Finishes that cover the insulating core to ensure maximum protection in our Sandwich Panels.

A wide catalog adapted to all the possibilities for roofs and facades.


Characteristics of Endings

The finishes are pre-coated and galvanized steel sheets, usually 0.6 mm thick and served in the same  color panel , covering the most vulnerable points in the installation of both sandwich sheet roofing and Sandwich Panels for facades industrial buildings and other buildings. In this way, the insulating core of polyurethane, polystyrene or rock wool is protected, depending on the type of panel, avoiding leaks or moisture that can damage it and thus reduce the performance they provide throughout its useful life.

The assembly of the auctions is very simple, ensuring a great protection without maintenance or additional treatments. According to the model of auction, this is fixed directly on the insulating core of the sandwich sheet or it is also screwed on the wall or structure, thus maximizing the performance of the sandwich sheets, extending the useful life of the Sandwich Panel at the price m2 more adjusted  in the market.

Thanks to its excellent technical characteristics, the auctions represent a great help to ensure an extraordinary performance during the long useful life of the installation with a very reduced expense. For this reason, they are very demanded by our clients, whether they are construction companies or individuals that are going to carry out a small reform in their homes themselves. In addition to the protection offered, the auctions are made in the same finish as the sandwich sheet to obtain an integrated aesthetic, obtaining a homogeneous whole; In the case of the tile panel, for example, correct installation is difficult to differentiate from conventional tiles at much lower prices but with similar insulation.

On the other hand, we can not forget the importance of the quality of the auctions in the performance of the entire roof for sandwich sheet  or the facade panel in industrial buildings. Our auctions are manufactured with first quality steel, which ensures a correct performance during the long life of the installation. Other Sandwich Panel manufacturers give second hand by assuring that they will offer similar protection, but they may become detached from the installation. For this reason, we only recommend to trust those Sandwich Panel manufacturers with adjusted m2 price but who offer the quality certificates of each product, thus ensuring the correct performance of each element during the long life of the Sandwich Panels.

Endings models available

Front shot

The front end is used when the insulating core is exposed on the front of the Sandwich Panel Cover, protecting it from leaks and moisture. To achieve maximum protection and aesthetic integration, it is manufactured with the silhouette and finish of the roof for sandwich sheet , achieving a unique result at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Top of ridge to two waters

In the case of sandwich covers with two cloths, it is fundamental to cover this meeting to prevent leaks and humidity or even prevent birds from nesting there, causing serious damage. The ridge cap is made with an adaptable drop angle and punched ends with the shape of the sandwich sheet for total protection.

 Top ridge to wall:

When the roof plates start from a wall that continues on the sandwich cover, the installation of the ridge cap to the wall is recommended. This piece is screwed directly to the wall to prevent moisture and precipitation falling on the wall from leaking into the sandwich sheet r. It is also manufactured with adaptable drop angle, die-cut ends according to the profile of the plate and in the same finish of the Sandwich Panel at a very low price m2.

 Side trim

When the covers for sandwich sheet  do not have adjacent buildings, the insulating core is exposed and vulnerable to external agents such as rainfall, impacts and birds, among others. To avoid this, the lateral finish covers the core along the entire roof plate, thus providing optimum performance for a longer time.

 Side wall finishing

If the sandwich cover is attached to an adjoining building whose façade rises above the Sandwich Cover Panel, it is advisable to install a lateral wall finish that covers this meeting. This element is screwed to the wall and the sandwich cover, thus optimizing its behavior during the long life of the installation.

 Limatesa or diagonal ridge

The meeting between two cloths of a sandwich cover is not always produced perpendicularly, but sometimes we find diagonal ridgets that must also be protected with a specific finish: limatesa or diagonal ridge. In this way, leaks and humidity are avoided in this meeting, achieving extraordinary protection.

 Limahoya Ridge

The covers for roofs of sandwich sheet allow very different possibilities to achieve an excellent result in all kinds of configurations, with the proper finishing to guarantee their performance. This is the case of the ridge top of Lima, which protects a concave encounter between two panels of roofing sheets.

 Remate in U-shape

The facade panel requires a solid base on which to support the insulating plates for facades. This function is performed by the U-shaped end, which is anchored to the ground and acts as a rail or guide on which to settle the Sandwich Panels and thus ensure a great resistance at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

 Interior corner trim

The insulating panels for facades of industrial buildings can suffer movements that result in thermal leaks or moisture that greatly reduce the performance of the sandwich sheet. In order to  give greater strength to the structure where it is price, the corner finish is screwed from the inside to the 90 ° encounter between two Sandwich Panels and ensures an extraordinary protection.

 Exterior corner shot

The external corner finish is screwed from the outside to the perpendicular meeting between two sandwich sheets in such a way that the structure is given great strength and movements or filtrations that spoil the thermal insulation and the good price of the  Facade Sandwich Panel are avoided. To ensure a correct aesthetic integration, it is manufactured in the same finish as the façade panels.

 Sanitary profiles

The sanitary profiles are an auction especially indicated for food storage chambers and spaces where a high degree of hygiene is needed. These profiles consist of two parts: a metal frame on which the facade panel is screwed and a curved PVC coating, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and facilitates cleaning, thus amortizing the good price of the Facade Sandwich Panel.

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