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Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panel at a reduced price, discover its advantages!

There are times when our clients require very effective protection, especially one that can withstand potential fires. For these instances, we recommend the installation of the Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panel for Roofing. At Sandwich Panel Group, we manufacture this type of panel to meet demands at a low cost and with innovative technology.

The installation of Sandwich Panels originally began in industrial settings, but over the years, it has become increasingly popular, being used in a variety of spaces and environments: from industrial warehouses, chemical industries, roofs for residential homes, to pig, cow, chicken farms, and for any type of cold room. One can see that the applications to which sandwich panels can be adapted are numerous.

Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

This type of fireproof rock wool sheet has unparalleled technical characteristics that no other product on the market can match. In addition to its great resistance to fire, it also offers quick and easy installation, speeding up assembly processes and its price is more affordable than other alternatives.

Some builders might think that sandwich panels, due to their simple installation, can't guarantee such resistance and insulation. However, we can assure that in the case of the rock wool panel, thanks to its composition of natural fibers, its insulation capacity is unmatched and it does not combust upon contact with flames. Moreover, depending on the thickness acquired, it will provide fire resistance of up to 240 minutes in the case of facades and 180 minutes of resistance in the case of sheet metal roofs.

The Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panel is one of the most special sandwich panels we have in our facilities. As our aim is always to offer quality products to our clients, we developed this type of fireproof sandwich panel for those occasions when the client needs extreme protection against potential fires. It is installed both on roof coverings and for facade cladding. Thanks to the extensive experience we have at Sandwich Panel Group, we have been fortunate to work on numerous different projects supplying our Fireproof Rock Wool Panels and on every occasion, the outcome has been a success, as seen, for instance, in the construction of bakeries, chemical industries, etc.

Composition of the Rock Wool Panels

storage rock wool panels

The fireproof rock wool plates are composed of galvanized and pre-lacquered steel sheets that protect a core of rock wool mineral fibers, which hinders combustion in the event of fires. Thanks to this core, we can ensure the perfect thermal insulation and protection that characterizes this type of sandwich panel.

Depending on the client's project, we can offer both fireproof rock wool panels for sandwich roofs as well as for facades. In the case of wall panels made of rock wool, we usually recommend them for the enclosures or compartmentalization of those spaces more prone to combustion, either due to the type of activity carried out or the materials used in them, such as boiler rooms. The same applies to prefabricated rock wool sandwich panel roofs; their excellent composition provides these panels with a resistance that can withstand any type of impact, external forces, and overloads on the structure.

Installation of the Rock Wool Panels

In addition to fire protection and excellent resistance to any type of impact, another advantage we can highlight of the rock wool sandwich panel is its installation. First, we have to differentiate between the rock wool roof sandwich panel and the wall panel.

  • When it comes to roofing, the installation method is by overlap, meaning that the way to join and place the rock wool is by taking advantage of the corrugation's shape and joining one sandwich panel with another using the appropriate self-drilling screws. This way, we avoid potential thermal leaks and possible moisture issues.
  • For the facade panel with a rock wool core, the joining system is through tongue and groove, which ensures a perfect union between the sandwich panels while also protecting against infiltrations or condensations. This panel allows for vertical or horizontal placement depending on the client's needs and their project.

Rock Wool Installation

With each order, we provide self-drilling screws for free to attach the sandwich panels directly to the structure, thus preventing any movement. Therefore, as we've seen, the installation of the rock wool panels is so straightforward that it streamlines the assembly processes, significantly reducing the necessary investment for the project, all thanks to the excellent features of the sandwich panel at a reduced price.

For the project to be successful, it's advisable to purchase and install the appropriate finishes for the rock wool sandwich panel. We have various types of finishes in our facilities depending on the kind of project needed. For the affordable rock wool roofs, we offer front, side finishes, and more. For facades, we provide the client with the U-shaped finish that acts as a rail to assemble one panel with another, or the corner finishes. For more information about finishes and accessories, we recommend getting in touch with our experts, and they will provide details without obligation.

Importance of Quality Certifications

We've already discussed the environments and locations where this type of sandwich panel is typically installed. Whether for roof coverings or wall panels, it's crucial to always ensure the quality of the materials purchased for any construction project. If we're seeking excellent fire resistance, it's because the location where we're installing the sandwich panels is susceptible to potential fires. That's why we can't risk buying poor-quality products that could jeopardize the structure and people's lives. Some manufacturers offer sandwich sheeting at second-hand prices and rock wool panels at rates significantly lower than the rest of the market. It's vital not to fall for such tempting offers since second-hand priced sandwich panels don't meet safety and quality guarantees. At Panel Sandwich Group, we only manufacture quality products. In fact, we have official documents proving that all our sheets for roofs and facades have successfully passed numerous safety checks at national official institutes. That's why we always like to warn our customers about the dangers of purchasing rock wool at a much lower price.

The incredible benefits of the rock wool panel don't end here. In addition to its fire-resistant properties, which, as we've mentioned, can resist flames for up to 240 minutes, at Panel Sandwich Group, we also produce a type of rock wool sheet with acoustic insulation capabilities. It can reduce noise levels, withstanding up to 35 decibels, as in the case of the acoustic rock wool panel we offer for both ceilings and facades.

If you need more information about the rock wool panel and would like a custom quote, please don't hesitate to contact our experts and salespeople, and they'll provide all the necessary information without any obligation. You can do so through the form on our website or by calling our phone number +1 904 512-3122.