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Your Industrial Building Roofing at the Best Price

The Sandwich Panel Roof is one of the most popular roofing solutions across Europe thanks to its high protection and easy installation. It is especially common to use roofing panels for industrial buildings, as the low cost associated with acquiring large volumes of sandwich panels is advantageous. Furthermore, it is a very sound solution as it has a long lifespan.

On this occasion, we present an example of the advantages of installing Sandwich Panels on roofs for industrial buildings. It involves a client who needed to renovate the roof of their industrial building because it was in poor condition and had leaks and dampness. To achieve an effective and economical enclosure, we offer the Cover-joints Sandwich Panel, one of our best-priced sandwich sheets.

Features of the joint cover panel for industrial buildings

Unlike the Sandwich Panel Three Frets, the joint cover panel includes a closure over the joint between the sheets to minimize leaks. This way, even greater insulation is achieved, perfect for insulating a large industrial warehouse. Additionally, we also supply the necessary screws and finishes to protect the polyurethane insulation core and prevent condensation. Thus, our client obtains a sandwich sheet roofing with guaranteed performance for decades.

The greatest threat to the Sandwich Panel Roof is the corrosive beach environment. The salty air can harm the Sandwich Panels if the roof installation is less than 3 km from the sea. From there, the saline environment, sea breeze, and the impact of sea corrosives drop to generally acceptable levels, allowing us to enjoy the insulation and the Sandwich Panel roofing for a long time.

The Joint Cover Sandwich Panel has a certification (C S3 D0 / B S2 D0), which implies that it is fire-resistant according to current Spanish regulations and European requirements, offering better results than stipulated by the European Union. This performance is not the highest, a honor reserved for the Rockwool Panels.

Sandwich Panel Roofing with Joint Covers for Industrial BuildingsSkylights and Sandwich Panels

Features of skylights for industrial buildings

In addition to the Joint Cover Sandwich Panels, we also provide our skylights or polycarbonates, the best on the market perfect for combining with industrial building roofs.

This Polycarbonate Roof Panels illuminates interiors by allowing sunlight to pass through with less refraction. By having cells inside that form air chambers, it provides thermal insulation that reduces temperature differences. While not as insulating as polyurethane, it reduces the loss of cold and heat while maintaining the quality of light transmission.

The integration of the skylights with the roofs is complete thanks to their simple assembly. All these aspects are very important advantages that we must consider when assessing the Sandwich Panel for the roofing of industrial buildings. Additionally, the necessary accessories for their installation must be included in the price, which will also depend on the type and thickness of the Sandwich Panel used.

The possibility of installing the sandwich panel on the roofs of industrial buildings is a good example of the guarantees this material offers, excellent protection provided by top-quality materials that we offer at Panel Sandwich Group. If you need more information to take advantage of the valuable features of sandwich panel roofs, you can visit our website or consult our team of expertsright here or at the phone +1 904 512-3122.