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International Expansion

Import of Sandwich Panel, with export and import procedures included at the best price from Spain.

Given the growth of the consumption of multipanel sandwich at the global level, from Panel Sandwich Group, we have been developing a line of business to meet the needs of multipanel for roof, wall, and refrigeration chambers in Latin American countries and the African continent as objective targets. With our vast experience in shipping polyurethane sandwich panels, we assist our clients in solving typical problems of logistics by shipping this type of material over the sea, and at the same time transporting it to the nearest destination port.

Expansión Internacional Panel Sandwich Group

Although you can contact us, and one of our international agents will advise and guide you throughout the process of purchasing the sandwich panel for your project, buying the panel directly from us with direct shipping, the international expansion model that Panel Sandwich Group has been developing in recent years focuses on finding and strengthening business partners in the countries of destination that represent us to the end customer and that can have Panel Sandwich in stock to meet all the projects that are carried out daily. We are looking for distributors, especially distribution centers that want to resell panels for the construction of refrigeration chambers, warehouses, and sheds, with whom an alliance can be established. Fill in the contact or quotation form if you know the quantity you need and indicate the destination of the goods. We will quote you a proposal quickly.


As a novelty and free of charge, we can load HQ40 containers.


They are the least expensive and easy to handle, allowing safe international shipment of sandwich panels, especially from the marine and salty sea environment and other extreme conditions that the panel in other types of containers goes through to reach its destination in perfect condition when it leaves the factory.

Requirements to send you a quotation for your project (either for a specific project or to be a distributor in your country) we need information about the amount of m2 of the panel that you need, special requirements such as caliber or thickness of the sheet and the thickness of the panel in inches or mm. Also if it must comply with any kind of fire regulations or special thermal insulation for refrigeration and freezing chambers.

The panel is shipped directly from our factory facilities in a container or containers and we recommend that the loading and lashing process of the sandwich panels is carried out by us to ensure their correct reception at the destination. In expeditions have loaded thousands of containers so they have extensive experience in loading containers and that the importation of sandwich panels for cold rooms or sheds is a pleasant experience and the sandwich panel arrives at port as it left the machine at the factory.

Within the import and export department of Panel Sandwich Group, and as a customer service, we know that in the countries of destination, it can be more complicated to find some of the usual products for construction, that is why if you need any type of material other than the panel, let us know and we will coordinate to introduce it together in a container (silicones, trim, doors, and windows, extra screws, etc).

Our polyurethane and Rockwool sandwich panel meet or exceed the requirements and regulations of the European Union (EU),which is one of the most rigorous in this field, so you can rest assured in the purchase and quality of the product and always with the advantage of buying it at a special price for export, type of target customer.