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Build a Sustainable Future with Panel Sandwich

Sustainability and energy efficiency have become a priority. However, the construction industry has responded with effective and eco-friendly solutions. Panel Sandwich Group emerges as a remarkable innovation in building construction and rehabilitation, offering recyclable and durable resources.

Eco-efficiency in construction: lifespan and recyclability

Sandwich panels, designed to meet high sustainability standards, consist of two outer layers and an insulating core, using materials ranging from steel to wood and advanced polymers. Their ability to be recycled at the end of their useful life provides a significant ecological advantage, contributing to the reduction of landfill waste and minimizing the need for natural resources.

Impact on carbon reduction and energy performance optimization

We represent a solution that significantly contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Our products are specially designed to maximize thermal efficiency. We optimize energy performance by reducing the need for additional heating and cooling systems. This airtightness prevents heat loss and maintains a constant internal temperature, minimizing energy waste and, consequently, bills and CO2 emissions. In other words: direct savings for end users and a fight against climate change.

The elements used in their manufacture are selected for their lower environmental impact throughout their life cycle. The manufacture of these panels, especially those made of wood with recycled materials, presents a renewable and less polluting option. Although steel sheets require more energy to produce, their durability and recyclability justify this initial expense.

Ribbed RoofSustainable Wood Panel

Cost reduction in construction and maintenance

The use of Panel Sandwich in construction not only speeds up the process and reduces waste generation compared to conventional methods, but also saves significantly on labor and raw materials, contributing to a greener product life cycle. Additionally, their durability and minimal maintenance requirements extend the useful life of structures, which also reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements, further lowering costs over time.

Productivity improvements

The production of energy-intensive materials such as steel is being mitigated by the increasing adoption of recycled inputs and more sustainable methods.

In this context, we have taken a significant step by adopting advanced technologies that reduce carbon emissions. We have launched a new line of products that include steel recycled and sourced exclusively with renewable energy. By using an electric arc furnace (EAF) powered by electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy, we maximize the use of steel scrap and reduce the dependence on virgin materials.

Our approach is supported by Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Guarantees of Origin, which verify and validate our process as part of our commitment to a low environmental impact future. We are proud of this new range, designed not only to meet the demands of modern construction but also to lead the way towards a greener industrial ecosystem.

Integration with Green Building Standards

If you choose us for your project, you will align these projects with certifications such as LEED and BREEAM. These certifications highlight the compatibility of panels with green building practices, ensuring effective building lifecycle management. On the other hand, they facilitate obtaining recognitions that will bring significant advantages in terms of market value and corporate reputation enhancement.

Sustainable Architectural FacadeFarm Project with Sandwich Panel Wall

Future commitments

We are committed to continuing to be leaders in innovation and sustainability within the sector. We will continue to strengthen our focus towards even cleaner and more efficient production, exploring new technologies and components. Our vision is to expand the implementation of Panel Sandwich Group in more global projects, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve excellence in construction while protecting our planet.

The future is built with present decisions, and we are determined to provide solutions that, in addition to meeting current expectations, anticipate the needs of tomorrow. We will enthusiastically embrace the challenges posed by stricter regulations and the expectations of our customers and communities.

Visit our website to discover our sustainable catalog or to get a custom quote. We are ready to help you build a greener future.