Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: 45, 55 and 65mm medium insulation. 
COLOURS: Aged Pipeclay outside, and White or Wood inside.
  • Appropriate thickness and special treatment of the interior and exterior sheet metal that contribute to the durability of the colors.

  • Union system against humidity and water leaks. The panel allows 7% gradients.
  • Thermal insulation far superior to current solutions on the market.
Highly aesthetic
Acoustic isolation
Residential use

Characteristics of Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel

The Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel stands out for its careful aesthetics and is composed of two galvanized, pre-lacquered and profiled steel sheets. The outer steel sheet is produced in imitation tile, simulating the same shape and color as the aged tile, while the bottom sheet can be manufactured in different finishes depending on availability: the standard finish is white, but for more demanding projects we also have a wood imitation finish.

 The central core, protected by the two previous plates, consists of rigid injected polyurethane foam of approximately 40 kg / m3, which ensures high insulation suitable for domestic use. This high-density insulating core is responsible for providing ideal thermal insulation for indoor living.

 At PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we adapt the thickness and finish of each panel to the needs of the client. In order to to choose the best option for your construction or reform, we recommend consulting our sales representatives. The Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel is available in three different thicknesses: 45 mm (60 mm in the mountain of the tile and 20 mm in the valley), 55 mm (70 and 30 mm) and 65 mm (80 and 40 mm). 

The Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel from PANEL SANDWICH GROUP offers a behavior against fire classified as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 due to its polyurethane insulating core. This rating is the result of the tests stipulated by current Spanish legislation, meeting or even exceeding the values ​​required by the European Union

Technical Data of Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel in sheet thickness of 0,4/0,4 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for Aged Albero Tile Sandwich Panel:


Sandwich Panel Installation Process


Thanks to its excellent features, the aged albero tile panel is used in a large number of constructions with very different characteristics, since its thermal insulation and great resistance allow its installation in both residential buildings such as shopping centers, offices and hospitals. In each of these cases we have been able to supply the best price in Tile Sandwich Panel thanks to our outstanding position in the sector, a privilege that has allowed us to collaborate in very different works throughout Spain and Latin America.

The easy assembly of the aged albero tile panel has made many customers trust in these roofing sheets in the construction of porches, sheds and other small sandwich covers that provide great strength and an exceptional aesthetic finish. When screwing directly into the structure and requiring few supports, many individuals carry out the installation themselves with the consequent savings in labor and other expenses derived. Its overlapping system ensures total protection against leaks and moisture that can penetrate the tile imitation sandwich, substantially improving the performance of the rest of roofing sheets.

Thanks to its great resistance, tile panel is also installed as the main roof in residential buildings; Unlike tiles, the Sandwich Panel price is much lower and allows a lighter installation, with the significant savings that entails. The high thermal insulation provided by these roofs for  tiles imitation sandwich  represents an important saving to our customers in heating and cooling, which enjoy a reduction in expenses that allows amortize from the first moment the Aged Tile Sandwich Panel with m2 price very reduced.

The Aged Albero Tile panel is optimized for installation in residential environments. However, its implementation in recent years in these sectors has not prevented many of our customers also rely on these tile imitation sandwich plates for buildings of very different characteristics such as offices, shopping centers and businesses of all kinds. In this way, our customers enjoy important advantages over other roofing sheets with the guarantee of extraordinary performance with Sandwich Panel at the most adjusted m2 price in the market.

The easy assembly of the Aged Albero Tile Panel allows to cover quickly large extensions thanks to the overlap system that ensures the correct union between the Sandwich Panels, then screwed directly to the structure to guarantee an extraordinary performance; in this way, the installation costs of these covers for sandwich sheet roofs are considerably reduced, reaching an average of 400 m2 per day between two operators. The construction of industrial buildings and other works  with these sandwich roofs is an important saving thanks to the low price of tile Sandwich Panel too , much higher than other materials that provide a similar level of protection.

However, we must emphasize the importance  the Sandwich Panels quality’ to guarantee maximum performance in the installation of the aged albero tile panel. Other manufacturers give Sandwich Panel Second Hand ensuring a similar behavior, but hide the severe deficiencies in these plates sandwich tile imitation that pose a serious danger to the customer. The malformations of the foam can generate toxic gases in case of fire, even coming to detach the lower sheet inside the building, causing serious material and personal damage. To avoid these accidents we recommend to always check the quality certificates and work only with first quality, at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Skylight or Polycarbonate compatible


By installing an imitation tile roof, many of our clients take advantage of the opportunity to renovate existing skylights as well, thus taking advantage of natural lighting. Our polycarbonate plates are an important advantage over other materials used in these elements, such as polyester, which degrade quickly and offer very poor performance. In addition, the polycarbonate plates also guarantee thermal insulation and impact resistance according to the adjoining tile panel. The best protection is achieved thanks to its wings that ensure the integration into the rest of the sandwich roof, making a hole to screw together with the panel directly to the structure. In this way, the installation costs of polycarbonate sheet skylights are reduced thanks to the low price of PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Accessories and endings


To ensure the maximum protection of the tile panel for long periods of time, we recommend installing finishes where the polyurethane insulating core is exposed to the aggression of external agents that has an important loss of performance. For example, we offer a front finish to cover the front of the tile imitation sandwich sheet, adapted to the silhouette of the tile panel and manufactured in the same panel finish to ensure maximum aesthetic integration. A similar case occurs with the lateral finish, which covers the insulating core for the entire length or, if it leans against an adjacent wall, the lateral finish is screwed directly to the wall.

A cover for roofs of sandwich sheet with two cloths requires a ridge cap to cover the joint between both waters, avoiding leaks that damage the polyurethane core or even nesting birds at this point. We also have a specific ridge cap to the wall, in case it is born from an adjacent building, screwed directly to the wall to ensure the best insulation against leaks that slip through it.

The top of the water channel collects the precipitations to avoid the inconvenience that they cause in tile roofs sandwich panel, like curtains of water that make difficult the access to the interior of the building. Finally, we must also highlight the importance of the screws used in the assembly of the Albero Aged Sandwich Panel to ensure extraordinary performance; Upon request, we can use screws for fixing on laminated beam structure, wood or concrete.

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