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Uses and Advantages of Self-Supporting Panels

What are self-supporting panels and what are their major benefits? Self-supporting panels consist of two steel sheets between which a board of extruded polyurethane foam is placed.

Main Uses of Self-Supporting Panels

Self-supporting panels are used in installations where a more aesthetic and elegant final appearance is desired. Thanks to their variable finishes that can be completely smooth, profiled, and semi-smooth.

This makes them an excellent option for habitable spaces such as porches or home extensions. They can also be used in industrial spaces where a more careful interior and exterior finish is sought.

Similarly, this type of sandwich panel is characterized by its versatility, being suitable for use in both facades and roofs.

Models of Self-Supporting Roofs

Following the same model and utility of these general self-supporting panels, it is worth highlighting the manufacture of self-supporting roofs. A structure of a composition similar to the panels for facades, and that offer the same series of advantages for their installation in roofs and roofs.

Great resistance, drainage, protection against leaks and dampness, safety against wind and rain, and the same ease of installation for warehouses, terraces, or covered areas.

What Advantages Do Self-Supporting Panels Provide

As we have mentioned, self-supporting panels have become one of the most employed options today due to the numerous advantages they offer.

Among the main benefits of using self-supporting panels, the following stand out:

Ease of Installation

The main advantage of self-supporting panels is their ease of installation, as they are a very light and easy-to-handle material. This reduces work and transport times, as well as the costs associated with them. But maintaining full guarantees of protection and safety, both for industrial projects and for remodeling plans and coverage of residential areas.

More Economical

Self-supporting panels do not need any structure for their placement, so you will not have to use any extra material. Simply follow the mounting instructions for interior or exterior facades. These self-supporting panels, due to their characteristics, are normally limited to certain sizes and dimensions.


If you need your installation to have great insulation, self-supporting panels can be your solution, given they offer great protection against rain, noise, heat, and cold. This allows them to achieve much higher energy efficiency than other options. An increasingly used alternative for the improvement and adaptation of buildings and homes.


Another advantage of self-supporting panels is that thanks to their excellent durability they do not require special maintenance, being sufficient with proper domestic cleaning. In addition, their easy and quick replacement allows for panel changes to be made in a very short time.

Great Aesthetic Finish

As we have mentioned in previous sections, self-supporting panels are an excellent choice for achieving much more elegant finishes. In addition, they are usually manufactured with different designs and colors, so you will have no problem finding the one that best fits your installation and project.

Reversible Connection

Self-supporting panels have a tongue-and-groove connection, which allows them to be turned towards the outside without suffering any damage. Without a doubt, another of their great advantages. In this case, the reversible connection is available for the box facade panel, or interior facade panel. Whose characteristics and finishes are better suited.

Improves Rainwater Drainage

Self-supporting panels are an excellent solution to avoid the accumulation of rainwater on the roof. This is due to the fact that their surface offers less resistance to the push of the wind, preventing water from accumulating.

As you have seen, these types of panels for homes and industrial buildings offer numerous advantages over other market options. So, if you are looking for a material with which to carry out the expansion of a home or the construction of an industrial building, this type of sandwich panel is a perfect choice.

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