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Assembly Polyester False RoofPolyester False Roof

False Roof of Polyester

Type of panelFalse roofing panel of polyester
Thickness30 / 40 mm
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Industrial useIndustrial use
Residential useResidential use


The False Polyester Roof is our main cover for enclosing rooms interiors where the activity generates gases and high levels of corrosion. Interior cladding can´t function as the main cover but is installed on the existing roof and serves as additional protection to avoid the change or partial or total renovation of it.

The False Roof has two sheets reinforced with polyester and fiberglass. Its two-sheet profile is characterized, as being smooth and contactless with its inner outline and is mainly used as a secondary cover; both inner sides are protected: by an insulated core made of polyurethane foams conferring excellent thermal-acoustic insulation. The outer sheet remains hidden as it is attached to the main cover. The inner plate, also made of polyester, gives it a plus of resistance and durability for long periods since it is the one that is in continuous contact with high corrosion levels.

Installing the False Ceiling of Polyester as an interior cover is still a simple process, however, one must pay special attention when fastening it to the straps. In addition, it is necessary to use an H-shaped finish for the correct fixation of one panel and another. From Panel Sandwich Group, we always recommend completing the installation with accessories called Tulips. A kind of cap to hide the screw used and prevent leaks through its grooves or, even worse, rust when in contact with corrosive elements.

Technical Information

Main characteristics of False Roof of Polyester

Thermal insulation and Weight

Average Thickness
Thermal Transmission
(Coefficient k in W/m2K)
30 0,682,50 
40 0,522,90 
50 0,423,30 

*This values are for informitive guidence only. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales executives.


The False Ceiling of Polyester is a type of panel of a non-self-supporting, manufactured under all safety and quality measures in conjunction with the customer department, with the need to develop a light and resistant product for the interior lining of farms or livestock farms (chickens, and pigs). Its main objective is to cover the roofs of industrial buildings, chemical industries, farms, and other environments on the inner face where there is already a main roof, but extra reinforcement is needed.

The False Roof of Polyester will allow you to reduce the costs of roof renovation. With its installation, you avoid the high cost of replacing uralite, deteriorated sandwich panels, or sheets. This solution adapts directly to the existing roof or siding and protects perfectly from high levels of corrosive gases.

All these excellent properties are due to their composition. The False Interior Covering Ceiling consists of two sides of polyester reinforced with fiberglass, one interior, and one exterior. Both protect a layer of high-density polyurethane insulating foams (40kg/m3).

Datasheets False Roof of Polyester



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