False Polyester Ceiling

THICKNESS: 30 / 40  mm.
  • The False Ceiling Panel with Polyester is our main interior cladding for interiors where the activity carried out in them generates gases or very high levels of corrosion. 
  • It is installed on the existing roof and serves as additional protection to prevent change or renovation.
Industrial use
Residential use

Characteristics of False Polyester Ceiling


The False polyester ceiling presents a different composition than conventional sandwich sheets as it is not self-supporting. This roof plate has a lower layer of polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber, which resists corrosion of the interior environment; an insulating core of high density polyurethane, around 40 kg / m3, and an upper sheet of embossed centesimal aluminum that is attached to the roof plates of the building. To adjust the budget, this board can also be made of bituminous felt cardboard to reduce the price of the Sandwich Panel. This composition ensures the resistance that these special environments require, also reinforcing the thermal insulation of the building thanks to the exceptional properties of this sandwich plate.

We offer a wide range of possibilities adapted to the characteristics of each project and always at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. In the case of the false ceiling, we manufacture different thicknesses between 30 and 50 mm to provide a thermal insulation adapted to each case. The integration of the false polyester ceiling with the rest of elements is total, providing resistance to corrosion and a careful image.

The assembly of false ceiling panels, although somewhat different from conventional sandwich sheets, is much simpler than other construction materials that provide a similar level of protection. The sandwich plates are joined together with H-shaped profiles made of PVC to resist corrosion, which are fixed directly to the structure with screws covered with this same material to avoid problems with the passage of time. In this way, all metal parts are protected and maximum protection is ensured during the long life of the installation, much higher than other roofing sheets that degrade quickly and end up being more expensive than the Sandwich Panel with price m2 much more economical.

Like the rest of the Sandwich Panels and construction materials, the false polyester ceiling has the quality certificates established by current legislation. This document collects the values ​​thrown by the sandwich sheet in tests carried out by independent institutes, marking the values ​​of thermal insulation, sound insulation and other properties that are subject to the thickness of the panel. The fire behavior is also expressed, in the case of the false ceiling qualified as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0 due to the rigid foam that makes up its insulating core. We offer specific solutions for this protection such as the rock wool panel at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP, but this improvement supposes the loss of resistance to corrosion, in addition to sacrificing up to 30% its thermal insulation.

Technical Data of False Polyester Ceiling

Table of thermal insulation values for False Polyester Ceiling:

False Ceiling Installation Process


The False Polyester Ceiling is a specific solution to reinforce roofing sheets or other materials that are exposed to the corrosion that is generated in farms, or in chemical industries and many other buildings with delicate activities. Unlike the roof for reinforced sandwich veneers for farms, this panel is not self-supporting, so it is ideal for renovations and constructions in which there is a part of a roof already installed but you do not want to replace it. In this way, the customer is offered different possibilities to adjust the Sandwich Panel price to the maximum that best suits the characteristics of each project.

Our long history has allowed us to provide different products to projects of all kinds, always with the guarantee of the highest quality at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. The characteristics of the false ceiling make it an important tool against reforms of farms, thus avoiding to renew the entire structure or install a new roof for sandwich sheet roofs. However, the false ceiling also guarantees the excellent thermal insulation and resistance  at a lower price than the rest of the materials and treatments used in these constructions, which is why more and more customers install these sandwich plates in all types of projects.

Another important advantage of the installation of the Sandwich Panel for false polyester ceiling is the fast placement of the plates. A reduction in delivery times and conditions on the business activity is usually translated into significant savings for the customer. This is an important advantage, especially for small farms and businesses where you need to cause the least possible conditions.

However, the false polyester ceiling is not only used in the reform of small farms and industrial buildings, but big companies rely on these sandwich sheets to provide added protection in specific sectors. In many cases these plates have been used to protect specific rooms in larger premises, such as a storage room for chemical products in hospitals, shopping centers and other large buildings.

We must point out that the assembly of these sandwich plates is not as simple as other insulating panels for facades, which incorporate a tongue and groove system, or overlapping sandwich covers to prevent leaks and humidity. The false ceiling uses H-shaped finishes to ensure the correct fit between the plates, then screwing to the structure and achieving the best result with the low-priced assembly of the Sandwich Panel.

To achieve maximum protection in our installation, we must always work with quality materials, as we guarantee at PANEL SANDWICH GROUP. This is not the case of other manufacturers of that re-use sandwich panels. These materials have scratches and dents that may seem simple aesthetic damage but quickly degrade the polyurethane and, therefore, the behavior of the sandwich board. In many cases we have faced the substitution of these materials and it supposes a disbursement very superior to the cost of installing the maximum quality of the Sandwich Panel, at a very reasonable price for the enormous benefits that it guarantees.

Accessories and endings

To ensure maximum protection we have optimized each of the elements that we provide in our orders of adjusted price of  False Polyester Ceiling. Thanks to this, the client can achieve outstanding thermal insulation with economical materials and adapted to the corrosion of these environments, far exceeding the characteristics of other alternatives. These can be simpler roofing sheets, which do not guarantee the protection that the project needs, or more expensive alternatives that ensure good performance after an expensive installation.

The easy installation of the false polyester ceiling is based on the H-shaped top that acts as a fitting between the sandwich plates and it  is screwed to the structure, preventing movements or thermal leaks. To ensure maximum protection against leaks and humidity, many of our customers install butyl with PVC protection: a very popular insulator in simple sheet roofs for its resistance to moisture.

Finally, we can not forget the important self-drilling screws we provide with each order. To achieve the maximum protection in the installation of this False Ceiling at the adjusted m2 price it incorporates a PVC coating that prevents corrosion, ensuring the correct performance during the wide life of the installation.

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