Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: 35, 40, 50, 60 and 100 mm.

COLOURS: Red , White and Silver Metallic, Blue Lake, Green, Bidasoa cream outside, and White inside.

  • It is our fastest and cheapest solution for the enclosings of exterior walls of industrial warehouses and farms, as well as offices or houses, etc.
  • Its main characteristic is its spectacular aesthetics since the screw used to fix it is completely invisible.
  • Great resistance that protects against the wind or other external agents.

Industrial use

Residential use

Hidden screw

Characteristics of Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

The Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel  is composed of an insulating core of injected high density polyurethane foam, around 40 kg / , protected by two sheets of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered and profiled to provide exceptional resistance to impacts and external forces. The excellent thermal insulation of sandwich sheets can be ensured for long periods of time, which is a significant improvement over the rest of Sandwich Panel alternatives with much higher price m² and a more complicated installation.

To adjust to projects of all kinds, in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we offer a wide variety of finishes and thicknesses available. The cliente can choose different thicknesses of 40, 50, 60 and 80 mm to provide a thermal insulation adapted to each construction, as well as different colors and finishes that guarantee an exceptional result. We recommend consulting our sales respresentatives for the availability of our products.

The assembly of the hidden screw facade is as simple as the rest of sandwich plates for facades, since they rest on a rail or U-shaped top that is anchored to the ground to provide great resistance. The Sandwich Panels are easily joined together thanks to the tongue and groove system, which also covers the head of the screws, anchored directly to the structure. In this way, not only a good finish is achieved but also the guarantee of exceptional protection, reducing thermal leaks to a minimum. It is for this reason that insulation panels for facades are increasingly used in all types of buildings, from industrial units of intense activity to offices, houses or even hospitals, for instance.

The easy assembly of the Facade Sandwich Panel represents an important saving for the client, who can enjoy from the first moment of exceptional protection. However, in order for everything to work as it should, we must always work with top quality materials, whose performance is constant over time. A guarantee for the client is the quality certificates required by the current regulations, a documentation that shows the resistance capacity of the facade panel, as well as its behavior in the face of fire or acoustic insulation, depending on the type of sandwich plate.

In the case of the plates for facades of hidden screws, they offer a behavior against the fire cataloged as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 for its insulating polyurethane core. If you want to improve this protection, we recommend resorting to other products such as the rock wool panel, which can guarantee its thicknesses up to 240 minutes without spreading the flame. However, in these cases thermal insulation is also reduced by up to 30%, so we must take into account the needs of each project. If you have any doubt, we recommend consulting our sales representatives to obtain the right Sandwich Panel at the best price in the market.

Technical Data of Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m² for Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel in sheet thickness of 0,5/0,4 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for Hidden Screw Facade Sandwich Panel:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process

Thanks to its excellent features and careful finish, the hidden facade panel is increasingly installed in all types of buildings to achieve maximum protection, even in very different situations. For example, many of our customers use it to build industrial buildings, offices or gas stations very quickly but without renouncing to proper thermal insulation and protection against leaks and humidity. Its assembly system  ensures extraordinary performance during its long useful life.

Throughout our extensive career, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP has provided plates for facades of industrial buildings, warehouses and many other buildings of a professional environments. In these cases we were looking for a resistant material, which would support the intense activity that characterizes these spaces, but also provide a careful design, going a little beyond the image of the Visiblr Screw Facade Panel. The success in these constructions has led an increasing number of customers to rely on these sandwich sheets for increasingly complex projects, which have put to the test the possibilities of the Sandwich Panels always with satisfactory results.

The advantages provided by the hidden screw facade panel on the other alternatives that provide a similar level of protection are many: easy assembly, minimal maintenance, simple structures, great resistance during its long service life, etc. To this we must add the low prices of our Visible Screw Facade Sandwich Panel, which represents an important saving.

Therefore, more and more customers use these materials even in deck position, taking advantage of situations in which these sandwich covers do not have to support large loads. Most of our clients use this technique to create rooms and chambers inside, industrial buildings and other large buildings. However, in these cases it is advisable to use additional sealing in the meeting between two sandwich sheets to avoid damage to the polyurethane core and the consequent deficiencies in the insulation and strength of the facade panel.

However, the excellent qualities of Sandwich Panels for facades of industrial buildings have proliferated their installation outside these environments, reaching even hospitals, schools, blocks of flats and other large buildings. In these situations, the facade panel provides exceptional thermal insulation with a very simple assembly, which reduces costs together with the low price of the Facade Sandwich Panel . In addition, it can be manufactured in different colors to create very rich tonalities, something very difficult to achieve with other materials or insulating plates for facades with lower thermal insulation.

Unlike other manufacturers, PANEL SANDWICH GROUP only works with first quality products, whose performance is guaranteed in the corresponding quality certificates as established by current regulations. We can find offers of Sandwich Panel Second Hand with prices much lower than usual in the market, which hides severe deficiencies that impact on a negligible performance of the facade panel. The blows and abrasions that seem simple aesthetic defects suppose an entrance to the degradation of the sandwich plate, shortening considerably its performance. Therefore, we only recommend working with top quality materials such as those we offer at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

Accessories and endings

In order to maximize the possibilities of the hidden screw facade panel, while maintaining the simplicity of the installation, it is advisable to install the corresponding finishes, giving special strength to the structure. One of the most extended is the U-shaped rail, which is anchored to the ground and serves as a support on which to fix the Sandwich Panels, thus providing a solid base to increase the resistance of the installation.

A similar function is carried out by the corner finishes, both inside and outside, which hold the perpendicular meeting between two sandwich sheets to avoid movements that lead to thermal leaks or even humidity and dampness that reduce the performance of the facade panel. These auctions can be screwed from the inside or outside of the installation, providing a very valuable force to the plates for facades of industrial buildings, offices … This protection is possible thanks to the self-drilling screws that we serve in each order, adapted to the structure for guarantee the maximum resistance of the Sandwich Panel with very reduced m² price.

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