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Cold Storage Panels

Cold Storage Panels

For construction solution in refrigerated storage rooms, laboratories, and hospitals, that preserves food products and medicines, we recommend our Cold Storage Panels due to their negative temperatures reached (up to -30c) that support the preservation of such products.


Refrigeration Panels are available in very high thicknesses, up to 200 mm, and reinforced with leak-proof seal. One of our recent data technical updates reads that our frigorific panel has gained 15% more thermal insulation and 10% less cold loss at a lower cost with the perfected joint system, making us the leading provider in the cold chamber market. Obtain the Frigorific Panel that best suits you and get a personalized quote instantly WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION.

Cold Storage Panels

We commercialize different types of frigorific panels, for freezing and ultra-freezing chambers. You can choose roofing and sidings for the installation of complete refrigerated chambers.

The manufacturing of our panels offers the best performance and guarantees safe and controlled thermal insulation.

We submit our products to the most demanding quality tests of the market to achieve the maximum quality of insulation for refrigerated storage rooms and freezing chambers.

The quality of our frigorific sandwich panels allows us to offer unique insulation with practically unnoticeable temperature losses. This is the result of the latest technological advances incorporated into our manufacturing process.

What are the panels for refrigerated rooms made of?

The core of the Cold Storage Panels is made with a thicker polyurethane foam than usual to guarantee more efficient insulation and reduce heat losses. The frigorific cover panels, unlike the facade ones, have a leak-proof seal that guarantees a correct joint between the panels. This way possible water leaks or temperature losses are avoided.

The cover panels have higher mechanical resistance than the facade ones, so they are the most recommended option for outdoor construction. If it is an indoor chamber, the performance of the facade and cover panel offers the same insulation guarantees.

Why choose our Cold Storage Panels?

All our Cold Storage Panels are designed to be installed in freezing and ultra-freezing chambers, to preserve food or medicine at very low temperatures. We have three models of Frigorific Panel: Cold Storage Insulated Roof Panels, Cold Storage Panels, and Refrigeration Panels.

We manufacture frigorific covers and panels in a wide range of thicknesses. We have models with higher thicknesses of up to 200mm and reinforced with a leak-proof seal, which guarantees maximum insulation and efficiency in the cold chamber (ranging from temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius). All of our models are featured with a unique union system on the market. It is a tongue-and-groove joint system with a dry or wet, completely sealed joint. This joint is reinforced with EPDM and double studs, ensuring superior thermal insulation and preventing possible temperature leaks. In the latest improvement of our refrigeration panel, thermal insulation was improved by 15% and cold loss was reduced by 10%, without increasing cost. Discover our industrial refrigeration chamber panel and get a completely personalized quote.