Sandwich Panel for Cold Stores

THICKNESS: From 60 to 100 mm.
COLOURS: White outside and inside.
  • This Sandwich Panel is used for cold and freezer chambers such as conservation storehouses or warehouses,  laboratories, hospitals, etc.
  • Withstands all kinds of temperatures, even negative ones.
Industrial use
High resistance
Thermal isolation

Characterisitics of Sandwich Panel Cold Stores


The Sandwich Panel for cold stores consists of two sheets of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered and profiled, which enclose an insulating core composed of rigid polyurethane high-density foam, around 40 kg / m3. This composition allows to guarantee a great thermal insulation, adequate to the requirements of these chambers, at the same time as providing a resistance according to the intense activity that characterizes these spaces. Such combination guarantees a high performance during the long life of the refrigeration panels, improving the performance of other materials with an important saving thanks to the low price of Sandwich Panel cold stores.

To get adequate protection in each case, we adjust the thickness of the facade panel and, consequently, its thermal insulation. Generally, the plates for cold store walls usually range between 60 and 100 mm, providing adequate insulation to the characteristics of these facilities; for freezing chambers and industrial operators working with lower temperatures, we can expand the thickness of the refrigeration panels to 200 mm and increase their insulation. In order to know the performance of each refrigeration panel, we recommend consulting our sales representatives and purchasing the Sandwich Panel.

The level of customization that panels allow is an important advantage that atracts our customers. in addition to its low price. The Sandwich Panel for cold stores or chambers allows a very simple installation with spectacular results, which equal or even improve the protection offered by other construction materials that require more complicated constructions. The fridge panel incorporates a double-ended reinforced tongue-and-groove system and high-quality EPDM gasket to minimize thermal leaks, thus obtaining significant savings in the cooling required to reach the  optimal temperatures, a very important expense in these chambers. In addition, many of our customers also acquire sanitary profiles to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the corners and facilitate cleaning tasks.

Despite its low price, the Sandwich Panel Cold Facade provides great strength thanks to its profile of 2 mm that adds great strength to the structure. In this way, the facade panel supports movements and impacts without damaging the sandwich sheets or the installation itself. To maximize the resistance, some customers also acquire corner finishes that fix the encounter to avoid movements and thermal leaks that affect the performance of the refrigeration panel.

Each of our refrigeration panels has its corresponding quality certificate, so that the customer has a guarantee on the performance of the sandwich sheets. Many of them are subject to the specific characteristics of each refrigeration panel, while their behavior against fire is classified as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 by the polyurethane foam that makes up its insulating core. Other alternatives such as the rock wool panel can provide greater resistance in case of fire, but its thermal insulation is minimun compared to the refrigeration panels, at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Technical Data of Sandwich Panel Cold Stores

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Sandwich Panel Cold Rooms in sheet thickness of 0,5/0,5 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for Sandwich Panel Cold Rooms:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process


The Sandwich Panel for cold stores provides a thermal insulation much higher than other facade panels, offering a result similar  or even superior to other construction materials generally used in the construction of cold rooms and which demand a more complicated construction process. This is an important saving that highlights the Sandwich Panel and reduced m2 price, so that more and more customers rely on sandwich panels cold storesto build these spaces with much tighter budgets.

Thanks to our long experience in all types of projects always at the best price, in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we have the right solution for the construction of cold stores of the characteristics you need. In all this time we have participated in different projects that have squeezed the characteristics of this panel, obtaining an outstanding thermal insulation with a simple assembly that ensures a long useful life.

Some of the works in which we have participated in recent years are the construction of cold storage and freezing chambers in projects spread throughout Spain and Latin America, but also reforms in warehouses and markets to reinforce poor protection when installing another facade panel. Both cases has been possible to guarantee extraordinary protection at the best price with Sandwich Panel for cold stores.

The panel for cold stores provides easy assembly in a variety of buildings, both in sectorization and interior divisions and in plates for facades of industrial buildings and other places. In this way, the refrigeration panels allow to reduce the materials used in the construction of these buildings, reducing additional treatments to achieve an excellent thermal insulation that this sandwich plate already provides with a simple assembly. Therefore, it is increasingly used in buildings with very different characteristics such as hospitals, shops, factories, warehouses, etc. A long etcetera always open to the enormous benefits of this Sandwich Panel at a very low price.

The sandwich panel for cold stores has a profile of 2 mm that gives it special resistance to impacts, movements and forces of all kinds, thus preserving the outstanding thermal insulation that characterizes these sandwich plates. This resistance has also popularized the installation of the facade panel in deck position, especially when the cold rooms are inside a larger building such as industrial ships or shopping centers. In these cases the refrigeration panels will not support large loads, so this same facade plate can also be installed and take advantage of a larger order of these Sandwich Panels to adjust the price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Being such a demanding installation, the refrigeration panels must guarantee their correct performance over long periods of time, so only a top quality facade panel should be used. Other second-hand Sandwich Panel manufacturers defend the virtues of these sandwich plates and compare them to the first quality plates, but this is not the case, but also carries serious risks. In some cases, it has come to detach the metal sheet of the structure to which it was fixed, causing serious damage to the interior of the building. To avoid these accidents, we only recommend buying first quality products and enjoy the best price in Sandwich Panel of cold rooms.

Accessories and endings

To achieve the best result in the construction of cold rooms at a good price with Panel Sandwich Facade, we recommend acquiring the right finishing to squeeze your possibilities. Highlights the U-shaped finish that is anchored to the ground to act as a rail or guide to the facade panel, providing great resistance to the structure against movements and leaks. The corner finishes are fixed from the inside or the outside to the 90 ° encounter between two refrigeration panels to reinforce the structure and avoid possible movements that have repercussions in thermal leaks or moisture and humidity that can damage the polyurethane core.

Another auction very demanded by customers who build cold storage chambers for food is the sanitary profile, a curved top PVC coating that prevents the accumulation of dirt at this point and facilitates the tasks of cleaning and maintenance of the Sandwich Panels. We can not forget also the self-drilling screws , so that the best fixation on metal structure is achieved and, on request, for wood, laminated beam and concrete.

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