Gray Slate Tile Sandwich Panel

Gray Slate Tile Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: 45, 55 and 65mm medium insulation.

COLOURS: Gray Slate RAL 7022 outside, and White or Wood inside.

  • High levels of thermal insulation.
  • Anti-humidity connection system avoiding leaks.
  • We exclusively use ecological foam and insulation.

Highly aesthetic

Acoustic isolation

Residential use

Characteristics of Gray Slate Tile Sandwich Panel


Sandwich Panels have become one of the most demanded products in the construction sector due to their excellent qualities. It offers thermal insulation, easy installation and great resistance at rudced prices. We have a wide range of possibilities within our catalog that adapt perfectly to the needs of our clients. Specifically, the Tile Panel has become our flagship product thanks to its excellent design that imitates the traditional Arabic tile but provides much better benefits than any conventional construction material.

The Slate Gray Sandwich Panel has a characteristic composition and is made up of two sheets of pre-lacquered, galvanized and profiled steel that protect an insulating core of injected high density polyurethane (approximately 40kg / m3). This internal foam is responsible for providing a high level of thermal insulation offered by our sandwich tiles imitation. For example, a tile panel with a thickness of 30mm equals the same thermal insulation provided by 60cm of concrete. The two steel plates have a key mission and are to protect the polyurethane core from any type of impact or external agents. The upper layer is the one that imitates the traditional old tile and is formed by a total of 6 tiles. There are other manufacturers that only make the sandwich panel covered with 5 tiles, and therefore it does not have as much resistance or insulation capacity as those of PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. The lower steel plate is changeable and the customer can choose the type of finish between basic white or realised in imitation wood.

Therefore, our Tile Panel becomes the perfect alternative for all those who want to enjoy the best performance and aesthetic finish at a very low price. To satisfy all the needs of our customers, in our facilities we offer the possibility of fully personalize the orders of the tile sandwich . We have two options: develop the upper corrugated sheet in several designs or select the thickness of the sandwich sheet roof. In addition to the Slate Gray Tile Sandwich Panel, we also manufacture other tile panel designs such as red terracotta or aged albero colour. Normally this slate gray roof was used to install in high mountain areas, but in recent years it has become popular in the roofing of new housing where customers want to give a touch of modernity to their prefabricated roof. In addition, we manufacture these sandwich sheets in different thicknesses so that our customers can regulate the level of insulation they want for their projects. We work with three medium thicknesses: the tile panel of 40 mm (which means 60 mm at the peak of the tile and 20 mm in the valley), the 50 mm (70 and 30 mm) and the 60 mm (80 mm) 40 mm respectively). If you have any doubt about the thickness most suitable for the characteristics of your project, do not hesitate to contact the team and they will offer you the sandwich panel with the lowest price and the best quality.

Another feature of our tile sandwich panels is the easy assembly in prefabricated roofs. The Arabic traditional tile needs a very expensive assembly and maintenance, however, our sandwich tile panel at a reduced price has a much simpler installation and a minimum maintenance. In PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we have more than 10 years of experience and we have supplied tile imitation panel to a multitude of different projects such as: schools, shopping centers, garages, homes, porches and even in bars or restaurants.

Technical Data of Gray Slate Tile Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m² for Gray Slate Tile Sandwich Panel in sheet thickness of 0,4/0,4 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for Gray Slate Tile Sandwich Panel:

Installation and Endings

The installation is one of the advantages of the Gray Slate Tile Sandwich Panel. Our Tile Panel has an overlap joining system that favors the union between a sandwich plate and another one taking advantage of the shape of the tile. In addition, this sandwich tile is screwed directly to the structure of the project for what is achieved a greater firmness in the work and an excellent resistance, thanks to the characteristics and the unbeatable performance of the sandwich panel at reduced price m². This joint system prevents the entry of thermal leaks or humidity. In PANEL SANDWICH GROUP, we also offer totally free self-drilling screws to fit in the roofs directly to the structure. In order for the installation to be made and ensure a correct performance throughout the useful life of the roofing panels, it is necessary to install the appropriate finishes that we manufacture in our facilities. These steel accessories have the function of protecting the polyurethane core in the areas of the sandwich cover where it is exposed. The auctions we offer are: front end, lateral finish, ridge to wall, inverted ridge, ridge to two waters, etc. For more information about auctions, do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives and they will inform you without any commitment.

First quality at the best price


It is always important to remind the customer of the dangers that must be faced when acquiring insulating covers for prefabricated roofs of sandwich sheet. First, you have to be especially careful with the offers that other types of sandwich panel manufacturers launch at a second-hand price; Although, at first it may be found very interesting discounts  the truth is that after this type of offers are hidden Sandwich Panel Second Hand that have a much lower performance and in many cases the material may be damaged and the life of the panels for covers is very reduced since they have been removed from other works and put on sale again. In PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we do not have this kind of philosophy and we only offer first quality materials, so that the client obtains an excellent result for as long as possible, which can be many decades. To check at all times if a  metal sheet  cover is the first quality or not, the client must request the official certificates of each of the sandwich plates that ensure the correct compliance with the current Spanish regulations. All our sandwich covers at lower prices have been subjected to numerous tests and controls in which all their qualities and characteristics have been tested, obtaining the official document of quality and safety according to Spanish regulations.

Skylight and polycarbonate compatible


The polycarbonate plates are sandwich-type covers that are characterized by their PVC composition that facilitates the entry of natural light in any type of room where it is installed. Unlike the rest of roofing sheets, these roof skylights are not opaque and in addition to allowing natural light to pass, it also exerts thermal insulation to avoid concentration of heat in the building. The cellular polycarbonate is formed by small chambers that give it a noticeable resistance and it is also compatible with the different types of cover plates that we manufacture in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. Its installation system is very simple and adapts perfectly to the rest of the sandwich cover. Thanks to its wing system, the fit between a polycarbonate plate and another sandwich plate is perfect, avoiding at all times the entry of moisture and thermal leaks. . It is important to know that when screwing the polycarbonate or skylight it is necessary that the hole is much thicker than the screw, so in case of possible delays of the polycarbonate sheet no breakage occurs. At the same time, it is important to highlight the importance of not confusing the polycarbonate plates at a reduced price with the polyester plates, since the latter yellows more easily than the polyurethane panel and its performance is much lower.

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