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Save on the construction of Sheds, Shelters, Storage and Auxiliary Buildings with Sandwich Panels

The Sandwich Panels are a construction material widely used for their excellent technical characteristics and easy assembly, which can even be done by non-professionals. Their installation can be both on roofs and facades, reducing structures and often improving thermal insulation. The material is screwed directly onto the structure, which reduces labor costs, machinery rentals, permits, licenses, etc. This makes it perfect for all kinds of projects, especially for those where the priority is to get the lowest price possible and there aren't as many technical requirements, such as when wanting to build a sandwich panel shed, storage sheds, storage rooms, or auxiliary buildings.

Below, we'll tell you about the star materials that our clients choose to save the most on these types of projects, starting with the facade materials and continuing with the roof panels.

Sandwich Panel Facade for Sheds

Outside Insulated Wall Panel

The Exterior Sandwich Facade Panel is the fastest and most economical solution, in addition to having a flawless aesthetic. It is one of the most used construction materials in all types of buildings thanks to its great protection, refined aesthetics, and reduced price.

sandwich panel for wall shelters

At Panel Sandwich Group, we believe it is one of the best options for building a shed or an auxiliary building, as it provides insulation, resistance, and a low price. The exterior sheet incorporates a profile to add greater strength to the whole, while its joining system, similar to tongue and groove, conceals the screw and protects the junction between Sandwich Panels.

Insulated Internal Wall Panel

Another option is the Interior Sandwich Facade Panel, a somewhat more economical alternative than the previous one. It used to be employed for the manufacture of portable offices or for the separation of spaces within industrial warehouses, but currently, this type of panel is also used in sheds, storage sheds, and storage rooms.

Although it is the most economical option, it doesn't mean it lacks the virtues of the other panels: it is capable of withstanding the action of external agents, it is made of insulating material that prevents leaks and moisture, and its maintenance is very simple.

The excellent insulation of the Facade Sandwich Panels provides appropriate protection for this installation, ensuring the interior of garages and storage rooms from possible leaks and moisture, in addition to reducing thermal leaks. The facade panel is screwed directly onto the structure, just like the sandwich sheet roofing covers, allowing for rapid progress in the construction of these buildings. In this way, to the best price of the Sandwich Panel for facades, a fast and simple installation is added to enjoy the qualities of these construction materials much sooner.

Sandwich Panel Roof for Sheds

Cover with Joint Cover

Cover-joints Sandwich Panel for Sheds

The Sandwich Panel with Overlapping Cover has the quality to withstand wind and perform better under adverse situations of rain, moisture, and cold, mainly because it incorporates a steel finish that is placed over the joints once the panels are screwed to the structure. This steel accessory is called an Overlapping Cover and gives the entire roof an extra layer of protection against water leaks or small deviations in placement. In this way, the joint is completely hidden, achieving a uniform finish.

Used for industrial and commercial roofing, it has strongly entered the residential market for the construction of porches, houses, sheds, barns, garages, cabins, home extensions, balcony enclosures, etc.

Roof with Three Ridges

The 3-Ridges Sandwich Panel is the most economical roofing solution on the market. It is mainly intended to facilitate the development of all those industrial constructions where the installation time and budget are very limited. It's the perfect cover for projects like sheds, cabins, or garages, where you want to spend as little as possible and achieve the best result.

On the other hand, its installation is one of the simplest in the market. In fact, anyone can handle and assemble them. Thanks to its overlap system, once we have placed the first plate, it overlaps with the next one, and they are screwed directly to each other and to the structure. This system protects the joint between panels and prevents thermal leaks and the possibility of dampness.

Story of one of our clients

On this occasion, we present a client who took full advantage of the Facade Sandwich Panel possibilities in a single project. It's about the construction of a development in Castellón, for which he needed a lightweight and sturdy material to build the garages, storage rooms, and other auxiliary rooms that were not going to be inhabited. Constructing everything with the same material allowed for the best price, achieving significant savings compared to other alternatives the client was considering.

In total, this work required over 1000 square meters of Facade Sandwich Panel, since our client also used this sheet for the sandwich roof. This use is common in other countries, as the facade panel can be positioned as roofing when it won't bear heavy loads. Taking advantage of the large dimensions of this installation, our client placed a large order and managed to significantly reduce the budget. Furthermore, he could adjust the panel color to a pearl gray while maintaining a reduced Sandwich Panel price.

Lastly, we cannot forget the importance that the quality of materials plays in the performance of the installation. Other manufacturers sell second-hand Sandwich Panels that pose a serious risk to safety: the metal sheet may detach from the structure and fall inside the building, causing severe damage to people, belongings, etc. By correctly choosing materials, you can ensure a proper performance and substantially cut the budget allocated to garages, cabins, storage rooms, etc., without compromising the quality and protection of the building.

To start enjoying the numerous advantages of building with sandwich panels, we recommend contacting our sales team now through this form or by calling +1 904 512-3122 to get the best price at Sandwich Panel Group.