Sandwich Panel Three Frets

THICKNESS: 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 mm thick.

COLOURS: Red and White outside, and White inside.

  • The Sandwich Panel Three Frets is the most economical roof on the market.
  • It is especially used for large projects on a low budget.
  • Its exceptional mounting system cuts assembly times in half and saves costs.
Industrial use
Residential use
Visible screw

Characteristics of Sandwich Panel Three Frets


SThe 3 Fret Roof Sandwich Panel presents an insulating core formed by high density injected polyurethane foam: ± 40 kg / m3. To ensure maximum strength, it is protected on both sides by layers of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered and profiled, providing great strength to the roofs of sandwich sheet metal. Its outer surface also has a strong freted that allows you to withstand large loads continuously without resenting the roofing sheets or the structure on which it rests.

To adjust the properties of Sandwich Panels to the characteristics of each project, we offer different thicknesses that provide an insulation and tailored protection to the needs of each client. In this way, you can work with reduced budgets due to the price of the Three Fret Sandwich Panel and obtain the maximum protection. An important part of the projects install thicknesses of 30, 40 or 50 mm because they guarantee a more than sufficient performance, although on request we can increase  up to 100 mm reserved for more specific works.

The Sandwich Panel assembly is very simple thanks to the overlap system that ensures a compact union of the plates while reducing thermal leaks and even the risk of leaks and humidity that can damage the polyurethane core, thus impairing the performance of the sheet metal roof. This protection is reinforced by the self-drilling screws we serve in each order together with cappellotti, a special washer with a neoprene seal that prevents leaks in the most delicate points of the sandwich cover. When screwed directly to the wall, large extensions can be quickly covered with the guarantee of maximum protection in Sandwich Panel at very reduced m2 prices.

The main characteristic of the Three Fret Sandwich Panel, along with its low price,  is its strong profile that gives an excellent resistance, a very important value in buildings of intense activity such as industrial warehouses, logistics centers or industries of all  kinds. In front of other roofing sheets, the Three Fret Sandwich roofs can withstand heavy impacts, accumulated snow or even the step of installers and technicians who perform maintenance tasks. To ensure maximum loads in each project, we recommend consulting our sales team through this same form.

The Three Frets Sandwich Panels offer the quality certificates established by current regulations, also controlling their behavior in relation with the fire. By incorporating an insulating core of polyurethane foam, the trials that have been subjected to this sandwich plate have been classified as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0, a value that fulfills or even exceeds the requirements set at the European level. In those cases in which greater protection is required in case of fire, we recommend the installation of coverings for roofs with a fireproof rock wool panel that can provide up to 180 minutes of fire resistance at the cost of reducing insulation by up to 30% thermal that provides the best price Cover Sandwich Panel.

Technical Data of Sandwich Panel Three Frets

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Sandwich Panel Cover 3 Frets in sheet thickness of 0,4/0,4 mm:

3 frets 13 frets 2

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Sandwich Panel Cover 3 Frets in sheet thickness of 0,5/0,4 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for Sandwich Panel 3 Frets:

Sandwich Panel Installation process


The excellent benefits at the good price of the Three Fret Sandwich Panel have made it an increasingly common choice for all types of constructions such as industrial units or even commercial buildings. Its strong profiling gives it an adequate strength for projects of intense activity or covers for roofs of sandwich sheet that will support large loads. This level of protection is achieved with a quick and easy assembly, which means an important saving compared to other more complicated construction materials in order to  install or roofing sheets that provide thermal insulation.

By occupying an outstanding position as a leader in the sector, in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we have provided all types of roofing sheets and facade panels in projects of very different characteristics distributed throughout Spain and Latin America. Thanks to the wide range of thicknesses and finishes in which we work, we have been able to guarantee adequate protection in each case with the most tight budgets thanks to the low price of the Sandwich Panel.

As I mentioned above, Panel Three Frets roofs are mainly installed in industrial environments with intense activity. In this way, the Sandwich Panels guarantee an extraordinary resistance with a simple installation, taking advantage of the technical characteristics of the sandwich plates that even allow to enjoy wide interior spaces thanks to the few supports that these roofing sheets need.

Despite its preeminently industrial nature, thanks to its low price, the  Three Fret Sandwich Panel can also be installed in buildings for residential use. Its simple installation, with very small structures, allows garages to be covered with significant savings compared to other materials, as well as covering common areas in housing developments and residences. In other cases, many individuals install the sandwich plates themselves to achieve an important saving against the costs that usually leads to these projects: labor, machinery, licenses and permits … The easy assembly of the covers for sandwich sheet roofs ensures a extraordinary protection, so that more individuals bear in mind for reforms of different types.

The  Three Fret Cover Sandwich Panel  is screwed directly to the structure, a very simple task thanks to the self-drilling screws that we provide with each order. Normally it is anchors for metallic structure but, on request, we also provide screws for wooden structures, laminated life or even concrete. In addition, the maintenance of the sandwich sheets is very simple, so that the costs derived from these materials are reduced compared to other roofing sheets that require additional waterproofing and expensive maintenance. In this way, the customer enjoys a significant saving in the installation of Sandwich Panel with very low price m2.

Skylight or suitable polycarbonate plates


The polycarbonate plates represent an important improvement compared to the rest of skylights that are normally used in these elements, as they guarantee an extraordinary resistance with a greater passage of light. Other materials used, such as polyester, have a much lower durability; Soon they begin to yellow and provide very poor lighting. The polycarbonate plates are composed of a cellular structure that provides resistance and thermal insulation while ensuring extraordinary lighting during its long life. Therefore, more and more customers rely on these materials to squeeze the possibilities of polycarbonate skylights at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

In each order we provide the necessary screws for installation with neoprene gaskets that prevent leaks and humidity. Its installation is very simple since they take advantage of the anchorage of the adjacent Sandwich Panel and it is fixed directly to the structure; The only precaution is to secure a hole slightly larger than the screw to prevent the polycarbonate plate from dilating and fracturing.

Accessories and Endings

Front shot

The front cover protects the insulating polyurethane core when it is exposed on the front of the roof for sandwich sheet roofs, thus ensuring maximum performance over a long period of time. In order to provide a total aesthetic integration, it is manufactured in the same finish as the three-rib Sandwich Panels.

Top of ridge to two waters

The ridge or ridge cap to two waters protects the union of the two cloths of a sandwich cover, avoiding that they pass the precipitations and other external agents, like the birds that usually nest in these points. Its angle of fall is adaptable and it is manufactured with the same profile of the Three Fret Sandwich Panel to ensure a total enclosure.

Top ridge to wall

When the cloth of a sandwich cover starts from a higher wall, it is recommended to install the ridge cap to the wall to provide better sealing against leaks and humidity. In addition, it is manufactured in the same color as the Sandwich Panel at the lowest price m2 for extraordinary performance.

Side trim

The lateral finish covers the polyurethane foam that is exposed on the side of the roof plates; a very vulnerable point in front of precipitations and humidities that damage the insulating core and therefore reduce the performance of the installation. The lateral finish prevents these damages with a simple installation.

Side wall finishing

The lateral wall finish covers the meeting between the side of the sandwich sheet roof and the adjacent wall, which continues above the roof and , therefore, slip water that seeps into the insulating core of the Sandwich Panel Cover or even the inside the building, causing serious damage.

Water channel auction

The water channel auction collects the precipitations that fall on the roof sheets and evacuate them separately, avoiding the problems that usually cause the water curtains. It is a very simple installation that allows highlighting the qualities of the Sandwich Panels at a minimum price.

Screws for metal structure

With all the orders that we manufacture at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we provide the specific screws for the installation of these roof plates; Normally it is about mounting on a metal structure, although on request we also offer fixings for wood, laminated beam and concrete.

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