Sandwich Panel for Farms

THICKNESS: 30 / 40 / 50 mm.
COLOURS: White, Green, Black and more.
MODELS: Cover-joints Panel – Three Frets Panel – Five Frets Panel.

Industrial use
Visible screw

Characteristics of Sandwich Panel for Farms


The composition of the Sandwich Panel Cover for farms has been optimized to withstand these corrosive environments. Its core of high density polyurethane, around 40 kg / m3, is protected by a galvanized steel sheet, pre-lacquered and profiled that supports high loads, while its lower face is composed of polyester resins reinforced with glass fibers to protect against the aggressions of these environments. Thanks to this additional protection, the useful life of the sandwich roofs improved, avoiding periodic renovations of roofing sheets that represent an important outlay for the customer.

By targeting a wide variety of projects, we offer different thicknesses of agropanel that provide adequate thermal insulation to the specific needs of each construction or reform. Specifically, we offer sandwich covers in thicknesses of 30, 40 and 50 mm to offer very high protection without the need for additional treatments, thus combining several features in a single Sandwich Panel with at a very low precies. In addition, the customer can also choose different models of roofing  according to the project: the agropanel is manufactured following the models of the three frets, five frets and cover-joints panels. We recommend consulting the characteristics of each sandwich plate and its availability to our sales team.

Another advantage of Sandwich Panels for farms is its easy assembly, which ensures high protection with a very simple installation that translates into significant savings for the client in labor, machinery rental, licenses and permits. The overlap of the sandwich sheets ensures the meeting of the plates while preventing both leaks and humidity. As it is such a simple assembly, the Sandwich Panels can be placed at the same time that the previous simple sheet metal roof is removed, which reduces expenses and speeds up construction time.

The Sandwich Panel cover reinforced for farms has all the quality certificates required by current regulations, providing valuable information to the customer on the performance of the sandwich sheet. Some of these values, such as thermal insulation or acoustic soundproofing, depend on the technical characteristics of the panel that vary according to the order, such as its thickness. Others, such as fire behavior, are determined by their polyurethane core: for this reason Sandwich Panels for farms are classified as C S3 D0 / B S2 D0, a value that meets or even exceeds the thresholds collected in the European framework. Other covers for sandwich roofs can overcome this protection in case of fire, such as the rock wool panel, but they lose up to 30% of their thermal insulation, a very valuable property in farms, chemical industries and other buildings with corrosive environments.

Technical Data of Sandwich Panel for Farms

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Sandwich Panel for Farms, COVER-JOINTS model:

Maximum pressure and suction load values in kp / m2 for Sandwich Panel for Farms, Three Frets model:

Table of thermal insulation values for Sandwich Panel for Farms:

Sandwich Panel Installation Process


The agropanel, a sandwich  panel reinforced for farms, provides a special resistance in corrosive environments where conventional sandwich sheets degrade quickly. Thanks to the interior reinforced with polyester and glass fibers, these roof plates guarantee a much longer service life than roofs, which are periodically renewed when suffering serious damage. In addition, many of our customers are assembling the agropanel while removing the old roof, reducing costs thanks to the low prices of  our Sandwich Panel. Therefore, more and more projects incorporate reinforced Sandwich Panels in a wide variety of projects with very different characteristics.

Throughout our long history, at PANEL SANDWICH GROUP we have provided roofing sheets for works and renovations throughout Spain and Latin America. In each of these cases we have improved the performance of the previous covers, thanks to its high thermal insulation and resistance to corrosion in these environments. Some of these examples are the installation of sandwich cover both for large livestock farms and small farms of individuals, environments in which the agropanel is a qualitative leap against other roofing sheets that degrade quickly.

Thermal insulation is a very important quality for these buildings, since a very high protection is needed to protect the animals that are inside. Thanks to the polyurethane core that incorporates these sandwich sheets, customers save other additional insulation measures such as traditional projections that degrade quickly that provide a dirty image. This sandwich roof solves these problems, throwing a durable installation at the best price with Sandwich Panel Cover.

But roof covers made of reinforced sandwich sheet are not only installed on farms and livestock farms, but many buildings generate corrosive gases that damage steel. Therefore, the agropanel is an important improvement over other roofing plates and conventional Sandwich Panels that have a much shorter useful life. From chemical industries to warehouses of dangerous substances, there are many projects in which the resistance of our Sandwich Panel.

In addition to its reinforced interior, the agropanel sandwich cover provides more advantages over the construction materials commonly used in these projects. The roofs of sandwich sheet are screwed directly to the structure, getting more than adequate protection; according to the  model panel, we provide self-drilling screws with clamp for the flashing or with cappellotti, special washer with neoprene gasket, for the panels of three and five frets. In this way, maximum protection against leaks and moisture that can damage the polyurethane insulating core is achieved and thus deteriorate the performance of the Sandwich Panel Cover.

To ensure maximum protection, we always recommend working with top quality Sandwich Panels, which guarantee correct performance for decades. Other manufacturers of Sandwich Panel second hand offer these materials guaranteeing a similar behavior. However, they pose a serious risk to the safety of the installation as small scratches and dents quickly degrade the polyurethane, reducing its performance; in some cases, the lower plate has been detached from the inside of the farm, causing serious material and personal damage. The simplest way to avoid these accidents is acquiring agropanel first at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP, an adjusted offer that more than amortizes the investment, unlike the second-hand sandwich plates.

Accessories and endings


The installation of an agropanel sandwich cover provides an extraordinary performance, although its useful life can be increased by installing the necessary finishes where the polyurethane core is exposed. This is the case of the front of the sandwich sheet, for example, which can be protected with a frontal finish that adapts to the frets of the Sandwich Panels, similar to the lateral finish that covers the entire length of the cover. When the side of the sandwich sheet roof rests on an adjacent wall, it is recommended to install a lateral wall finish to prevent leaks and humidity in this meeting.

The ridge or ridge to two waters protects the encounter of the two cloths of a sandwich cover, a very vulnerable point since filtrations and humidities that damage the polyurethane and the isolation of the agropanel can take place. This auction covers this union, adapting its drop angle and with punched ends for maximum protection. If the sandwich roof starts from an adjacent wall, it is recommended to install ridge cap to the wall.

We can not forget also the importance of the screw provided with each order, self-drilling on metal structure and, on request, for laminated beam, wood and concrete. Taking care of all the details of the installation we can guarantee the maximum performance of our roofs for sandwich sheet roofs, with the highest quality at the best price in PANEL SANDWICH GROUP.

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