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Agricultural Insulated Panel

Agricultural Insulated Panel

The Sandwich Panel for Farms, also known as Agropanel, is a model designed and produced in conjunction with experts in the livestock, and engineering sectors. Agropanel is used in chemical industries, farms, and environments where corrosive gases are generated that cause buildings to deteriorate over time. Our panel has excellent resistance to these gases, so we guarantee maximum protection at all times.

Sandwich Panels for Farms

The Agropanel Sandwich Panel, unlike other models, is made with a polyester sheet reinforced with fiberglass. This sheet offers higher protection in aggressive or harmful environments than those models with steel sheets, preventing the panel from deteriorating or oxidizing.

Where to install the Agro-panel?

The agro-panel is a model that is well known for its versatility, being able to be installed in numerous projects and commonly used in animals and fish farms. Mainly because it offers greater strength than steel against the gases generated in these environments.

How to choose the type of Agropanel?

The choice of the type of agro panel depends on the farm where the installation is to be applied:

  • For cattle and pig farms, we recommend sandwich panels with a thickness of 30mm.
  • For chicken or rabbit farms, panels with thicknesses between 40 and 50 mm.
  • For the construction of fish farms or indoor pools, a thickness of 50 mm.

What are the advantages of Agropanel?

  • It's easy to clean with high-pressure water, and the possibility of using detergents allows for excellent cleaning and sanitation conditions necessary for animal installations.
  • This type of panel has unbeatable resistance, so it can withstand the most aggressive animals on a farm without suffering any damage.
  • Our Agropanel also offers magnificent insulation, which allows for an ideal environment for animal breeding, maintaining an appropriate temperature at all times.
  • Also, its white finish increases light transmission to the interior, improving the energy efficiency of the installation and saving energy consumption..

Models of sandwich panels for roof installation for farms

The important aspect when choosing a panel for a farm is knowing where will be installed on the farm. False ceiling panel sandwich and False Roof of Polyester are the ideal option when the goal of the installation is to reinforce the interior. False ceiling panels for farms are installed from the inside of the building, to improve protection without incurring large expenses. For installations exposed to the outside, it is recommended to opt for models of Agricultural metal roofing, due to their resistance and durability.