Is use on roofing areas for industrial and residencial sites. While maitaining a great resistance supplied by it´s 3 frets, this panel also provide a modern and elgant look on any type of roof.


Type of PanelSandwich Panel 3 frets
UsageOn roof for industrial, and residential áreas, and others.
Width1000 mm
Foam typePolyurethane (PUR) / Poly-isocyanurate (PIR)
Foam Thickness30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 mm
Manufacturing periodEvery Week
StockPer request
Deliveryif in stock, immidiately
Interior sheet color


Our roof sandwich three fret panel, is one of our lowest price panel that you could find in our catalog.  It´s easy process of installation and it´s competative price, makes it a great selection when optomizing time and Budget on any development proyect, wheather are industrial or residential.

In Panel Sandwich Group, we have provide our client our 3 fret panels, for more than a decade.  In refrerence to it´s characteristics of having two metal sheets, made out of galvanize lead, and paint coated  (pre-lequered), one of it´s predominant characteristic, it is, it´s insulation foam, that is made from poly-urethane material, that has a thickness of 40kg/. In accordance with your development proyect, you could select from a variarity of finishes and designs from our catolog.

The 3 fret sandwich panel, it was mostly used on industials development, but now a days this panel has extand it´s usage to residential areas such as: patios, garages, residential roofing, etc.  Furthermore, our variarity of insulation thickness that comes with ranges from 30 to 100 mm, has make it ideal for residential developments.  You could contact one of our sales executives, thus, they could advise you which foam thickness is ideal for your proyect.

It´s simpicity of installation has made our 3 fret sandwich panel one of the most popular and bought panel on the market.  Due to it´s overlap guidence system, makes it easy and fast to install.  Once it´s screwed and in place, it´s overlap system help to protect the insulation foam, from any bad climate conditions.  It´s installation could be done on any type of surfce, since it comes with screws and guidence screw holes, that makes it easy to install on Surface such as Wood, concrete and metalic frames.


  • It´s exceptional installation system and it´s low price help to reduce by half on big proyect developments, time and cost.
  • It´s most popular colors that are chosen by our clients on our 3 fret panel sindwich are:  Blanco Pinireo (Snow White) RAL 1006, Red Tile RAL 7001 and Verde Navarra (Army Green), Azul Lago (Blue dark) RAL 4000, Silver Metallic RAL 9006, Crema Bidasoa (cream) RAL 2002 and much more.

Data Sheet

Principal characteristics on 3 fret sandwich panel

Metal Sheet Thickness30 / 40 / 50 / 60 mm ( 2 mm)
Foam density ratio40 kg/m³ (2 kg/m³)
Useful width1000mm (2 mm)
Cut-angle0mm (0.006*w nominal width)
Straightness0mm (1 mm/m max 5 mm)
Shrinkage or downturn0mm (2 mm/m max 10 mm)
Standar bundle of panels comes in10 / 9 / 8 units
Min length1000mm ( 5 mm)
Max length16 000 mm (19 mm) truck delivery comfirmation
Fireproof PUR-UNE 13501-1B-S3-D0 (30 mm) / C-S3-D0 (>30 mm)
Fireproof PIR-UNE 13501-1B-S2-D0

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

The values on our deta sheet are obtain in differents test on the 3 fret sandwich sandwich. It depends on the type of thickness of the foam, and Steel sheet, some changes could be expected.

Thermal Insulation and weight

Panel SandwichThermal TransmissionWeight
panel thickness(coeficient on K over W/m²k)(Kg/m²)
30 mm0.689.88 Kg/m²
40 mm0.539.88 Kg/m²
50 mm0.439.88 Kg/m²
60 mm0.369.88 Kg/m²

*This values are for informitive guidence only.  For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

The panel´s weight is according to the Steel sheet plate 0,5/0,5 mm. On our 3 fret sandwich panel are manufacture on 4 different thincknesss of foam. Base on the poly-urethane material it´s capacity of thermal insulation is outstanding. It´s coefecient on the insulation values are equal or greater on the above result shown here on the data sheet.

Panel´s weight resistance according to distance

Distance (m)Pression (Kg)Vacuum (Kg)

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales representive.

The above table was base on a 3 fret sandwich panel, that had a characteristc of Steel sheet thickness 0,5/0,5, foam thickness 50 mm and two support points. The values are the mínimum standadrs with accordance to a specific mount point. This mount points are the commun standards base on installation, and movement when manipulating the producto for instalment. For more information over it´s recistance and a basic information on how to install the panel, please request it from one of our sales executives.


The 3 Fret Panel Sandwich for roofing is the most inexpensive panel.  This is manufacture by two sheet metal laquered on galvanized lead that protects the insulated foam that is in between.  The foam is made of poly-urethane material, which is injected on a 40 kg per m3.  Due to it´s valuable properties the two sheets metal , and thermatic insulation foam, it gives a very well protections to any roof, from water filtration and climate changes.  The 3 fret sandwich panel, is easy to repair and has low cost maintance for a last long durability.   

At Panel Sandwich Group, we manufacture Steel sheet metals of different thickness (contact one of our sales executives), accoding to the need and uniqueness of our client´s proyect.  Our 3 Fret Sandwich Panel comes on different thickness, these are:  30, 40, 50, and 60 mm., that have a very long durability, incase your proyect requieres a thicker sheet, we could manufacture up to 100mm, but  this needs to be consulted base on proyect especifications.

The installation of our 3 fret sandwich panel, are very simple to install.  It´s pre define hole screws, screws, washers and neoprene, that stops any wáter filtration.  This Penel, provide an insulation foam, that is 30mm in thickness, that is  equivalent to a 60 cm concrete frame.

The 3 fret sandwich panel, due to it´s strong outline and frets, can support structures with any danger of damage to it´s surface, this depends on the type of frame that the panel it´s being set on.  Support depend according to the distance of the frames and the type of frames.  The frets on our 3 fret panels offer great protection on drastic climate such as havy snowing, strong winds and havy rain.

The 3 fret sandwich panel, that is manufacture by Panel Sandwich Group, has a fireproof value, categorized as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0, with an insulated foam, made of poly-urathane.  Our panels are certify and comply with the anti-fire regulations policies updated, and  stablish by Spain, and the European goverment. 

Sandwich Panel Installation process

Accessories and Endings


The front cover protects the insulating polyurethane core when it is exposed on the front of the roof for sandwich sheet roofs, thus ensuring maximum performance over a long period of time. In order to provide a total aesthetic integration, it is manufactured in the same finish as the three-rib Sandwich Panels.


The ridge or ridge cap to two waters protects the union of the two cloths of a sandwich cover, avoiding that they pass the precipitations and other external agents, like the birds that usually nest in these points. Its angle of fall is adaptable and it is manufactured with the same profile of the Three Fret Sandwich Panel to ensure a total enclosure.


When the cloth of a sandwich cover starts from a higher wall, it is recommended to install the ridge cap to the wall to provide better sealing against leaks and humidity. In addition, it is manufactured in the same color as the Sandwich Panel at the lowest price m2 for extraordinary performance.


The lateral finish covers the polyurethane foam that is exposed on the side of the roof plates; a very vulnerable point in front of precipitations and humidities that damage the insulating core and therefore reduce the performance of the installation. The lateral finish prevents these damages with a simple installation.


The lateral wall finish covers the meeting between the side of the sandwich sheet roof and the adjacent wall, which continues above the roof and , therefore, slip water that seeps into the insulating core of the Sandwich Panel Cover or even the inside the building, causing serious damage.


The water pipe collects the precipitations that fall on the roof sheets and evacuate them separately, avoiding the problems that usually cause the water curtains. It is a very simple installation that allows highlighting the qualities of the Sandwich Panels at a minimum price.


With all the orders that we manufacture at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we provide the specific screws for the installation of these roof plates; Normally it is about mounting on a metal structure, although on request we also offer fixings for wood, laminated beam and concrete.

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