History of Panel Sandwich Group

Panel Sandwich Group currently has several production centers in Spain for the custom manufacturing of the widest range of sandwich panels in the European market. It also has a presence through correspondents or business partners in 12 countries with international expansion being one of the growth objectives and becoming a benchmark at present for being one of the thousand fastest growing companies in the European Union according to the Financial Times in 2018.


It all started in 2009 with its foundation. A multidisciplinary team coming from the construction sector and led by 2 young entrepreneurs developed a new business model at a time when construction was in recession and great ideas could succeed.


In 2011, when the first physical headquarters of Panel Sandwich Group in Spain was opened in Zaragoza, the new lines of action were established and it is where the commercial and expedition area of the sandwich panel for large works was managed, maintaining a physical warehouse for the shipment of Sandwich Panel to the entire peninsula under the 48-hour model that revolutionized the market. This warehouse generates a stock of 9,000m2 of sandwich panels of all types in response to the increase in local demand for fast delivery.


In 2013 is when the export line is opened being the first in Spain to start exporting Sandwich Panel through local distributors in the destination countries and betting heavily on the model of country representative for the marketing of the product at the destination. Since then, great professionals in the sector from different parts of Spain have joined the project, contributing improvements and new ideas, positioning the company as a leader year after year with growth of 30% per year in the manufacture and marketing of the Polyurethane and Rockwool Sandwich Panel and currently representing 30% of the company’s turnover the export of Sandwich Panel to Latin America and Africa.


The short-term strategic plan begins in which we are committed to human capital in order to grow as a company. Within this 3-year plan, we have an external consultant that helps us in the selection of very specific profiles and consolidate them through an internal and external training plan. The main objective is that the company’s philosophy and its clear vocation to the customer are present in every situation that any member of the team may encounter.


With a growth of 200%, the Financial Times declared Panel Sandwich Group as one of the fastest growing companies in the entire European Union among millions of candidates, highlighting the functionality of its business model, its entrepreneurial vision, and singling us out as one of the 1,000 European companies to watch in the coming years for its entrepreneurial career.


Panel Sandwich Group continues its growth. This was reported by Europa Press, which echoes the inclusion of Panel Sandwich Group in the prestigious Financial Times ranking that recognizes the 1,000 fastest growing companies in recent years, repeating for the first time in this ranking.

We have undergone a lot of changes over the years and it has led us to reinvent ourselves again and again to improve and adapt products and management to improve customer service. We make “things matter to us” as a company premise. All the workers, from the floor waiters, administration staff, Marketing and Communication department and the company’s own management have been involved in the “customer experience” project, making their own the principle that things matter to us regardless of what is being done, whether it is a purchase, a sale or a production. The sales department manages dozens of regular customers on a daily basis throughout the Iberian Peninsula within the largest customer portfolio in Spain that we currently maintain. But while a salesperson manages 15 projects a day, that customer manages only one, his project, and that is why each project is important to us and we owe it to the customer. Since he dedicates some time to share the project with you, dedicate all your knowledge to help him to carry it out.

Within the Panel Sandwich Group’s 5-year strategic plan to 2022, improving service and user experience are the pillars on which the other elements of the company’s business development are based.

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