Visible Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

THICKNESS: 30, 40 and 50 mm.
COLOURS:  White; Red RAL 7001; Navarra Green RAL 3000;
Lake Blue RAL 4000; Silver Metallic RAL 9006; Bidasoa Cream RAL
2002 outside, and White inside.
  • The Visible Screw Facade Sandiwch Panel is used for facades, walls and interior divisions of industrial units, offices, shopping centers and residential houses.
  • Most used facade panel for enclosings due to its price offer.
  • Sandwich facade for the enclosure and modular construction.
Residential use
Industrial use
Visible screw

Characteristics of Visible Screw Facade Sandwich Panel


The View Screw Facade Sandwich Panel provides high thermal insulation thanks to its core of high density polyurethane, about 40 kg / m3, protected by two sheets of galvanized steel, pre-lacquered and profiled. In this way, the facade panels guarantee an extraordinary performance in both industrial environments and buildings for residential use, adapting their features to the needs of each project. Thanks to its technical characteristics, the facade panel guarantees extraordinary performance over long periods of time with a very simple installation that represents an important saving thanks to the Facade Sandwich Panel  of adjusted m2 price.

To achieve the best result in all types of projects, we manufacture Sandwich Panels for facades of industrial buildings and other buildings in different thicknesses. Our clients usually work with a 30 mm façade panel for sectorization of these spaces, although we can also find 40, 50, 60 and 80 mm sandwich panels to provide thermal insulation in all types of works and renovations.

The assembly of this Facade Panel Sandwich  is very simple thanks to its system of tongue and groove that leaves the screws seen to advance more quickly in the assembly of the plates for facades. Thanks to this system, the thermal insulation of the installation is reinforced, while at the same time reducing the risk of leaks and humidity that could damage the polyurethane insulating core and, therefore, damage the performance of the facade panel. The sandwich plates are screwed directly to the structure and to the U-shaped top that is fixed to the floor to enjoy a resistant structure.

Normally, the facade panel is manufactured with a smooth profile that gives it greater resistance to external agents such as wind, precipitation and other impacts that may harm the performance of sandwich sheets. However, on request it can also be manufactured with a smooth finish to suit the characteristics of the project, especially indicated when these insulating panels for facades are used in sectorization of interior divisions. In this way, we adjust the characteristics of the Sandwich Panel with adjusted m2 price so that each client gets the result that best suits their needs, without paying for services that they do not need. For more information about the production terms of each façade panel and its finishes, we recommend consulting our sales representatives.

The view facade sandwich panel has its corresponding quality certificate, linked to the different thicknesses and finishes in which it is manufactured. This documentation is a guarantee for our customers, who can check the performance of the sandwich sheets and thus avoid scares in their installation. One of the parameters that are collected in these certificates is the behavior before the fire, which in the case of the facade panel is cataloged as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 due to its polyurethane insulating core. We can find other alternatives at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP that improve this specific protection, such as the rock wool panel, but the higher resistance in case of fire translates into an insulation loss of up to 30% compared to Sandwich Panels with polyurethane core.

Technical Data of Visible Screw Facade Sandwich Panel

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for View Screw Facade Sandwich Panel in sheet thickness of 0,5/0,4 mm:

Table of thermal insulation values for View Screw Facade Sandwich Panel:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process


The adjusted price of the View Screw Facade Sandwich Panel is one of the main advantages of its wide popularity in projects of very different characteristics, together with the exceptional technical characteristics of these sandwich plates. The rapid assembly of the facade panel and its high protection have facilitated its installation in sectorization of industrial warehouses and logistics centers, but also in the construction and enclosures of many other buildings such as warehouses, sheds and other auxiliary rooms.

Thanks to the long experience of PANEL SANDWICH GROUP in works of very different characteristics we can guarantee the best price of sandwich sheets for facades, whatever the project in which they are going to be installed. For example, our customers have enjoyed significant savings in the enclosures of industrial buildings, a work that would have meant a greater payment to access to other materials that provide this level of protection. There are many advantages offered by the Sandwich Panel at a lower price m2: thermal insulation, easy assembly, great resistance to impacts and external forces, minimal maintenance and great performance without the need for additional treatments …

The thermal insulation provided by these sandwich sheets also allows the construction of industrial buildings quickly and easily thanks to the facade panel, but with the guarantee of extraordinary protection due to their technical characteristics. Many of our customers enjoy a high resistance to the most demanding companies, completing a quick and simple construction with covered roof sandwich sheet and skylights of polycarbonate sheets, all with the guarantee of the highest quality at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

The view screw facade panel is also used in interior divisions of industrial buildings and other large buildings thanks to its low price and easy assembly. In addition, its modular installation allows maximum adjustment of the Sandwich Panels to the client’s project, achieving an ideal result. For this reason, many of our customers use the BOX panel in thickness of 30 mm, a resistant combination that provides extraordinary performance during the long life of the installation.

This level of protection is ensured by the easy assembly that characterizes the Facade Sandwich Panel, with a price much lower than the other alternatives that offer a similar level of protection. The plates for facades are screwed directly to the structure, ensuring its correct union thanks to the tongue and groove system of the Sandwich Panels. In addition, we also have rails or U-shaped finishes that are anchored to the ground to ensure a strong base that gives great strength to the entire structure. Thanks to this simple assembly construction deadlines are streamlined and many of the costs involved in a work of this nature, such as rental of machinery, conditions on the activity of the company and even the employed labor are cut.

A less common practice of the facade panel is its installation in roof position, something very common in other countries but something unusual here since its resistance in this installation has not been previously certified. However, many of our customers choose  this technique when they want to close spaces in larger buildings, such as warehouses, since these sandwich covers must not withstand the forces of a conventional sandwich sheet metal roof.

Accessories and Endings


The facade panel of exposed bolts provides an extraordinary performance in projects of very different characteristics, so we have the necessary finishing in each case to provide adequate strength to the structure, always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

The basic finish for the assembly of the Facade Sandwich Panel is the U-shaped rail, which is fixed to the ground to ensure a solid base that increases the strength of the sandwich sheets. Similar function performed corner finishing, whether internal or external, which are anchored to the 90° encounter between two plates for facades and thus avoid movements that result in thermal leaks or humidity. All these auctions are made in the color of the facade panel, generally white pyrenees, to ensure a correct aesthetic integration.

This installation is completed with the screws that we serve at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. In each order we provide the necessary self-drilling screws, usually for installation on a metal structure or, on request, for other materials.

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