Cover-joints Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm thick.
COLOURS: Red and White outside, and White inside.
  • The Cover-joints Sandwich Panel is the most demanded option in all types of roof, such as industrial units or residential housing.
  • It has an enclosure system that protects the joint, and its ribbed and profiled surface allows it to withstand heavy loads.
  • Anti-humidity and water leakage connection system with an extra finish to cover the screwed area.
Industrial use
Residential use
Hidden screw

Characteristics of Panel Sandwich Cover-Joints


The Sandwich Panel roof incorporates an insulating core of high density polyurethane, around 40 kg / m3, which provides excellent thermal insulation for a wide variety of projects. This foam is protected by two sheets of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered and profiled to prevent leaks or moisture that can damage it and thus reduce the performance of the roof for sandwich sheet roofs. In this way, a simple installation guarantees an extraordinary protection that retains its properties for decades.

A sandwich plate that is installed in projects of very different characteristics, we offer different finishes and thicknesses to ensure maximum performance in each case always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. In most cases, our customers work with sandwich sheets from 30 to 60 mm thickness as they provide adequate insulation; however,  we can increase up to 100 mm for a much higher protection, on request.

The maximum protection offered in these cases is possible with a very simple assembly but which keeps its properties for decades. The Cover-joints Sandwich Panels have an overlap system that ensures the correct meeting between the plates, thus reducing both thermal leaks and possible moisture and dampness that damage the insulating core of the roof for sandwich sheet metal roofs. The Sandwich Panel roof is also screwed directly to the structure ensuring the best result, thanks to the self-drilling screws that we serve in each order; in the case of Cover-joints, this protection is even bigger thanks to the additional coating that takes in the encounter between two sandwich sheets, achieving an extraordinary sealing that prolongs the useful life of the sandwich roof.

Thanks to this simple installation, our customers can quickly cover large extensions with these roofing sheets, reaching up to 600 m2 in a day between two or three operators. In this way, the costs associated with the renovation of these roofs are greatly reduced, with the significant savings involved in the installation of sandwich sheets in various aspects such as workforce, machinery rental, licenses and permits.

As a safety measure for the customer, all our Sandwich Panels have the corresponding quality certificates that ensure extraordinary performance throughout the long life of these roofing sheets. Its behavior against fire is also regulated based on the parameters set by current regulations; in the case of the Sandwich  Panel Cocer, it is a C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 certificate due to its polyurethane insulating core. To achieve greater protection in this aspect it is recommended to install rock wool panel at the cost of sacrificing up to 30% its thermal insulation, a change that should be subject to the characteristics of the project. In case of doubt, we always recommend consulting our sales representatives to get the best Sandwich Panel at the best price m2.

Technical Data of Cover-Joints Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Sandwich Panel Cover-Joints in sheet thickness of 0,4/0,4 mm:

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Sandwich Panel Cover-Joints in sheet thickness of 0,5/0,4 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for Sandwich Panel Cover-Joints:


Sandwich Panel Installation Process


The assembly of Sandwich Panel is much simple than the other alternatives that offer a similar level of protection and thermal insulation, so that more and more customers rely on these roofing sheets for projects with very different characteristics. From industrial units and logistic centers of all kinds to buildings for residential use, urbanizations or large centers such as schools and hospitals. Thanks to its resistance and extraordinary protection against leaks and humidity, it offers a great performance adapted to all kinds of situations.

Thanks to our outstanding position as leaders in the sector with all kinds of products at the best price, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP offers  specific solutions to the needs of each of our customers. For example, we have provided many covers for roofing of sandwich sheet metal in buildings and refurbishment of industrial buildings of very different sizes, since it provides a substantial improvement over other roofing sheets used in these aspects. In addition, many of our customers take the opportunity to renovate their skylights, as our polycarbonate plates provide a substantial improvement over the rest of the materials used in these elements; greater resistance and passage of light during a much longer life.

Another point highly valued when considering these sandwich covers is their easy assembly, which provides an exceptional result and reduces the investment that a construction of this type usually requires. It protects against leaks and humidity, thus, a long  life can be guaranteed even in wet climates or heavy rainfall, avoiding periodic renovations of roofing sheets that represent an important spending for our customers.

Thanks to its high performance with a tight price, the Sandwich Panel roof is installed in a growing number of buildings with very different characteristics. Its implementation in the domestic environment is usually tight to sandwich roofs for common areas of urbanizations, construction of garages, small porches and sheds or auxiliary rooms. In this way, we can enjoy a quick and simple installation but that ensures sustained performance over long periods of time.

The excellent technical characteristics of the Cover-joints Sandwich Panels have placed them in a prominent position when choosing a sheet metal roof in demanding buildings such as schools, hospitals and other public administration buildings. These are large constructions that must ensure high thermal insulation and total protection against leaks and humidity, so the Sandwich Panel roof is an ideal element that meets all these needs and also provides a quick and easy assembly.

In all these cases, an adequate performance can be guaranteed thanks to the quality that characterizes each of our products. Other manufacturers give Sandwich Panel Second Hand with the promise that it has the same qualities as the covers for roofs of sandwich sheet of first quality, but it is not like that. The small aesthetic damages that tend to present these roof plates mean a rapid weakening of the polyurethane core, drastically reducing its useful life; in some cases the lower plate has come loose, causing serious damage. To avoid these risks that never compensate for the low price of the second-hand sandwich panel, we always recommend checking the quality certificates and working with sandwich plates first.

Skylight or polycarbonate compatible


Many of our customers take advantage of the installation of the cover for roofs of sheet metal flashing to insert skylights and enjoy greater natural lighting. Our polycarbonate plates at very low prices provide a substantial improvement over other materials used in these elements; its cellular structure ensures extraordinary thermal insulation and resistance, together with a much greater light output than other alternatives. Thanks to its manufacture with lateral wings that favor its assembly, the integration with the adjacent Sandwich Panels is total and guarantees the greatest protection against leaks and humidity that could damage the polyurethane core or even reach the interior of the building.

Accessories and endings


The insulating core of the  Cover-joints Sandwich  Panel can be exposed in a wide variety of situations, so we offer the proper finishing to ensure maximum protection in each of these cases. The front cover protects the front of the sandwich plate, adapting its silhouette to the frets of the panel and manufactured in the same color as the sandwich cover. The ridge cap to two waters protects the meeting between the two panels of a sandwich sheet roof, a delicate point since it can collect leaks from the precipitation or even nest the birds in it, damaging the polyurethane; we also have a specific auction for those situations in which the ridge joins an adjacent wall.

When installing at the best price, the Cover-joints Sandwich Panel also tends to expose its insulating core along the side, so that we have finishes that seal this point, even when it rests on an adjoining wall. To achieve the best result, we also provide a water channel auction that collects the rainfall and reduces the inconvenience caused. In all these aspects the maximum protection is guaranteed thanks to the specific scres that we serve in each order, self-drilling on metal structure and on request adapted to laminated beam, wood or concrete.

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