Sandwich Panel Five Frets

THICKNESS: 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 mm thick.
COLOURS: Red and White outside, and White inside.
  • The Sandwich Panel Five Frets is characterized by being the strongest Sandwich Panel on the market.
  • It has slightly higher and wider frets, which gives it up to 14% more resistance than others on the market.
  • It is especially used for large industrial constructions and minimizes labor costs.
Residential use
High resistance
Visible screw

Characteristics of Sandwich Panel Five Frets


The Five Fret Sandwich Panel has an insulating core made of high density injected polyurethane foam of ± 40 kg / m3 protected by two sheets of galvanized, pre-lacquered and profiled steel that provide excellent resistance against impacts and moisture. In addition, the upper plate has a strong profile in the shape of the five frets characteristic of this panel, ensuring the technical characteristics at the best price of the Sandwich Panel roof: thermal insulation, restistance and strength in the structure and easy assembly.

Thanks to the additional fretting of this cover for sandwich sheet roofs, it can withstand greater loads without forcing the panels or the structure on which it rests, thus enjoying large interior spaces that optimize the extension of the floor. According to the characteristics of each project we can adjust the finish as well as its thickness, always at the best price. Customers usually work with sandwich sheets of 30, 40 or 50 mm thick as they provide adequate protection for most cases, although we can increase the thickness to 100 mm on request. We recommend consulting our sales commercial to know the availability of each product and thus take advantage of the delivery times of each one.

The assembly of the roof Sandwich Panel at very  reduced prices supposes an important saving compared to the rest of alternatives that cannot match this performance or require complicated assemblies that increase the budget. The sandwich sheets are screwed directly to the structure with self-drilling screws that we provide on every order. We also provide cappellotti to ensure maximum protection, since these washers incorporate a neoprene gasket that prevents water seepage. In this way, with a simple installation we obtain the same thermal insulation of a sandwich  with a polyurethane core 30 mm thick than 60 cm concrete, with  lower costs.

As established by current regulations, our Sandwich Panels have been subjected to rigorous tests to determine their technical characteristics and resistance to fire. Each sandwich plate equals or even exceeds the minimum values ​​established in the European framework, unlike the products offered by other Sandwich Panel manufacturers at lower price m2 but with worse performance. An example of this is the fire performance of our  five fret panel, cataloged as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 for its polyurethane core that provides outstanding thermal insulation. 

Technical Data of Sandwich Panel Five Frets

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Sandwich Panel Cover 5 Frets in sheet thickness of 0,4/0,4 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for Sandwich Panel 5 Frets:

Sandwich Panel installation progress


))The excellent performance and the reduced price of the Five Fret Sandwich Panel have made it more common choice for maximum strength in roofs for industrial units. Thanks to their simple installation, these sandwich sheets provide an important advantage over other construction materials that need more complex constructions or roofing sheets that can not match their excellent performance.

By having an additional fretwork that gives it special strength, the five fret panel is usually reserved for industrial units, whose sandwich roofs must withstand high loads continuously. Thanks to these Sandwich Panels it is not necessary to increase the supports of the structure since it brings a great strength to the structure, overcoming the performance of other sheet metal roofs generally used in these projects.

Throughout our extensive career we have participated in a large number of projects that have tested the potential of these sandwich roofs. Thus, for example, we have offered our customers the best price in Five Frets Sandwich Panel  for industrial buildings of all sizes, warehouses and logistics centers, shopping centers, etc. In each of these cases, we chose this roof for sandwich sheet metal roofing to need an exceptional resistance that supports large loads and provide special strength to the entire structure.

The exceptional performance of Five Frets Sandwich Panel makes them the ideal solution for a wide range of projects in which additional protection is needed. In addition, they guarantee a total integration of other elements very popular among our customers, such as polycarbonate plate skylights, whose cellular structure provides a great resistance according to the covers for sandwich sheet roofs. In PANEL SANDWICH GROUP you will find the highest quality in our polycarbonate plates at the most adjusted price, thus guaranteeing an extraordinary performance.

The assembly of the Five Frets Sandwich Panel is very important to ensure maximum performance, so it is usually carried out by professionals who are trained to maximize the possibilities of these roofing sheets. The overlap system of the sandwich sheet ensures the correct union between the plates while reinforcing the insulation and preventing leaks (two operators can cover more than 600 m2 in a single day).

Finally, we must emphasize the importance of Sandwich Panel quality, at adjusted prices, in a facility of this type. When demanding such a high performance of the roofs of sandwich sheet metal we must ensure that we work with first class materials. Other manufacturers of Panel Sandwich give second hand but it is a serious risk, since it can get rid of the lower sheet on the inside of the building. For more information, we recommend that you contact our sales representatives.

Skylight or polycarbonate compatible


The polycarbonate plates are a very popular material among our customers to build their skylights, as it provides better substantial compared to other alternatives widely used in previous decades such as polyester. Unlike this, the polycarbonate does not yellow with the passage of time but retains its intact properties: greater thermal insulation, strength, integration with the adjacent sandwich sheets …

The polycarbonate skylights are installed as the Sandwich Panel Cover, overlapped with the adjacent plates and screwed directly to the structure to get the best result. To avoid problems we must always check that the hole made in the skylight is larger than the screw used, thus avoiding that when dilating it can fracture the polycarbonate plate.

Accessories and endings


Front shot

The front cover covers the insulating polyurethane core when it is exposed on the front of the installation, vulnerable to precipitation and external aggressions that deteriorate the foam and therefore considerably reduce the performance of the sandwich cover. To achieve maximum aesthetic integration, it is manufactured in the same finish as roofing sheets.

Top of ridge to two waters

The meeting of the two waters of a sandwich sheet roof is an important vulnerability because it is open to leaks and moisture that damage the insulating core or even reach the interior of the building. The ridge cap or trestle cover protects this point and prolongs the useful life of the installation.

Top ridge to wall

When a sandwich roof starts from a wall that continues above it, it is recommended to install the ridge cap to the wall to prevent leaks and humidity that reach the polyurethane insulating core. It is screwed directly to the wall and has a die-cut with the shape of the Five Grecas Sandwich Panel to ensure maximum protection.

Side trim

The lateral finish protects the polyurethane that is exposed when the side of the sandwich cover is exposed and, therefore, can deteriorate quickly. This auction is manufactured in the same color as the sandwich plate to ensure an integrated image at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Side wall finishing

When a sandwich sheet metal roof is glued to a wall that continues above the panels, it is recommended to install a lateral wall finish to protect from the slipping water and can damage the polyurethane insulating core, optimizing the qualities of the plates sandwich.

Water channel auction

The water channel auction is installed to avoid water curtains and other annoyances that cause precipitation on a sandwich sheet roof. It is a very simple installation that provides an important improvement to avoid problems in the entrance and exit to the building.

Screws for metal structure

In each of our orders we provide the most suitable self-drilling screws for each case, achieving maximum protection thanks also to the washers with neoprene joints that prevent leaks and humidity. Normally we provide screws for mounting on metallic structures, although on request we can also adapt them to laminated beam, wood and concrete.

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