Red Tile Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: 45, 55 and 65mm medium insulation.
COLOURS: Red RAL 8004 outside, and White or Wood inside.
  • We manufacture the original Terracotta Red Tile Sandwich Panel with 6 tiles, with all the accessories needed to successfully complete its installation.
  • Anti-humidity connection system avoiding leaks.
  • Overlap assembly process that reduces assembly times.
Highly aesthetic
Acoustic isolation
Residential use

Characteristics of Red Tile Sandwich Panel


The Red Tile Sandwich Panel is formed by two plates of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered and profiled that protect an insulating core of high density polyurethane foam, of ± 40 kg / m3. The upper surface imitates conventional tiles in shape and color, so its aesthetic integration with the rest of constructions for residential use is total. On the other hand, the inner surface of the tile panel can be manufactured in different finishes according to the characteristics  and needs of  each project: white, black, imitation wood, etc. Thanks to this composition, a very high resistance to impacts and filtrations is guaranteed, improving the performance of other roofing sheets.

Being a manufacturer, in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we provide different thicknesses and finishes to suit the needs of each project. When offering so many possibilities of our sandwich panel imitation tile, we always recommend consulting our commercial team to obtain the Sandwich Panel tile at the most adjusted price. In the specific case of this sandwich cover, we manufacture tile panel in three different thicknesses: 40 mm (60 mm in the mountain of the tile and 20 mm in the valley), 50 mm (70 and 30 mm, respectively) and 60 mm (80 and 40 mm). In this way, each project receives the thermal insulation required from the Sandwich Panel at the correct m2 price, without paying more for services that it does not need.

The assembly of Red Tile Sandwich Panel  is fast and simple: it is screwed directly on the structure, overlapping some sheets for roofs on others to ensure the maximum protection against leaks and humidity, as well as to avoid thermal leaks. In each order we provide optimized screws for the installation of covers for roofs of sandwich tile imitation  and a washer with a neoprene joint that provides a total waterproofing in the fixings of the Sandwich Panels.

As we have mentioned, the aesthetic integration at a good price of Red Tile Sandwich Panel  is one of its main advantages with a very simple installation ensures extraordinary performance. The tile panel also provides a resistance far superior to  other roofs for single sheet roofs, so that more and more customers rely on these Sandwich Panels for a wide variety of projects and works.

All our sandwich plates have the quality certificates established by current regulations. In the case of the tile imitation sandwich sheet, its fire behavior is classified as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 due to the polyurethane foam that forms its insulating core. These values ​​far exceed the parameters set by the European framework and are the result of tests carried out according to current legislation, so that we can guarantee excellent performance of the tile panel during its long service life.

Technical Data of Red Tile Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Red Tile Sandwich Panel in sheet thickness of 0,4/0,4 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for Red Tile Sandwich Panel:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process


oThe excellent technical characteristics and the low price of Red Tile Sandwich Panel have made it one of the most widespread materials among projects with very different characteristics. From private houses to hotels, restaurants or shopping centers, any project can benefit from the insulation and the design provided by this tile panel with a very simple installation.

Established an outstanding position in the sector, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP has participated in a wide variety of projects. For example, we have provided  tile sandwich panel for the construction of porches and picnic areas in houses throughout Spain and Latin America, obtaining an extraordinary result with minimal installation: in many cases it has been the individuals themselves who have assembled the red tile panel, by requiring a very simple structure on which it is screwed directly. In addition, the tile panel is manufactured in a wide variety of thicknesses and dimensions to ensure adequate performance in every situation.

Another very popular option among our clients is the installation of the red tile panel in restaurants and hotels, both in porches and in roofs. In this sense, there are many pubs that cover their terraces with these Sandwich Panels, since they require a very simple structure and hardly cause discomfort on the business activity. On the other hand, more and more hotels and shelters use these roofing sheets because it provides a welcoming image and transmits warmth to the customer, a high quality valued in this sector.

Although the red tile panel has been developed for the residential area, its strength and insulation make it a sandwich cover suitable for all types of buildings. For example, in recent years we have manufactured  Red Tile Sandwich Panel  for shopping centers, reaching to provide up to four thousand square meters of sandwich cover in a single order; small businesses in rural areas, for which we have achieved a total aesthetic integration at low prices with Red Tile Panel Sandwich. 

The assembly of Red Tile Sandwich Panel at very low prices is possible thanks to its overlap system that facilitates the work of the operators while ensuring total protection against leaks and moisture that can damage the polyurethane core and reduce performance of the tilesimitation sandwich. In this way, between two people can be placed an average of 400 m2 per day ensuring maximum thermal insulation. In addition, at PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we provide the right screws for the project, with the head of the color of the red roofing panel and self-drilling on a metal, concrete, wood or laminated beam structure; check availability to our commercials.

As for budgets, we can find some offers Red Tile Sandwich Panel with prices much lower than others, which often indicates that we are dealing with second-hand materials removed from constructions. The performance of these Sandwich Panels is negligible when compared to a first-hand tile panel, even leading to serious accidents when the lower sheet is detached. To avoid these problems, we only recommend installing high quality sandwich sheets, available at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Skylight and polycarbonate compatible 

The cellular polycarbonate plates are one of the most used materials for skylights of all kinds, as they provide greater resistance and light passage than other alternatives such as polyester. Unlike this one, the polycarbonate does not yellow over time but retains its properties, conserving the thermal insulation provided by the Sandwich Panels of the roof thanks to its total integration with these roofing sheets.

To ensure the correct behavior of the polycarbonate plates during their long service life, we must verify that the hole made to fix the skylight is greater than the bolts used. Otherwise, we run the risk of the screw dilate with temperature changes and end up breaking the polycarbonate plate.

Accessories and endings

Front shot

The front cover covers the polyurethane core that is exposed on the front of the installation, adapting to the shape of the tile panel to protect it against leaks and moisture that may damage it. This finish is manufactured in the same color as the imitation tile sandwich to provide equal resistance and aesthetics.

Top of ridge to two waters

When we are facing a roof for two gable roofs, we need a roof that covers the union between both panels because  it can infiltrate the water and cause serious damage to the polyurethane core; in this hole they can even nest the birds, with the severe damage they would cause.

Top ridge to wall

The ridge cap to the wall covers the space between the ridge of the Red Tile Sandwich Panel and the wall from which the cloth is born, on which the cap is screwed directly to protect against leaks and humidity. In addition, it is manufactured in the same color of the tile panel to provide an integrated finish.

Side trim

The side of the covers for roofs of sandwich tile imitation tile can remain in the air, with the danger that entails that the core of polyurethane is exposed to external agents. To avoid this, the lateral finish covers the side of the Sandwich Panel at the lowest price m2, extending the useful life of the installation.

Side wall finishing

When the sandwich cover has a higher adjacent wall, it is advisable to install the side wall to cover the leaks and moisture that occur at this point. If not, there is a risk that the water sliding down the wall reaches the polyurethane insulating core and reduces the performance of the tile panel.

Water channel auction

To avoid problems with the rainwater that falls from the roof covering, it is recommended to install the water channel top and evacuate the precipitations separately, reducing the discomfort caused by the water curtains when entering or leaving a building.

Screws for metal structure

The fixing of the Red Tile Sandwich Panels is an essential aspect to ensure the maximum performance and protection during the long life of the cover for roofs imitation tile sandwich sheet . For this, we provide self-drilling screws with head of the same color as the tile panel, thus providing protection and aesthetics without equal.

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