Sandwich Panel Roof for Cold Stores

THICKNESS: 80 / 100 / 120 / 150 mm or more.
COLOURS: White outside and inside.
  • The Sandwich Panel Roof is optimized for cold and freezer chambers such as conservation storehouses, warehouses,  laboratories, hospitals, etc.
  • Total protection and comfort against extreme temperatures.
Residential use
High resistance
Thermal isolation

Characteristics of Sandwich Panel Roof for Cold Stores

Panels for cold stores are composed of two sheets of galvanized, pre-lacquered and profiled steel that protect an insulating core of rigid foam of high density expanded polyurethane around 40 kg / m3, a density much higher than that of other Sandwich Panels. This composition provides a high thermal insulation, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the project, and high resistance to impacts and sustained loads that should support this roof for sandwich sheet roofs.

The fridge panel that we offer can be adapted to different environments by modifying the thickness of its insulating core. Thus, we recommend sandwich sheets of between 60 and 100 mm for freezing chamber and preservation rooms, while for industrial freezers and deep-freezing chambers Sandwich panels of 120 to 200 mm are used, a thickness that ensures an extraordinary, equal or even superior performance to the rest of the materials used in the construction of cold storage and freezing rooms.

On the other hand, panels for cold stores keep the easy assembly of the Sandwich Panel at a very low price. This plate for roofs of freezing chambers incorporates an overlapping system that ensures the correct union between sandwich plates, speeding up the construction process, while preventing thermal leaks and protects against leaks and moisture that damage the polyurethane core and reduce the performance of the refrigeration panel. The sandwich plates are screwed directly to the structure, also reinforced to achieve maximum protection thanks to the cappellotti or special washer with neoprene gasket that reduces the possible heat losses that can occur in these anchors. Thanks to these technical characteristics and its easy assembly at the best price, this Sandwich Panel Cover is an important advantage over other roofs for freezing chamber roofs and even other materials generally used in these installations.

The Sandwich Panel Roof for Cold stores includes a corrugated marking on its outer sheet that gives special strength to the structure, thus being able to withstand large loads in a sustained manner without damaging the structure or the sandwich sheet or losing thermal insulation. Thanks to this resistance, these Sandwich Panels allow to reduce the construction materials used in the construction. We also offer a complete set of finishes to protect the polyurethane foam, thus ensuring the maximum performance of the refrigeration panels during its long service life. Many of our customers also acquire sanitary profiles, a curved interior  with finished PVC  that prevents the accumulation of waste and facilitates cleaning work, a very important advantage in food storage chambers.

According to current regulations, our refrigeration panels have all the quality certificates stipulated in the European framework, as well as the rest of our covers for sandwich sheet roofs and façade panels. In these documents the performances of the Sandwich Panels are collected, from their thermal insulation to acoustic soundproofing; All these factors are subject to characteristics such as the thickness of the panel and the characteristics of the installation. In the case of fire resistance, the refrigeration panel is classified as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 for its insulating polyurethane core.

Sandwich Panel Installation Process


The fridge panels guarantee a thermal insulation much higher than that of other roofing sheets, equaling or even exceeding the performance of the construction materials traditionally used in the construction of cold rooms, at a better price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. Therefore, more and more customers install these roof covers in all types of projects, from specific cold chambers to renovations in industrial buildings and logistics centers to ensure maximum thermal insulation.

Throughout our long experience we have participated in various works providing the best Sandwich Panel at the most adjusted m2 price in the market, ensuring however an extraordinary performance for decades. The important advantages of refrigerated panels compared to other insulating plates for cold rooms do not degrade over time, but retain their properties over time.

In recent years we have worked with clients throughout Spain and Latin America, always getting the best Sandwich Panel price in cold storage and freezing rooms for very different environments. Our customers have been very satisfied not only with the good features of this sandwich plate but also with the significant savings they allow thanks to its low cost and easy installation, which reduces labor costs, machinery rental, licenses and permits, etc. Therefore, our customers have installed these Sandwich Panels in cold stores for spaces as diverse as markets, shopping centers, slaughterhouses, food stores, warehouses, etc. In these cases, in addition, our customers benefit from the sanitary profile to streamline the cleaning processes and enjoy an important saving.

The characteristics of the fridge panel for sandwich sheet roofs allow their installation not only to create interior freezing chambers. In fact, the outer rim of this plate makes it the ideal roofing plate in new constructions. In this way, an adequate resistance to impacts, precipitations and sustained loads that can be supported by a conventional sandwich cover is guaranteed. Therefore, many of our customers take advantage of these refrigeration panels to build new places such as hospitals, warehouses and logistics centers in tropical climates.

In each of these cases we have been able to guarantee the maximum performance because we only work with a first quality refrigeration panel. Other manufacturers of Sandwich Panel Second Hand try to defend their characteristics, arguing that they offer similar protection to the first sandwich sheets. However, these are materials removed from work that have already amortized part of their useful life and that present damages that go beyond simple aesthetic damages. These scratches and dents deteriorate more quickly the polyurethane, drastically reducing the insulation of the refrigeration panels. Therefore, we always recommend installing Sandwich Panels of the highest quality whose behavior is guaranteed by the appropriate certificates, always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Accessories and endings


The construction of spaces as demanding as panels require the highest quality in each of the installed elements, so that the correct performance of the freezing chambers is ensured. In the case of covers for roofs made of sheet metal, the finishing touches that protect the polyurethane insulation core play an important role; thanks to these pieces, leaks and humidity that damage the foam and, therefore, ruin the thermal insulation provided by the refrigeration panel are avoided.

To work on different projects always at the best price, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP offer auctions to all the encounters and possibilities of these roofing. For example, the front cover of the panel, adapting to the frets of the sandwich sheet, similar to the function of the lateral finish; if we have an adjacent wall, we must install a lateral wall finish to avoid leaks from the water that runs down the facade.

If the sandwich roof has two panels that meet in the center of the sandwich sheet roof, we have a ridge cap with an adaptable drop angle and die-cut ends, guaranteeing airtightness. We also offer ridge top to wall in case the sandwich panel cover comes from another facade. The end of the water channel, on the other hand, collects the precipitations to avoid water curtains and the inconveniences caused by the rains.

Finally, we must remember the importance of the sanitary profile in cold rooms or freezing rooms where food is going to be handled. Thanks to this piece the hygiene level of the installation is improved and the work in the chamber is facilitated, an important saving that we must consider at the value of the Sandwich Panel of the most adjusted m2 price.

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