Agricultural Metal Roofing

The Agricultural metal roofing is designed for use in corrosive environments where conditions can rust internal metal finishes.


Type of PanelAgricultural Insulated Metal Panel made of Polyester
UsageRoofs and corrosive environments
Useful Width1000 mm
Models3 frets, 5 frets and coverstirps
Thickness30,40 and 50 mm
StockTo confirm
DeliveryAccording to stock
Colors(other color on request)
Interior sheet color


The Agricultural Metal Roofing, also known as Agricultural Insulated Metal Panel, is designed by Panel Sandwich Group as a roof where an aggressive corrosiveness environment is harmful to the traditional panel with steel plate. For this reason, we have replaced the inner steel sheet with a white fiberglass-reinforced polyester sheet that does not rust or deteriorate due to acids or corrosive environments that exist in places. We refer to specific areas such as animal farms, swimming pools, salt plants, freshwater or saltwater fish farms, waste treatment, desalination plants, and even chemical industries.

The Agricultural insulated Panel is widely used in animal farms or ranch such as pigs, breeding, and fattening, as well as in breeding that are usually the most aggressive. It is also ideal for poultry farms, chickens, turkeys, lambs or  ranchs cows, horses, etc. Where intensive breeding affects the inner steel, with this solution we will have any problem. It is easy to clean, by applying pressurized water, and detergent guarantees well hygiene required by health regulations. In addition, the white color increases the light transmission in the interior with the savings in lighting and energy that this entails. Thanks to our Agricultural Metal Roofing, you will get the best comfort for the most special stays.

When a specific design is needed, you can consult us, and we will offer you a wide range of colors and designs. For the exterior veneer, we have colors such as Pyrenees White – RAL 1006, Navarra Green – RAL 3000, Black Dexter – RAL 0000, and many others that can be confirmed. Ask us without obligation, and we will study your project to offer the best solution.

In pig and cow farms they usually use Agricultural Panels in thicknesses of 30 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm, the most used in the rest of cases such as chickens, rabbits, or lambs. The Agricultural Roof will guarantee controlled temperatures for the breeding of these animals and will generate an ideal comfortable environment for them. In indoor pools and fish farms, the most common is the 50mm due to the need to control the temperature and save on energy expenditure. In our catalog, you will find different geometries according to the needs of your project: 3 frets, 5 frets, or Coverstrips.

Technical Data

Principal characteristics on Agricultural Metal Roofing

Metal Sheet Thickness30 / 40 / 50 ( 2 mm)
Available model3 frets, 5 frets and coverstrips
Average Foam density 40 kg/m³ (2 kg/m³)
Useful width1000 mm (2 mm)
Cut-angle0mm (0.006*w nominal width)
Straightness0 mm (1 mm/m max 5 mm)
Shrinkage or Longitudinal bending0 mm (2 mm/m max 10 mm)
Min length1000 mm ( 5 mm)
Max length16 000 mm (19 mm) according to delivery
Fire resistence PIR-UNE 13501-1Classification F

*The values shown are indicative. For a more specific information, contact one or our sales executives.

The technical data values on the Agricultural Metal Roofing, are average results, these values can suffer minor changes depending on the thickness of the panel and its metal sheets. However, the values have been confirmed and surpass those standard values that are in today´s market.

Thermal insulation and weight

Panel SandwichThermal TransmissionWeight
Average thickness(coeficient on K over W/m²k)(Kg/m²)
30 mm0.686.20 Kg/m²
40 mm0.526.47 Kg/m²
50 mm0.426.90 Kg/m²

*The values shown are indicative. For more information, consult our commercials..

Specific case example for panel weight corresponding to a sheet thickness of 0.5/0.5 mm. The insulation of the Agricultural Insulated metal panel, is of variable thickness, manufacturing several different thicknesses based on polyurethane for its high thermal insulation capacity. The insulation or insulation coefficients are equal to or higher than those shown in the table, and on request, we can develop higher thicknesses.

Panel´s weight resistance according to distance

Distance (m)Pression (Kg)Vacuum (Kg)

*The values shown are indicative. For more information, consult our commercials.

The specific values, were tested on Agricultural Insulated Panel of 30 mm thickness with 2 or more supporting points, on the 0,5/0,5 metal sheet, the values are the minimum requested, having point loads that support more than shown. For more information or generic resistance tables according to panel configuration, contact one of our commercial executives.


The Agricultural Metal Roofing also be applied in environments such as chemical industries with constant corrosive activity.  For example, indoor swimming pools and the construction of livestock farms or ranch (pigs farms, chickens farms, etc…). The insulated roof panel is composed of an insulating core of high density that expended on a (40kg/m²) diameter, made of polyurethane foam that provides high thermal insulation.  This high thermal insulation is necessary for areas where animals are inside and required specific temperature control for total comfort.  For this reason, the best solution is our gricultural Panel made out of polyester.

The main difference the Agricultural Metal Roofing has from the rest sandwich panels is the lower sheet, made of polyester and fiberglass, which makes the panel sheet highly resistant to corrosion. With this material, we achieve the insulation creates an airtight joint so that the vapors do not filter through the union of the panel.  The lower plate is manufactured with a wider width thus in acidic environments, a sealant could be applied between the panels to increase the insulation from outside pollution.

On the other hand, the installation system of the panel for farms is one of its strengths. Its low weight and lightness make it’s handling simple without losing its technical and mechanical properties. The union between plates is done through an overlap system by mounting the panels on their last fret and screwing between them directly on the structure. In addition, we have all the screws and accessories so that the assembly is waterproof and 100% resistant.

In Panel Sandwich Group, we develop panels for farms as a solution for the complete construction of roofs for farms, livestock farms, indoor pools, etc. But in addition, we also offer other solutions in which the complete roof renovation is not necessary. Consult with our technical and commercial team to inform you personally of the best solution for your work

Sandwich Panel Installation process

Accessories and endings


The front cover protects the insulating polyurethane core when it is exposed on the front of the roof for sandwich sheet roofs, thus ensuring maximum performance over a long period of time. In order to provide a total aesthetic integration, it is manufactured in the same finish as the three frets Sandwich Panels.

Front shot


The front cover protects the insulating polyurethane core when it is exposed on the front of the roof for sandwich sheet roofs, thus ensuring maximum performance over a long period of time. In order to provide a total aesthetic integration, it is manufactured in the same finish as the five frets Sandwich Panels.


When the cloth of a sandwich cover starts from a higher wall, it is recommended to install the ridge cap to the wall to provide better sealing against leaks and humidity. In addition, it is manufactured in the same color as the Sandwich Panel at the lowest price m² for extraordinary performance.


The lateral finish covers the polyurethane foam that is exposed on the side of the roof plates; a very vulnerable point in front of precipitations and humidities that damage the insulating core and therefore reduce the performance of the installation. The lateral finish prevents these damages with a simple installation.


The lateral wall finish covers the meeting between the side of the sandwich sheet roof and the adjacent wall, which continues above the roof and , therefore, slip water that seeps into the insulating core of the Sandwich Panel Cover or even the inside the building, causing serious damage.


The water pipe collects the precipitations that fall on the roof sheets and evacuate them separately, avoiding the problems that usually cause the water curtains. It is a very simple installation that allows highlighting the qualities of the Sandwich Panels at a minimum price.


Metal omegas are the perfect solution to act as a support or secondary structure for panels or simple sheet metal. Among the many advantages are weight resistance and reduced assembly costs.


The metal framing screw is used to fasten the Sandwich Panel Sheathing or single sheet metal to the purlins. This ending is available with the head in the same color as the covered panel, penetrating the panel without problems.


Screw specially optimized for installing Panel Sandwich Group wood panels. Ask us about the specific fasteners depending on the project time and we will recommend the best option.

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