to its Functionality: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add

The renovation or new construction of any building, such as a house, requires materials of various types depending on whether they are to be installed in one area or another of the work as well as the location of the same. Regardless of this, when we embark on a project of such magnitude, we seek to obtain the best materials on the market: those that offer maximum performance for the longest possible time.

At Panel Sandwich Group, we have a clear premise: we only work with the highest quality products and the best features on the market. For this reason, we subject all our products to rigorous quality controls. The results show that all our sandwich panels meet or exceed the minimum parameters required by the competent bodies within the international scope.

There are many sandwich panels, as well as their accessories and complements, and the possibilities that Sandwich Panel offers to any project are endless. Therefore, in this article, we will see in detail what are the most suitable sandwich panels according to their functionality: that is, according to where they are going to be installed.

Insulated Roof Panel

In this post, unlike popular sayings, we recommend starting the house from the roof.

The Roof is a fundamental element for the proper maintenance and conservation of any building. Therefore, we must ensure to use those materials that offer the best features. In the case of Roofing Panels, it is essential that they provide great thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, their aesthetic finish, simple yet elegant, allows their use in both domestic and industrial fields. There are various models of sandwich panels for roofs, each with specific characteristics that will be developed below. But all of them share a common feature that allows them to differentiate from other construction solutions: they offer great thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to lightening structural loads.

Tile Panel

In the construction sector, Tiles continue to be an essential material. Along with the inherent characteristics of Sandwich Panel Roofs, our Roof Tile Sandwich Panel allows achieving the same aesthetics as traditional tiles, but with greater resistance and lightness. Constantly evolving and improved over the years, the Tile Panel from Panel Sandwich Group is a visibly more attractive and economical option than traditional roofs, in addition to being an effective solution for problems such as leaks or water infiltration, requiring little to no maintenance.

The Tile Sandwich Panel combines everything you need for your Roof in a single product. Furthermore, at Panel Sandwich Group, we offer our clients the maximum possible customization, being able to choose between various Tile Panel designs: Red Tile Sandwich Panel, Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel, and Slate Grey Tile Sandwich Panel, even in Black color. This way, we can adapt to the needs of any project.

Red Tile Panel According to FunctionalityRed Tile Sandwich Panel Roof According to Functionality

Cover-joints Sandwich Panel

The Cover-joints Sandwich Panel is the most demanded solution for any type of roof or cover, both for those intended for industrial use and those installed in residential environments. This prominence is due to the additional protection it provides compared to other sandwich panel models for roofs, as it protects the joint between panels with the enclosure system of the cover-joints. In addition, it can withstand large loads thanks to its ribbed and profiled surface. Although for extended and quality use over years, its installation must be done by professionals, the Cover-joints Panel has a very simple assembly process.

Sandwich Panel with Flashing According to FunctionalityFlashing Sandwich Panel Roof According to Functionality
Likewise, for prolonged duration, it is recommended to keep its interior core composed of injected polyurethane foam in perfect condition. This core is responsible for providing its characteristic thermal and acoustic insulation. In summary, the cover-joints sandwich panels are a very versatile and effective construction material that offers various benefits both in thermal insulation and weather resistance. These panels are ideal for a wide variety of applications and have a simple installation.

Sandwich Panel 3 Frets and Sandwich Panel 5 Frets

The Sandwich Panel Three Frets is ideal for large-scale construction works, as its resistance and easy assembly allow for the fastest possible construction of large installations and warehouses. But over the years, this Sandwich Panel roof has ceased to be exclusively used for industrial works and is also widely used in residential environments.

Sandwich Panel with 3 Ribs According to FunctionalitySandwich Panel Roof with 5 Ribs According to Functionality
Its composition allows it to offer very valuable properties that can be decisive depending on each project: thermal insulation, protection against leaks and humidity, simple repair, and low maintenance costs. With proper use, you can achieve a long service life of your roof with this type of Sandwich Panel.
Staggered Assembly of Wooden Sandwich Panel According to CompositionWooden Sandwich Panel Staggered Installation According to Composition
In summary, this Sandwich Panel Roof is a very effective construction material that combines resistance, thermal insulation, and attractive exterior design, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications. Unlike the Cover-joints Panel, the fixation of this panel is done with a visible screw.

The main characteristic that distinguishes the Five Ribs Sandwich Panel from other Roofs is its strong profiling: by having two more folds than the 3 frets panel, it can support greater loads without straining the sheets.

In summary, it is a very effective construction material that combines resistance, thermal insulation, and attractive exterior design. These panels are ideal for a wide variety of applications and are easy to install.

Insulated Wall Panels

Once we know about sandwich panels for roofs, it's time to turn to Insulated Wall Panels for siding or exterior and interior facades. For these surfaces, it is essential to acquire sandwich panels that have excellent protection, as it is crucial for the facade to prevent moisture, thermal leaks, and heat loss.

Like sandwich panels for roofs, sandwich panels for facades stand out for their versatility, adapting to the needs of each project. In relation to this, it is worth mentioning the constant evolution they have undergone in recent years.

Internal Wall Panel

Also known as Interior Siding Sandwich Panel with wiev screw, it is the ideal Sandwich Panel for interior divisions of residential houses. This is largely due to its easy installation process: the union between panels, through a tongue and groove system, facilitates assembly and reduces costs.

Interior Facade Panel According to FunctionalityInterior Facade Sandwich Panel According to Functionality
It is the most used Sandwich Panel in the construction of offices and rooms and for enclosing rooms and dividing spaces. Its long lifespan, with proper maintenance, allows for additional cost savings.

External Wall Panel

Also known as Exterior Siding Sandwich Panel, it is the best option for enclosing the exterior walls of houses. Thanks to its joining system, the screw is unnoticeable, allowing for a careful aesthetic.

Exterior Facade Panel According to FunctionalityExterior Facade Sandwich Panel According to Functionality
Its composition allows for good thermal insulation and comfort. Likewise, it also offers excellent results in terms of insulation and protection against leaks and humidity, and has a simple assembly and maintenance.

Architectural Insulated Panel

For those projects where the best aesthetic result for the facade is sought, at Panel Sandwich Group we have the perfect solution: the Architectural Siding Sandwich Panel. It is the ideal option for those facades that require a very careful aesthetic finish, providing a modern and refined image.

Flat Architectural Panel According to FunctionalityFacade with Flat Architectural Panel According to Functionality
Regarding its installation, it is simple and efficient and can be installed directly on the existing structure or on a prior mounting system. In summary, the main characteristic of this type of Sandwich Panel Facade is its exterior sheet, which is manufactured completely smooth allowing us to generate a careful aesthetic and an integrated image.

In this article, we have focused on sandwich panels according to their design that you can add to your project. If you want to learn more about what type of Sandwich Panel to add, we recommend you take a look at the following entries: According to their Design: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add? and Sandwich Panel Accessories: What type of Sandwich Panel would you add?.

If you want more information about any of the products from Panel Sandwich Group or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so through this contact form that appears on our website or by calling the following telephone number: +1 904 512-3122. An expert from our sales team will assist you without obligation and will help you obtain the best sandwich panel at the best market price